Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?


Have some clinical manifestations

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?
Have some clinical manifestations

Prostate disease is a common disease nowadays, which is extremely harmful to men’s health. Prostate cysts are one of the common manifestations. Therefore, men who need this disease need timely treatment to prevent injury, then the prostateWhat is the damage of cysts to men?

What is the common clinical situation?

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The damage of prostate cysts to males, the occurrence of poor urination, prostate cysts are usually found in adults, patients with urinary obstruction or stool obstruction and other complications, and urinary obstruction often causes acute urinary retention, these suffer from the elderlyLife has a big impact.

Second, triggering other parts of the prostate cysts sometimes repeat concentrated secretions from the urethra, finger anal examination can touch the prostate has a sense of transformation, but often appears in the back, occasionally abscess into the urethra, prostate, perineum or bladder around the gap, causing connectiveOrganize inflammation.

Excessive patients will have epididymis and nephritis.

Third, induce other diseases of the prostate cyst can be complicated by infection and stones, obstructed cysts can compress the urethra and cause dysuria, common symptoms are urgency, frequent urination, urinary effort, fine urine and urinary retention.

Congenital prostate cysts are often associated with congenital diseases such as hypospadias, recessive insulin, and renal hypoplasia.

Clinical manifestations of prostate cysts The prostate cysts consist of normal acinar cells, or multiple atrial, acinar-lined columnar epithelium, some of which are low-cubic epithelium, filled with serous or serous blood fluid.

Prostatic cysts can be complicated by infections and stones. Penetrating cysts can block urine flow when they grow to the urethra or bladder neck.

Common symptoms include urgency, frequent urination, urination, fine urine, urinary retention, etc., which can cause difficulty in defecation when pressed into the rectum.

When the cyst shrinks, the rectal examination can touch the cyst in the prostate. The urethra can be seen in the posterior urethra with curved impression. Ultrasound and CT can confirm the position.

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