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[How to make confinement soup]_ confinement soup _ how to make _ production method

[How to make confinement soup]_ confinement soup _ how to make _ production method

The confinement soup refers to a beverage that the pregnant woman drinks during confinement. It is an important part of the confinement meal. Because it is soup and water, it can promote the secretion of breast milk and has a good role in promoting the absorption of maternal nutrition, But has a very good effect of preventing constipation, there are many types of confinement soup, roughly divided into two types, that is, ventilation soup, lactating soup and Dabu soup.

1. Ventilation soup: 500 grams of white radish, peeled and shredded, and boiled with water until the soup turns yellow.

For the crowd: Joined six hours after cesarean section.

Function helps maternal ventilation.

2. Prolactin soup is divided into nutritive prolactin soup and Chinese herbal prolactin soup.

(1) Pig’s trotter and peanut soup: Wash the trotters with warm water, put them in a pot, add water to boil, skim off the froth, add the peanuts with the red coat removed, and cook for 2?
3 hours until the soup is milky.

Childbirth is like a heavy manual labor that consumes the mother’s physical strength; taking care of the newborn is also costly.

Novice mommy really needs to nourish her body with a reasonable diet.

Granted to mothers in order to provide sufficient supplementary milk, more need to increase vitamin intake, including appropriate increase in vitamin b1.

Vitamin b2.

The absorption of nicotinic acid, vitamin a, and vitamin c also needs to maintain a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, and iron absorption.

[3](2) Confinement Soup: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, Dried Ginger, Chenpi, Poria, Peach Kernel, Jujube, Motherwort, etc. Method of consumption: Take 1 sachet of this product into the pot each time, add 500ml water, Fully soak for 20 minutes, boil on high heat, cook on low heat for 5-8 minutes, you can replace, you can add some brown sugar at the right time; Efficacy: reduce postpartum edema, body pain, impotence and other symptoms, promote the discharge of lochia; monthZi Conditioning Decoction for nourishing qi and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, communicating blood, warming the palace, relieving liver stagnation, ventilator, moisturizing, regulating abdominal qi to promote uterine contraction, helping to expel lochia, accelerating body self-repair, regulating endocrine and enhancing immunityforce.

[Expert Tips: Common Physiological Knowledge for Newlyweds]

[Expert Tips: Common Physiological Knowledge for Newlyweds]

Newlyweds are often immersed in the sweetness and happiness of marriage.

In the dim and misty night, the two sides pay too much attention to the exchange of emotions and ignore the protection that should be done. At this time, unexpected things will happen unexpectedly.

And some newly-married couples do not even know some physiological common sense at all, so it must be learned well.

Girls are pregnant. Some are accidental injuries that cannot be avoided, and some are errors caused by their ignorance.

At this time, reprimand is not the best way to repair the injured youth. How to properly handle termination of pregnancy and minimize the harm is the top priority.

1. Signs of pregnancy cease menstruation.

It may be that girls who have just come to menarche have irregular menstruation, but if the menstruation has been regular, but it is not the time to come, and they have had sexual contact with the opposite sex, sexual intercourse, or ejaculation, the sperm can survive 2 to 3 in vitroYou should be alert when you are young.

In fact, the breasts become larger in a short time, and there will be frequent urination and temperature rise later.

Some nausea, vomiting, greasy oil and other symptoms may not appear until three to five months after pregnancy.


[Is it okay to drink brown sugar water during menstruation]_Brown sugar water_Menstrual period_Can you drink

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Is the preserved egg jelly a “reduction of wisdom food”?

Is the preserved egg jelly a “reduction of wisdom food”?

In summer, people like to have a barbecue, and then with a few preserved eggs, drink some cold drinks.
As everyone knows, these foods are also called “hypo-sensitive foods”. Long-term eating may affect people’s memory and intelligence.
  Yan Ya, director of the Nutrition Department of the First Clinical Medical College of Harbin Medical University, pointed out that in general, ordinary preserved eggs often contain lead, which leads to memory loss, mental decline, and slow thinking.
  Cooling powder, barbecue and regular drinks may also add some preservatives, pigments, flavorings, etc. during processing. Although it is safe in normal intake, if you eat more, it may have a certain impact on memory.
  In addition, some canned foods are also standard “reduce foods”. A large number of preservatives can cause memory loss. Regular consumption can cause problems such as irritability, inattention, and unresponsiveness.
In particular, cans in aluminum packaging have a greater impact on the body.
  However, there are also some foods that are eaten in the summer, such as nuts and sea fish.
Experts say that eating some refreshing seaweed in the summer can also play a role in brain health.

Persimmon has three treasures to cure the disease

Persimmon has three treasures to cure the disease

There is nothing special about these three things, persimmon leaves, persimmon frost, or persimmon.

According to the research of traditional Chinese medicine, the three have their own wonderful effects in treating diseases.

  Persimmon leaf has hemostatic effect, can significantly increase capillary elasticity, reduce blood pressure, can treat gastric, duodenal ulcer bleeding, hemoptysis of tuberculosis, functional uterine bleeding, trauma bleeding, purpura, etc.

Use 3 grams to 10 grams of persimmon leaves, take the decoction orally, 2 times a day, and also study noodles for external use.

The green and persimmon leaves are dried and ground into fines. Take 50 grams and 50 grams of petroleum jelly and mix thoroughly. When you fall asleep, touch the affected area and wash it off in the morning. Generally, the chloasma begins to fade for 15 days.

Take the autumn persimmon leaves to dry, and study carefully orally, 5 grams each time, 10 grams for severely ill, 3 times a day.

It is effective in treating gastric ulcer bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding, and bronchiectasis.

  The persimmons bought often have a lot of white powder attached to the surface. This is the persimmon frost.

Persimmon contains mannitol, glucose, etc., which can clear heat and reduce inflammation.

The persimmon cream is melted and poured into a mold to make a persimmon cake, which is sweet and cool, and has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing, and phlegm, and can cure lung heat, cough, dry throat, sore throat,Hemoptysis and hemoptysis.

The application of tongue ulcers is especially effective.

Take 6 grams of persimmon cream, borax, Asparagus, Ophiopogon, 3 grams of Yuanshen, and black plum meat 1.

A total of 5 grams are fine, and honey refining is contained in the mouth of the pill, which has a significant effect on sore throat.

  Diospyros, warm in nature, bitter in taste, can lower qi and reversing qi, belching and so on have wonderful effects.

Shidi is a commonly used medicine to lower adverse qi and stop vomiting.

Jiangqizhe, 30 grams of persimmon, 15 grams of cloves, 10 grams of ginger, served with decoction, twice a day, can quickly take effect.

Life Tips: How to Dispel Moisture and Prevent Diseases in Rainy Days

Life Tips: How to Dispel Moisture and Prevent Diseases in Rainy Days

Moisture on rainy days brings a lot of trouble to people, and many people don’t take it seriously. They always fool around and forget about it. Over time, they pile up a lot of pain.

In fact, in daily life, as long as you pay attention, moisture will not entangle you.

Now tell everyone what should be paid attention to in daily life in rainy days?

  First, living: Avoid being exposed to the wet environment, often exposed to excessive sun exposure will cause people annoyance.

Experts remind that in order to prevent wet evils from invading the human body and causing other skin diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points in daily life: increase or decrease clothing according to weather changes.

No matter if you are blowing air conditioners or going out, don’t get too greedy and prevent getting wet and cold.

  Do not get rainy to prevent recurrence of colds, arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that “wind evil is easy to go, and wet evil is sticky and greasy is the hardest to go.” Rheumatic patients are most afraid of the cold and reflective climate, rather than the recurrence of the “old rheumatism” of rainy weather changes. It may also cause rheumatism in some healthy people.

If you wear sandals and walk in the rain, you should dry your feet when you get home and change to dry shoes.

  Improve indoor ventilation, but it is best to close the window or open a narrow slit, close the curtains before going to bed at night, cover the quilt when sleeping, and do not catch cold.

Home appliances should be used from time to time to replace the heat emitted from the appliances, dissipate water vapor, and prevent circuit damage.

  Clothes must be air-dried and prevented from washing and drying frequently to prevent skin diseases such as wheezing, papular wheezing, eczema, and contact dermatitis caused by germs caused by rainy weather.

Fabric sofas are easy to absorb moisture. To keep the sofa clean, remove dust regularly and clean it regularly.

Disinfect the mop and wash it in a ventilated room.

  2. Diseases: The mutation of the weather that is prone to tinea pedis on rainy days makes people wet and wet, which causes a variety of diseases, such as dermatology, emergency department and other patients.

Among them, the most common are various types of skin diseases, dermatovaginitis, vomiting and abdominal pain, colds and colds, etc. Among them, the skin diseases caused by wet rain are the most obvious.

  Athlete’s foot: Commonly known as Hong Kong feet, it has a lot to do with penetration of sweltering heat. In the rainy season, the feet are soaked in rain and then dry naturally in the room. The feet are easily infected by mold.

  Cellulitis: A common sequelae of athlete’s foot is cellulitis. If it is not treated in a timely and effective manner, severe cases may even be fatal, and they are prone to repeated infections. Often, they will be slightly stuffy or the feet will soak in water again.

  Foot eczema: Including sweat herpes, contact dermatitis, and other problems, there are many reasons, but the sudden stagnation of the feet in the rainy summer days will accelerate and worsen, and the patient may be exacerbated because of this.

  1. Patients with tinea pedis should try not to enter the water during the rainy season, so as not to cause bacterial infection and aggravation of tinea pedis; different patients with tinea pedis cannot use external medicine at will, and should choose different topical antifungals under the guidance of a doctor.Medicinal form.

  2. In the thunderstorm season, parents should educate their children not to play with sewage treatment. After the wet feet in rainy days, they should rinse them as soon as possible. Soak the feet with 1% saline to prevent water-derived dermatitis.

Rain penetrating shoes and sports shoes with less air permeability, underwear, shoes and socks should be replaced quickly after being wet. After cleaning, blow dry with a fan to keep them dry is the best way to prevent infection.

  3. Psychology: Be careful on rainy days. The “mouldy” rainy season is long and lingering. The hazy sky always gives people a feeling of falling down quickly, and people’s moods also follow the wind and rain.

Experts say that when the rain is low, the human body will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, and the mood will become depressed.

When the air humidity is greater than 70%, people’s mind is prone to fatigue, irritability, and anger.

Even rainy days are the season when depression, irritability, and worry are high.

  How to improve these symptoms?

In order to improve work pressure, experts recommend drinking plenty of green tea and boiling water, and appropriately arrange some different life and work methods than usual, and change the “mouldy” mood.

  1. Find something that interests you and makes you happy and relax.

  2. Go to the air where the air is fresh and the space is large to carry out exercises, such as walking, practicing Tai Chi, dancing fitness dance, etc.

  3. Participate in entertainment activities or other social activities, and communicate with others.

  4, increase sugar intake to increase blood sugar levels, increase vitality, reduce depression, except for patients with diabetes.

In addition, you can take complex vitamins B, oryzanol, etc. to regulate your mood.

  Fourth, wearing: comfortable and healthy before and after rain, linen is preferred. Investigations have shown that linen underwear can adjust the human meridian system and endocrine system, and play a calming role in the central nervous system.

Because the fibers of flax are hollow, it leads to oxygen, which makes anaerobic bacteria unable to survive and has good antibacterial properties. It is a very good health care fabric.

Flax also does not generate static electricity due to the balance of positive and negative concentrations. It has no dust absorption and the “love clean” quality is also very flattering.

So, when you fall in love with linen, you fall in love with health and comfort.

  High-quality pure linen sold on the market is more expensive.The price can also reflect the quality of linen. Cheap linen is mostly woven from linen, fiber.

Some businesses sell semi-linen and cotton linen with linen.

Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the smooth and then buy.

  V. Diet: Beware of gastrointestinal diseases. Eating dehumidifiers and heavy rain can drive away the high temperature and bring us the coolness. Many people have an appetite.

However, the rainy and rainy summer is often the season when gastrointestinal diseases are frequent. Therefore, the diet is sloppy.

  The rainy peak season is easy to cause the growth of pathogens and molds, so it is very easy to cause summer acute attacks and food poisoning, such as dysentery and diarrhea.

Do not eat unhygienic food, especially raw fruits and vegetables must be washed before eating; it is best not to eat overnight meals, if it should be heated back to the pot; if you do not eat food directly out of the refrigerator, you should wait for itEat it after the temperature has risen or heated, because too cold food will damage the yang of the stomach and cause discomfort; the diet should be light, eat less greasy food to prevent excessive heat; also choose some less greasy varieties, Such as watermelon, but pay attention to moderation.

  At the same time, you can choose some dehumidified foods, such as Coix Kernel, which is cool and light, has spleen and dampness, nourish the lungs and heat, prevent diarrhea and anti-cancer. It can be added to the rice, cooked, soup, ground into powder or washedSoak it; loofah and papaya can be removed by collaterals; purslane can be used to remove gastrointestinal dampness.

In addition, Chinese medicine teaches that “Summer must be wet”, eating bamboo leaves, lotus leaves, watermelon green clothes, etc. can relieve heat and dampness; “bitter can dry”, eat more bitter melon, bitter vegetables, lettuce, celery, dandelion, lotus seeds,Bitter foods such as lily are also a good choice.

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11 ways to resolve psychological stress in white-collar workers

11 ways to resolve psychological stress in white-collar workers

1 Use words and imagination to relax.

  Through imagination, I train my mind to “walk around”, such as “I sit on the green grass under the blue sky and white clouds”, “I soak in a bathtub comfortably and listen to beautiful light music”, relax, rest, and recover in a short timeEnergetic, let yourself get a spiritual rest, you will feel serene, peaceful and peaceful.

  2 solutions.

  Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write them down, you will find it amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

  3 Cry when you want to cry.

  Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have tested blood pressure of some adults, and then divided them into two groups according to normal blood pressure and high blood pressure, and asked whether they have cried. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, and those with high blood pressureMost patients answered that they never shed tears.

From this point of view, letting human emotions express is more beneficial than burying them deeply.

  4 Reading a solution to worry.

  As the world of the book travels, all sorrow and sadness will be put to the mind, and the clouds will disappear.

Reading can make a person gradually open-minded, open-minded, and not afraid of stress.

  5 Embrace the big tree.

  In some parks in Australia, too many people are seen embracing big trees every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

The opposite adrenaline, the suppressor hormone, disappeared.

  6 exercise to breathe.

  An emerging industry has emerged in France: the Sports Ventilation Centre.

Experts from the center instructed how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression degassing exercises.”

In these sports centers, sponges are spread on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  7 Watch horror movies.

  Experts in the UK have suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for the work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So with relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie 8 sniffing sesame oil.

  In Europe and Japan, an aromatherapy is popular.

In particular, some girls are drunk with these sesame oils extracted from fragrant grass or other plants.

It turns out that sesame oil can stimulate or lay down nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerve, which is very effective in relieving nervous tension and psychological pressure.

  9 Eat snacks.

  The purpose of snacking is not just to satisfy the drought needs of the stomach, but to relieve tension and eliminate internal conflicts.

  10 Put on your favorite old clothes.

  Put on a pair of old trousers that you usually love, and put on a loose shirt, and your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because of the volume of clothes worn for a long time, people recall certain feelings of certain time and space, and are deeply immersed in nostalgia for the past dream-like life nostalgia, and human emotions also rise.

  11 Pets benefit brain.

  A psychological test shows that when a nervous person watches a self-supporting goldfish or tropical fish gracefully dancing in a fish tank, they often unconsciously enter the state of “spoiled and forgotten”, and the stress in their heart is also highFor relief.

  Suggested Reading: 10 Ways to Eliminate Inferiority and Increase Confidence

Using a positive tone can eliminate inferiority.


The trick to overcoming inferiority is to replace “me” with “us”.  3.

The sorrow lies in the death of the heart.


When in depression, you may use rude words to consciously use boldness.


If you use the vulgar title, the consciousness of doubt will disappear immediately.


If you don’t know if you can succeed, preach your goals in front of others.


When you are stage frightened, you might as well tell the truth, that is, you can calm down.


When not going well, you can “talk to yourself.”


When unhappy, try to write down the reason.


Express deep concern and interest in the lives and work of others.

Six benefits of cherries, how much do you know

Six benefits of cherries, how much do you know

Recently, American nutritionists summarized the “six benefits of cherries.”


Prevent cardiovascular disease.

Cherry blossom anthocyanins and potassium can help regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Cherry also adds plant sterols to help reduce bad phenol levels and is good for the heart.


Reduce cancer risk.

In addition to anthocyanins, cherries also contain excessive amounts of implanted flower acids. This antioxidant component activates and eliminates carcinogens and prevents cancer.


improve sleeping.

Studies have shown that cherries can not only prolong sleep time, but also improve sleep quality.

Because anthocyanins in cherry juice help to improve the body’s essential amino acid tryptophan (the main raw material for making serotonin to help sleep), and longer sleep quality.


Iron supplement.

Although the iron content in cherries is not as good as meat, it is the best in fruits.

In addition, cherries also contain excessive vitamin C and a small amount of organic acids, which can promote better absorption of iron.


Relieves muscle soreness.

Studies have found that cherries can relieve muscle pain after fitness and accelerate physical recovery.

This is because phytochemicals such as anthocyanins contained in cherries promote blood circulation and help eliminate muscle fatigue and soreness.


Improve immunity.

Cherry blossom anthocyanins and quercetin and other antioxidants, they can help anti-inflammatory, enhance the body’s immunity and improve health.

  Finally, we need to remind everyone that usually cherry is saved up to 5?
For 7 days, it will rot more than a week. It is not recommended to put cherries in plastic bags or plastic boxes, because it is not breathable.

Cherries should be stored with fruit stalks, or they will be extremely perishable.

Renhong Bean Prevents Arthritis Regeneration

Renhong Bean Prevents Arthritis Regeneration

Ren has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, and is very effective for swelling and pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

Blending barley, red bean soup or boiled water can promote blood circulation and water metabolism, which is dampness.

It is also very effective for patients with chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

Amomum, mung bean, etc. are also good choices.

  It depends on the weight of the body is not heavy, not only difficult to judge according to the disease status, if you find that your stool is not formed, it is likely that the body is too humid.

In addition, you can eat some spicy food such as pepper, pepper, and pepper to get wet.

Try not to eat cold foods, such as frozen foods, because the hotter the environment, the colder the body, cold food may aggravate the condition, like frozen juice, mung bean soup, etc., it is best to warm up and drink.

  Arthritis patients should also pay attention to the fact that when the heat is difficult, do not sleep in the wind, or sleep in the sun; summer is not suitable for lying on the ground, in order to prevent the intrusion of cold air, affecting the bones.

If you are out of the rain, you should immediately dry your body with a dry towel, rub it until the skin is flushed, then wash it with warm water and put on dry clothes. Do not step on the clothes and just take off the bath.After sweating, you should not immediately rinse with cold water or swim in the pool to prevent cold and moisture intrusion.

If the house has a low terrain and is inclined, it should be noted that lime can be sprinkled on the corner of the wall at ordinary times. The bed should be buried in sunny weather and should be exposed to the sun.

Healthy autumn should pay attention to health, eat these foods


“Healthy” autumn should pay attention to health, eat these foods

Pay attention to health in the fall, eat these foods, delicious and healthy.

Sweet potato, protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and various minerals, has the reputation of “longevity food”.

The sugar content reaches 15%-20%.

It has anti-cancer, protects the heart, prevents emphysema, diabetes, and lose weight.

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded “Sweet potato tonic, spleen appetite.”

Dried lily, metabolic mucus and vitamins are beneficial to skin cell metabolism.

Lily has many practices, such as soup, porridge or cooking, but also delicious and nutritious. Lily also contains emollient ingredients.

銆€Black garlic, after a few days of fermentation, is very delicious, but not a bit of garlic.

The palate is sweet and soft, nutritious and delicious.

This large black garlic contains high trace elements, which can be used to clear the lungs every day and eliminate the effects of toxins.

Smoking people eat a black garlic every day, which is especially good for the body.

The mulberry is dry and sweet, and has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney.

Mulberry is praised by the medical profession as “the best health care fruit of the 21st century.”

Regular consumption of mulberry can improve the body’s immunity, and has the effect of delaying aging, beauty and beauty.

Open pine nuts, pine nuts are rich in nutrients protein, trace, trace, most of them are oleic acid, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements, is very beneficial to human health.

The rich content of phosphorus and manganese in pine nuts has a beneficial effect on the brain and nerves, and is a good brain for students and mental workers.

Dried figs can be eaten directly, sweet but not greasy.

It can boil soup, clear away heat and detoxify, and dampness.

The food that promotes digestion, the sweet and sour taste is loved by many people, and the fig has the nickname “Queen of Fruits”.

Dried peach gum, which is very hard like a crystalline stone, looks a bit like amber.

Peach gum has sufficient concentration and proper viscosity. It will soften after soaking in water for more than ten hours. It has the effect of clearing blood and lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and anti-wrinkle and rejuvenation.

The main components of the gum are galactose, rhamnose, 伪-glucuronic acid and the like.