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What foods are good for death syndrome? Patients with dysmenorrhea should eat these seven foods.


What foods are good for death syndrome? Patients with dysmenorrhea should eat these seven foods.

Everyone knows that the most direct effect of death syndrome is that men will develop infertility. However, the development of translational medicine is now more and more effective in treating death syndrome. If the patient is interspersed with some diet as a supplement during treatment.If you treat it, then the effect will be better.

What food is good for death syndrome?

To treat death syndrome, you should eat the following seven types of food.

7 kinds of foods that should be eaten for the treatment of death syndrome. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is beneficial to the production of sperm and improve the activity of sperm.

It is found mainly in egg yolks, beans, peanuts and vegetable oils.

Lysine: Lysine is an essential component of sperm formation.

The foods containing higher lysine are: squid, loach, squid, yam, tofu skin and so on.

Zinc: Trace element zinc is known as 鈥渉armony for husband and wife鈥? Men are deficient in zinc, go to sexual desire and sexual dysfunction, and the number of sperm drops by 30%?
40%, even make people lose their ability to live.

Zinc is mainly found in marine products and animal guts.

Nucleic acid: Nucleic acid is the core substance that governs life activities. It is the basis of protein synthesis and provides genetic information. It plays a key role in human life, development, reproduction, genetics and other important life activities.

Foods rich in nucleic acids include beef, animal liver and kidney, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, and nuts.

Seafood: Contains a variety of unsaturated acids that can be inserted into the body’s response to cigarettes and enhance the body’s immunity.

Livestock and poultry blood: The blood proteins in the blood of pigs, ducks, chickens, geese and other animals are decomposed by gastric juice, and can react with the smoke that invades the human body to promote the phagocytic function of macrophage lymphocytes.

Bean sprouts: expensive in “germination.”

Regardless of soy beans, mung beans, the multivitamins produced during germination can eliminate teratogenic substances in the body and promote the production of sex hormones.

These foods mentioned above, patients with death syndrome may wish to try.

Eating these foods regularly is also very helpful in preventing death.

For the treatment of death syndrome, you can take Chinese medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, which have the effects of bactericidal anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diuretic Tonglin, etc., and the effect on death caused by disease is obvious.

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?


Have some clinical manifestations

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?
Have some clinical manifestations

Prostate disease is a common disease nowadays, which is extremely harmful to men’s health. Prostate cysts are one of the common manifestations. Therefore, men who need this disease need timely treatment to prevent injury, then the prostateWhat is the damage of cysts to men?

What is the common clinical situation?

Let’s take a look at the introduction here.

The damage of prostate cysts to males, the occurrence of poor urination, prostate cysts are usually found in adults, patients with urinary obstruction or stool obstruction and other complications, and urinary obstruction often causes acute urinary retention, these suffer from the elderlyLife has a big impact.

Second, triggering other parts of the prostate cysts sometimes repeat concentrated secretions from the urethra, finger anal examination can touch the prostate has a sense of transformation, but often appears in the back, occasionally abscess into the urethra, prostate, perineum or bladder around the gap, causing connectiveOrganize inflammation.

Excessive patients will have epididymis and nephritis.

Third, induce other diseases of the prostate cyst can be complicated by infection and stones, obstructed cysts can compress the urethra and cause dysuria, common symptoms are urgency, frequent urination, urinary effort, fine urine and urinary retention.

Congenital prostate cysts are often associated with congenital diseases such as hypospadias, recessive insulin, and renal hypoplasia.

Clinical manifestations of prostate cysts The prostate cysts consist of normal acinar cells, or multiple atrial, acinar-lined columnar epithelium, some of which are low-cubic epithelium, filled with serous or serous blood fluid.

Prostatic cysts can be complicated by infections and stones. Penetrating cysts can block urine flow when they grow to the urethra or bladder neck.

Common symptoms include urgency, frequent urination, urination, fine urine, urinary retention, etc., which can cause difficulty in defecation when pressed into the rectum.

When the cyst shrinks, the rectal examination can touch the cyst in the prostate. The urethra can be seen in the posterior urethra with curved impression. Ultrasound and CT can confirm the position.

Special note: The above is an introduction to the “What is the damage of the prostate cyst to men?” I believe you also have some understanding. If you have any doubts about this disease, you can read other related articles on this site.