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TCM diet for diabetic nephropathy

TCM diet for diabetic nephropathy

(1) Pudding fish with kudzu: ingredients: 25 grams of almonds, 450 grams of kudzu, 450 grams of trotters, 1 fish, 1/5 of Luo Han Guo.

  Method: Wash the green kudzu, stir the trotters with cold water, and fry the yellow fish.

Bring the right amount of water to the boil, and put down the kudzu, catfish, trotters, Luo Han Guo, almonds, and low heat 3?
4 hours, season with salt.

 (2) Stir-fried beef with beans: Ingredients: 150 grams of beef cut into thick silk, 250 grams of green beans (cut into sections), 1 tablespoon ginger, 1 tablespoon winter vegetables.

  Method: Sauté the green beans.

Beef shreds and season for 10 minutes.

Simmer the ginger (oil food) with shredded ginger, stir-fry the beef until cooked, add green beans, stir-fry the winter vegetables, add the seasoning, and simmer on the plate.

 (3) Shredded pork with silver buds: Raw materials: 250 grams of silver buds, 25 grams of dried silver fish, 1 tablespoon of ginger, 100 grams of lean pork shreds, and 50 grams of chives.

  Method: Dry clean the whitebait, drain the water, and pick it up with the rolling fried incense.

The silver buds are cooked and scooped up.

Add shredded pork and oil and stir well. Add oil and simmer the ginger. Add the pork sprouts, stir-fry the leek and stir-fry until the meat is cooked.

 (4) Shredded pork melon: Ingredients: 300 grams of cold melon (shredded), 150 grams of lean pork (shredded), 1 teaspoon of garlic, 1 tablespoon of tempeh

200 grams of lean pork, 25 grams of fungus, 2 spring onions (cut into sections), raw soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil each amount.

  Method: Mix the shredded pork with seasoning, smash the cold melon, add garlic, tempeh, sauté the pork, cook the shredded pork, and simmer on the plate.

 (5) Crispy ear tender meat slides: Raw materials: 200 grams of lean pork, 25 grams of fungus, 2 spring onions (cut into sections), raw soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil each amount.

  Practice: Wash the tender scallions and cut into thin filaments.

Shred lean meat, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, mix well and marinate slightly.

Soak the fungus in water and shred it for later use.

Stir fry shallots, shredded pork and fungus with 2 tablespoons of oil.

Add the shreds and seasonings and stir well to serve.

 (6) Chen Pei Duck Soup: Raw materials: half thin duck, 1200 grams of winter melon, 50 grams of cilantro, and 10 grams of Chen Pei.

  Method: Winter melon cut into large pieces.

The duck was braised in cold water.

Boil an appropriate amount of water, add melon, duck, rind, tang, and boil. Cook over low heat for 3 hours, season with salt.

  This soup is good for kidney solid essence, dampness and swelling, hypoglycemic, appetizing effect.

Applicable to diabetic nephropathy, edema, low back pain, proteinuria and other symptoms.

 (7) Tofu soup with winter mushrooms: Ingredients: 2 pieces of tofu on board and 5?
6 scallions, 1 tablespoon of water, about 2?
5 cups, 1 tablespoon of garlic bean paste.

  Method: Wash the plate tofu slightly, dry it, add it into the oil, fry until it is golden and crispy, and remove the oil.

Soak the mushrooms, remove the stalks, wash, drain, and set aside.

Heat about 1/2 tablespoon of oil, sauté garlic and bean paste, pour in water, cook until boiled, add mushrooms, roll for a few moments until taste and thick soup, and finally add crispy tofu.Season with salt and pepper to serve. Sprinkle with spring onions and serve while hot.

  This soup has the function of lowering blood sugar and improving kidney function.

Suitable for diabetic nephropathy.

(8) Kelp and winter melon sweet soup: Ingredients: 200 grams of kelp, 50 grams of seaweed, 250 grams of winter melon, and 20 grams of figs.

  Method: Peel, melon, wash, and cut into small cubes.

The kelp was soaked with water to wash off the salty taste.
Wash the figs.

Use 6 bowls of water to boil winter melon, kelp, and fig. Cook for about 2 hours, add laver, and roll for a while.

  This soup is good for dampness and swelling, blood sugar and kidney function.
Suitable for diabetic nephropathy.

(9) Winter melon lean meat soup: Ingredients: 400 grams of winter melon, 2 tablespoons of winter vegetables, 150 grams of lean pork.

  Method: Peel, peel, wash, and cut into small pieces.

Wash winter vegetables and wipe with dry water.

Wash the lean pork, pat dry and chop finely, and marinate for 10 minutes.

Add an appropriate amount of water to burn, add winter melon and sauté. After the lean meat is mixed well, add winter vegetables and season with salt.

  This soup has the function of nourishing blood and removing dampness and swelling.

Suitable for diabetic nephropathy.
 (10) Porridge of corn: raw materials: 100 grams of fresh corn (50 grams of dry product), 50 grams of millet, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Method: Wash the corn first, add the right amount of water, fry the juice to remove the residue, add millet to cook the porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add the salt and cook for 1?
2 minutes.

Take 2 times a day, warm, 7?
10 days is a course of treatment.

 (11) Zongzi porridge: Ingredients: 6 zongzi, 500 grams of mutton, 100 grams of white noodles, 5 grass fruits, ginger, spring onion, and vinegar.

  Method: Wash the mutton first, cut into small pieces, add the same amount of water into the casserole with the grass fruit, boil on high heat, and skim off.

Peel the rice dumplings, peel, slice, and place into a saucepan.

Stir the white noodles into a wonton. When the meat is cooked, pour it into the pot and stir well. After the porridge is cooked, add ground ginger, spring onion, salt, and vinegar.

Take while warm.

 (12) Flavored Poria Congee: Ingredients: 30 grams of mulberry skin (15 grams of dried product), 50 grams of rice, and moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Measures: first add mulberry with 200 ml of water, fry to 100 ml, remove the residue and leave the juice, add the previous rice, rock sugar, and add about 400 ml of water, cook until the rice blooms, and the porridge is served.

Take it 2 times a day, warm.

  (13) Dengxinhua catfish porridge: Ingredients: 500 grams of fresh peeled melon, 100 grams of previous rice, sesame oil, moderate amount of MSG.

  Method: Wash the melon, cut into small pieces, add it to the pot with the previous rice, add water to cook the porridge, add MSG, and sesame oil to serve.

For morning and evening.

The 15th is a course of treatment.

 (14) Lotus seed porridge: Ingredients: 25 grams of lotus seeds, 100 grams of glutinous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the lotus seeds and glutinous rice together, add them to the pot, add water to cook the porridge, add rock sugar when it is ripe, and simmer it.

Served for breakfast, dinner, and even several doses.

Teach you how to make a healthy meal

Teach you how to make a healthy meal

Everyone knows the benefits of eating whole grains, but it ‘s really troublesome to eat some whole grains.
May wish to improve it when cooking, add a few coarse grains into it, and turn rice into miscellaneous grain rice.
The production method is very simple, the key is to grasp the soaking and cooking time of the raw materials.
  Examples are as follows: The raw materials are a cup of rice, half a cup of sticky rice, 1/4 cup of millet, 1/4 cup of barley, 1/4 cup of black rice, and 8 dried red dates.
First soak the barley and black rice in cold water for 8 hours in advance. After soaking, place the rice, glutinous rice, and millet into the rice cooker, and add an appropriate amount of water according to the usual ratio of cooking. Because the barley and black rice are relatively hard, the water can beUsually add more, which is about the size of a rice cooker.
Then add red dates and cook like normal rice.
  You can also try adding other grains, as long as the softness and hardness match.
The ratio can be set according to your preference. Generally speaking, the ratio of rice, glutinous rice and other grains is at least 1: 1 or higher, otherwise the rice will be loose.
  For real grain rice, you can use black glutinous rice, red barley kernels, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, red beans, soybeans, white beans, mung beans, and black beans. Take the same amount according to the number of people, and soak them in hot water for 2-3 hours.In this way, the cooked rice after soaking will make the human body more easily absorbed and digested, and the taste will be soft and rotten.
Then put it in a rice cooker and cook it for about an hour before consuming. The same amount of water is 1 gram more than ordinary white rice.
  Coarse grains have many benefits, but they should not be taken in excess, especially for people with poor gastrointestinal and digestive functions.

Expert: It ‘s cooler to run long viagra after eating Viagra?

Expert: It ‘s cooler to run long viagra after eating Viagra?

On the Sports and Fitness Forum on the 19th floor forum, this post was “liked” on the top of the popularity list.

This light blue pill really has the magic effect of making you run better?

  In Yue’s post, he consciously turned into two opposing teams.

Some people lament that the post is “too powerful”, but there are many rational voices: “Lord, don’t do stupid things anymore, this thing has a substitute for the body.

Run as long as you are running. Don’t fix so many things. You can increase your weight slowly if you are poor.

The original post easily completed the enrollment for the night run around the lake, and I met a new runner. I mentioned that I recently ran for a while, and smoked too much, and started again. The heart rate is too fast, the body has not responded, and the heart.I ca n’t keep up . he said, know Viagra, if you eat a little stuff, you can ensure that the heart rate is not upset with you, and there are no impurities . When I met him yesterday, he gave me half a star (actually alsoLess than half, the advertisement looks diamond-shaped. He gave me only half of the small head.) Before I ran out today, I cut open two halves, devoured half, and waited for more than 40 minutes-he said that the effect isAfter 45 minutes . ran for 7 kilometers, it really worked. I deliberately ran at medium and high speed. At the beginning, my heart rate was basically 165. In the middle, I deliberately ran at high speed. After two and a half minutes, my heart rate was only 180.Later, I finished running at a heart rate of 175, and it took a total of 32 minutes. This was the first level before I stopped running-and I felt that there was still margin, because I was afraid of side effects, I always ran slowly .求证环湖夜跑发起人  “我知道这件事情是真的”
多次发站内短信,想和他取得联系作进一步了解,但他昨天一直没有上线。In the last step, I found the insider-“Superman”, the moderator of the “Run Paradise CLUB” section. The night running around the lake mentioned by “Problem Big Child” was initiated by him.

  ”Although I can’t confirm who this post is, I know it is true. Someone did eat Viagra before running at night.

In fact, I have heard many times that someone eats Viagra before sports and wants to improve his performance.

But as far as fitness is concerned, this is discouraged.

“Superman” who loves long-distance running is quite famous in Hangzhou.

  According to “Superman”, the recently launched night run around the lake is divided into short, mid and long distances, with distances of 5 kilometers, 7 kilometers and 10 kilometers, respectively. He has certain requirements on the physical fitness of the participants. He analyzed: “The person who postedIt’s been a while since I stopped running.

It will be tiring to restart running, but just stick to it.

I think that person wants to run better, plus there are “old senior” tricks, so he listened.

“Experts interpret the deputy director of Zhejiang Medical First Hospital Pharmacist: Wang Linrun Viagra does make people run better, but there are almost no cases of Viagra eating before exercise. Experts have heard a lot.

  Experts explained the medical principle: “After taking Viagra, it can expand a person’s blood vessels, which can increase muscle nutrients and allow people to enter the state of exercise.

So from this point of view, after taking Viagra, that person feels very good to run, and it is indeed possible-because he can transform into other sports better than others.

“However, experts warn that taking Viagra before exercise is not too much.

“After the blood vessels dilate, the load on the heart increases.

Exercise originally increases the load on the heart. In addition to the effects of Viagra, some people will experience headaches, and some people will feel stuffy, which will also have a visual impact.

What’s more, if the heart has a hidden problem, it may break out and even endanger life.

“It’s not normal for people to take drugs to exercise fitness. Experts believe that taking Viagra fitness is not only harmful to health, but also violates the original intention of fitness.

  Experts exacerbated the tone: “Taking Viagra can only improve performance temporarily, but it is not good for fitness.

Originally, I wanted to improve physical function through fitness, but Viagra dilated blood vessels in a short time, making it difficult to exercise.

Want to exercise well, can only be honest and scientific exercise.

“At the beginning of this year there was already a prediction in the sports world: Viagra was included in the scope of banned drugs.

Although it hasn’t been implemented yet, it explains that Viagra’s harm to sports has become more and more important.

“Whether it’s fitness or competitive sports, the act of taking medication itself is not normal.”

This is an expert fact.

Pay attention to network psychological disorders

Pay attention to network psychological disorders

Recently, some people reported that there is a student in a certain university. In his life, he is not good at talking, but he especially likes to chat with friends in Internet cafes.

The Internet has become so popular that it has become a popular “lover”.

Moreover, the more proud he is online, the more awkward he is in real life.

The college student was examined by a psychiatrist and was told that he had suffered from a network disorder.

  The typical manifestations of network psychological disorder are low mood in daily life, no feeling of happiness or loss of interest, sleep disturbance, biological clock distortion, decreased appetite, weight loss, easy excitement, decreased self-evaluation, reduced social activities in severe cases, and suicidal ideation.
  In the early stages of Internet psychological disorders, patients became aware of the joy of surfing the Internet, so the time spent on the Internet continued to increase, leading to memory loss.

He later developed into recovery, manifested as depression after getting up every day, slow thinking, dizziness, trembling hands, tiredness, and fatigue. Only after surfing the Internet can his mental state return to normal levels.

As soon as advanced patients stop using the Internet, they will develop acute withdrawal syndrome and may even resort to self-harm or suicide.

  Single-person males aged 20 to 30 are predisposed to network psychological disorders.

Of course, not all Internet lovers will suffer from this disease. Most people who have social disorders, behavioral abnormalities, personality disorders, mood disorders, and disorders of the sympathetic nervous system due to online chats will have some psychological problems.Prominent is the issue of inferiority and interpersonal communication.

The more people who have a low sense of inferiority, the stronger their sense of belonging and the respectful potential of being respected, and the social status on the Internet just becomes their “xanadu” to escape reality.

In that virtual world, they will experience unparalleled ease, freedom, and satisfaction of individual control.

However, this sense of satisfaction and control from the Internet is the real world after all.

Mental health people recognize this, so they don’t indulge in the internet.

For some people who have some psychological problems, online activities have a compensatory satisfaction, and it is often difficult to extricate themselves.

  If you find yourself “e-net deep”, it is difficult to adapt to it in real life, and there are many psychological problems such as low mood and decline in ability, it is likely that you have suffered from a psychological disorder of the network and should actively participate in social activities.It may be wiser to ask a psychiatrist to gradually become more dependent on the Internet.

How to eat lotus leaf and nutritional value

How to eat lotus leaf and nutritional value

The lotus leaf is green and fragrant, and it is a raw material often replaced in traditional medicated diet.

Modern studies have confirmed that lotus leaf has a good effect of lowering blood fat, cholesterol and weight loss, and its range of food therapy has been further expanded.

  Lotus leaves can be used for cooking.

Take its fragrance, add flavor and relieve tiredness.

It is often used for roasting or bleeding, such as steamed chicken with lotus leaf or rice with lotus leaf.

  Effectiveness: Qingshu dampness, rising Qingyang, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids.

It is suitable for dizziness, bloating caused by heatstroke, chest tightness, irritability, short urine, etc.

  Nutrition of lotus leaf: Lotus leaf contains various alkaloids such as Roemerine, Pronuciferine and Nuciferine, vitamin C, and polysaccharides.

It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding.

  How to eat lotus leaf: Coix seed lotus leaf tea Ingredients: Da Ren, 10 grams each of raw sanjian, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 60 grams of dried lotus leaves, 500 ml of hot water

  System of law: 1.

First stir up Ren and Shan Zhi with a little water to remove impurities and drain the water.


Step 2: Then add all the tea to the mortar, grind it into fines, and put it into the teapot.


The third step: Finally, add hot boiling water, mix well, and let stand for 2 minutes to stir in a cup.

  Efficacy: Regular drinks can go beyond too much and eliminate edema.

  Hexiang Dongpo fish Ingredients: Ingredients: Herring 500 grams, pork belly amount, one lotus leaf.

  Seasoning: spring onion, ginger slices, salt, chicken essence, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, beautiful fresh, salad oil each amount.

  System of law: 1.

Take the middle part of the herring, wash it, fry it in the pan until golden brown, remove it; soak the lotus leaves in water.


Heat the oil pan, put the onion section, ginger slices and fragrant incense, add the fish section, pork belly, add the remaining seasonings and marinate it, wait for the fish to taste and collect the juice, and pour it into a pad with lotus leaves.

  Production tips: When grilling fish, use simmering fire to make the fish taste delicious.

  Mung bean bamboo leaf porridge effect: clearing heat and detoxifying heatstroke.

  Taste: Clear fragrance.

  Process: Cook.

  Material: Main ingredients: 100 grams of rice and 30 grams of mung bean.

  Accessories: 10 grams of lotus leaves, 10 grams of water bamboo leaves, 5 grams of honeysuckle.

  Seasoning: 15 grams of rock sugar.

  System of law: 1.

 First wash the fresh lotus leaves and fresh bamboo leaves with cold water and put them in the pot.


 Add an appropriate amount of cold water to the pot, boil it, remove the residue and take the juice.


 Mung beans, previously washed with rice, soaked with cold water to swell, put into the pot, add about 1500 ml of cold water.


 After boiling with high heat, cash in silver flower dew, bamboo leaves, lotus leaf juice, and use low heat to simmer until porridge is cooked.  5,

 Add rock sugar to the porridge and stir well to serve.

  Production tips: 1.

 This product requires about 10 grams of silver flower dew; fresh lotus leaves and fresh bamboo leaves need to be used. If there is no fresh product, dry products (halved) can be used instead.


 Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle 5 grams with water, decoction, remove residue, and cool.

  Lotus leaf previous rice porridge effect: clearing heat and detoxifying heatstroke.

  Taste: Sweet.

  Process: Cook.
  Material: Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice.

  Excipients: 30 grams of lotus leaf.

  Seasoning: 20 grams of rock sugar, 2 grams of white staff.

  System of law: 1.

 The rice was previously washed, soaked in cold water for half an hour, removed, and drained.


 Wash the lotus leaves and tear them in half.


 White staff plus some water dissolves.


 Put the previous rice and cold water in the pot, and then boil over high heat.


 Then cook on low heat for about 20 minutes.


 When the rice grains rise and quickly ripen, sprinkle half of the lotus leaves with white staff water (to protect the green), soak in the porridge, and cover the other half of the lotus leaves with the porridge.


 Continue cooking on low heat for 15 minutes, remove lotus leaves, add rock sugar to taste, and serve.

  Lotus leaf porridge effect: eliminate edema, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, strengthening spleen, appetizing and preventing heatstroke.

  Taste: Original.

  Process: Cook.
  Material: Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice.

  Excipients: 30 grams of lotus leaf, 30 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: Take the previous rice and cook porridge, add the right amount of rock sugar when the porridge is cooked, and stir the lotus leaf to cover the porridge surface while the porridge is hot.

  Usage: It can be used as a refreshing and refreshing summer drink in summer, or as a snack for warm breakfast and dinner, or a cold drink.

  The lotus leaf rice spreads the cooked rice to cool, then cut the mushroom slices, sausage, shredded pork, amaranth, etc., add MSG, refined salt and mix well, then push the rice on the lotus leaf, and wrap the ingredients in the rice, Wrap the lotus leaf and tie it, put it in a pot and steam.

The length of time is moderate to cooked vegetables.

  Fresh lotus leaf powder steamed meat materials: pork ribs 400g, previous rice 150g, two large leaves of fresh lotus leaves, onion 25g, soy sauce 60g, sweet noodle sauce 40g, monosodium glutamate 2.

5 grams, cloves, anise, cinnamon 1 each.

5g, 25g ginger, 20g white sugar, 35g butter, 25g sesame oil.

  Method: Drain the rice all the time, put it in the pot together with cloves, anise and cinnamon, stir-fry until golden brown, pour it out, and grind it while hot: scrape the pork ribs off the fine hairs, remove the bones and wash,Cut into 6 cm long, 1 cm thick slices, and then make a batch across the thick slice to the skin, put in the container, add ginger, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, sweet noodle sauce, monosodium glutamate, mix well, marinate for 1 hour, become into the flavor.

Add the previous rice noodles and sesame oil to evenly coat the meat with a layer of rice noodles.
Wash the fresh lotus leaves and cut one leaf into four pieces. Take 1 enamel pot, cover the bottom of the pot with fresh lotus leaves, drain the meat pieces into the pot, cover with lotus leaves on the top, and steam them in a cageThree hours, steam until the meat is crisp.

Beware of hair loss with hats

Beware of hair loss with hats

The compression of the hat will affect the blood circulation of the head, making the hair impermeable for a long time, especially the compression of the hat at the hairline, the pore muscles are easy to relax, and it is easier to cause hair loss. Male friends need to be careful!

  The hair shrinks one by one, making people look distressed and helpless.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Fine hair needs to be carefully taken care of.

Experts have consulted too many patients who have worsening hair loss because they wear hats “wrong way”.

  At present, the weather is gradually getting colder, and the details of wearing even a hat for patients with hair loss cannot be ignored.

The compression of the hat will affect the blood circulation of the head, making the hair impermeable for a long time, especially the compression of the hat at the hairline, the pore muscles are easy to relax, and it is more likely to cause hair loss.

  In particular, in order to hide the embarrassment of hair loss, some people deliberately wear a hat for a long time, but they will become self-defeating and speed up the level of hair loss.

Therefore, it is better not to use a hat to “shame” people with hair loss. The hat should be slightly larger than the head. It will not press the hair too tightly, leave room for hair to ventilate, or let the hat ventilate, such as a cushion.Lining or adding small holes.

  Hair loss caused by stress and other factors is not hair loss. Do not suspect that you have hair loss because of hair loss. Under normal circumstances, losing 50-120 hairs a day. If it exceeds 120 hairs, it is hair loss. It is best to go to the hospital in time.treatment.

The main component of hair contains sulfur amino acids, which are abundant in animal proteins. In daily diet, you must intake animal protein in a balanced manner.

  In addition, carrots, sesame, pumpkin and other vitamin E, A intake can promote blood circulation and prevent hair loss; and skin collagen foods, such as wild yam, taro, lotus root, etc., can make the skin shiny and restore elasticity.

People with excessive hair loss feel that hair loss is caused by too much oil, so it is a misunderstanding to increase the number of shampoos.

Generally autumn and winter 3?
It is normal to shampoo once every 4 days. Too much shampooing will increase the stimulation of hair follicles and make hair loss worse.

Persimmon has three treasures to cure the disease

Persimmon has three treasures to cure the disease

There is nothing special about these three things, persimmon leaves, persimmon frost, or persimmon.

According to the research of traditional Chinese medicine, the three have their own wonderful effects in treating diseases.

  Persimmon leaf has hemostatic effect, can significantly increase capillary elasticity, reduce blood pressure, can treat gastric, duodenal ulcer bleeding, hemoptysis of tuberculosis, functional uterine bleeding, trauma bleeding, purpura, etc.

Use 3 grams to 10 grams of persimmon leaves, take the decoction orally, 2 times a day, and also study noodles for external use.

The green and persimmon leaves are dried and ground into fines. Take 50 grams and 50 grams of petroleum jelly and mix thoroughly. When you fall asleep, touch the affected area and wash it off in the morning. Generally, the chloasma begins to fade for 15 days.

Take the autumn persimmon leaves to dry, and study carefully orally, 5 grams each time, 10 grams for severely ill, 3 times a day.

It is effective in treating gastric ulcer bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding, and bronchiectasis.

  The persimmons bought often have a lot of white powder attached to the surface. This is the persimmon frost.

Persimmon contains mannitol, glucose, etc., which can clear heat and reduce inflammation.

The persimmon cream is melted and poured into a mold to make a persimmon cake, which is sweet and cool, and has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing, and phlegm, and can cure lung heat, cough, dry throat, sore throat,Hemoptysis and hemoptysis.

The application of tongue ulcers is especially effective.

Take 6 grams of persimmon cream, borax, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, 3 grams of Yuanshen, and black plum meat 1.

A total of 5 grams are fine, and honey refining is contained in the mouth of the pill, which has a significant effect on sore throat.

  Diospyros, warm in nature, bitter in taste, can lower qi and reversing qi, belching and so on have wonderful effects.

Shidi is a commonly used medicine to lower adverse qi and stop vomiting.

Jiangqizhe, 30 grams of persimmon, 15 grams of cloves, 10 grams of ginger, served with decoction, twice a day, can quickly take effect.

How to observe your condition

How to observe your condition

The color is red, mostly with wind and cold; the cheekbone is flushed, mostly with lung disease; the face is pale, with insufficient blood and blood; the face is dark, with malignant anemia, and drug side effects, and this phenomenon often occurs;, Excessive fatigue, or women’s menstrual period; face, eyes, and skin yellow, often appearing in hepatitis, gallbladder, biliary disease; facial bruising, a hypoxia phenomenon, often occurs during breathing and circulation disorders, such as congenital heart disease, Severe heart valve disease.

The mouth is bitter, mostly liver and gallbladder is hot; the mouth has odor, mostly stomach heat, or stomach disease; the acidic water in the mouth is mostly gastric ulcer disease; the tongue is red and mossy, which belongs to gastric yin oxide; Tongue coating yellow, gastrointestinal fever, pale tongue, lack of blood and qi.

White spit in the mouth, yellow sputum and blood in the sputum, most of which are diseased in the lungs; large mouth spitting, mostly ulcerated blood, or pulmonary disease bleeding.

Redness in the urine, which is a fire in the body; short or excessive urination may consider kidney disease; urinary tract pain when urinating, mostly in the urethra and bladder inflammation; blood in the stool, mostly dysentery, hemorrhoids and tumor bleeding;When the stool is black and dark, it is mostly gastrointestinal bleeding; stool is leaking without digestion, and most of them are spleen and stomach deficiency; stool diarrhea is accompanied by mucus, anal burning, and gastrointestinal fever.

Systemic fatigue, often in diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis, asthma; erythema, spotted blood on the skin, blood diseases can be considered; systemic fever and timing, mostly lung disease; often dizziness,Head bloating, mostly high blood pressure; body weight loss is obvious, should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time to find out the cause and perform treatment.

  The above situation, in daily life, if you can pay attention to observation, you can detect early, prevent early, and treat early.

Office skincare keeps you away from radiation spots_1

Office skincare keeps you away from radiation spots

Facing the mirror of the dressing table, look carefully at yourself in the mirror. If you suddenly see a few spots on your body, then you need to pay attention. These are the prototypes called radiation spots.

You have to pay attention, otherwise the smooth skin is covered with spots and it’s a shame.

In fact, there are a few simple methods that can keep you away from radiation spots and keep your coat from leaving “stains.”

  The radiation spot is simply a nightmare of a woman’s skin, not because she is born, but because she faces a computer all day long. This is simply a mess of this pure white face.

  1. Put a glass of water next to the computer, and preferably a pot of green plants.

After surfing the Internet, the first task is to cleanse the skin. Wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing milk, wash away the electrostatically adsorbed dirt, and then apply mild skin care products.

Over time, it can reduce damage and moisturize.

  2. For people who use the Internet regularly, it is important to increase nutrition.

Vitamin B is very beneficial to mental workers. If you sleep late and the quality of sleep is not good, you should eat more animal livers and fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamin B substances.

In addition, meat, fish, and dairy products can also help increase memory; chocolate, wheat dough, seafood, and dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system and are the best snacks when surfing the Internet.

  3. Drinking wolfberry juice and carrot juice from time to time is very effective for keeping your eyes and skin care.

If you care about your appearance, then quickly discard those carbonated drinks and switch to carrot juice or other fresh juices.

  4. Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea and one orange every morning.

Tea is rich in provitamin A, which can be quickly converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the body.

Vitamin A not only synthesizes rhodopsin, but also makes the eyes see things more clearly in low light. Therefore, green tea not only eliminates the harm of computer radiation, but also protects and improves vision.

If you are not used to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating body functions.

  5. You should buy new computers as much as possible. Generally do not use old computers. The radiation of old computers is generally more severe. Under the same distance and similar conditions, it is generally 1-2 times that of new computers.

When using a computer, adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the lower the screen brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa.

However, it should not be too dark, so as not to affect the effect due to too little brightness, and easy to cause eye fatigue.

Also pay attention to the proper distance from the screen.

The closer to the screen, the electromagnetic radiation coefficient of the human body, so it is better to be half a meter away from the screen.

  6, remember to turn off the computer when sleeping on your stomach, not just turn off the screen.

In fact, the keyboard is more radiant than the display screen. Turning the screen off can not eliminate the radiation, and we are all sleeping on our stomachs. Head directly into the keyboard close-up is in a misunderstanding. Quickly correct such bad habits!

Slippers are the best place to hide bacteria

Slippers are the best place to hide bacteria

Bacteria are even ubiquitous in life, and the places where they appear are sometimes unexpected.

Recently, Wang Xiaoming, Deputy Chief Physician of the First Hospital of Jilin University, conducted a bacterial count test on five household products in 10 families, including quilts, mobile phones, computer keyboards, TV remotes and slippers.

  The results showed that slippers were the most capable of hiding bacteria, and there were more than 200 bacterial colonies on 4 family slippers.

The remote control ranked second, followed by the number of bacteria on the mobile phone and computer keyboard, and the quilt had the least bacteria.

  Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environmental Quality Inspection Center, pointed out in an interview with reporters, “A lot of people think that slippers are worn at home and they don’t get dirty wherever, which is absolutely wrong.

The feet have been in contact with the shoes for a long time, and they are prone to sweating. If they are not washed frequently, they are warm, dark, and the shoes will become a “basement” for breeding and breeding, which may cause foot odor and athlete’s foot.

Therefore, slippers should be stored separately from external shoes and exposed to the sun.

Plastic slippers should be cleaned once every two or three days. Cotton and wool slippers should be washed before storing.

  If you touch the remote control while eating, you are washing your hands before meals.

Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the bad habit of watching TV while eating, so as to prevent the bacteria from “taking a ride” and entering the stomach together.

Wang Xiaoming pointed out that it is best to disinfect mobile phones, keyboards and TV remotes with alcohol every week.

Use headphones, telephones, and microphones as far away from your mouth as possible.

Wash your hands before eating your mobile phone.

  Sweat and fat from the body provide a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and reproduce.

Therefore, bedding should be changed frequently, and dried in the sun.

Wash your face and feet before going to bed, and often take a bath.