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Two months witnessed a leap in squat weight

Knowing from what can distinguish whether you are a serious fitness person or an imitator?

High repetition squats.

Believe it or not, let yourself pass the 9-week training program, your savvy ability will not be the same.

  Squat training once a week.

When you decide to add a few weights to your weight, usually set the weight to a weight that is close to your calculated weight and make sure your discus is just right for this weight.

For example, if you calculate the need to increase the weight to 66kg, then you can actually adjust the discus to 65kg.

  Week 1: Three warm-up exercises are carried out and the weight is steadily increased.

But in each warm-up exercise, the number of times is only three.

Then choose a weight that you can’t raise 10 times in normal times, and carry out three sets, each set of twelve squats.

At the end of each set of exercises, stop for a few seconds after you get up for a period of deep breathing (this will help you support at the end of each set of exercises).

The gap between each set of actions is no more than 90 seconds.

  Week 2: Perform 3-5 warm-up activities.

In each set, the number of squats is no more than 3 times.

The weight given last week was then increased by 5%-10%.

Carry out 3 sets, each set of 15 exercises.

In order to be able to complete each set of exercises, take a break at the highest end of the squat and take a deep breath if necessary.

Do not put the barbell down until a set of actions is completed.

For example, if you use a weight of 65kg in the first week and 12 times in each set, you can choose a weight of 70kg in the second week.

After entering the 12th, 13th, and 14th, after getting up, stop and take some deep breath to ensure that each set of actions can be completed.

The interval between each set of exercises is no more than 90 seconds.

  Week 3: Perform 3-5 warm-up exercises. In each warm-up exercise, the number of repetitions is no more than twice.

However, it has increased by 5%-10% based on the strength you lifted last week.

Then do two sets of 20 exercises per set.

Other matters are consistent with the above two weeks.

  Week 4: Same as last warm-up, but no more than 3 times in each set.

Increase the weight by 10% on the basis of the third.

Then, three sets of 12 exercises per set were performed in the same manner as the above several weeks.

  Week 5: 4-6 fitness activities, 3 times in each set.

Increase the weight by 5% on the basis of the fourth week.

Then complete three sets of exercises for each set of fifteen times.

  Week 6: 4-6 fitness activities, the number of squats in each set is twice.

Then add 5% weight to the fifth week weight and perform two sets of 20 exercises per set.

  Week 7: Perform the same warm-up activities as the sixth week, then increase the weight of the sixth week by 5% and complete 3 sets of 12 exercises per set.

  Week 8: 4-6 sets of 3 squat warm-ups, plus 5% weight on the seventh week.

Complete 3 sets of 15 training sessions each.

  Week 9: Complete 6 sets of warm-up exercises for each set twice, then add 5% to the training weight of the eighth week and perform two sets of 20 exercises per set.

  If the reader carefully implements this fitness program, you can lift another 90kg in two months and can complete up to 20 squats.

Don’t want to try it?