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[Can bronchial hypertension eat eggs]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat

[Can bronchial hypertension eat eggs]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat

Nowadays many people, especially the elderly, are injected with bronchial implants. Once this disease occurs, it will make people feel breathless, and severely it will cause syncope, which is very fatal for the elderly.

Therefore, when dialysis bronchial hypertension, we must pay attention to diet in order to prevent the onset of bronchial hypertension.

Bronchial hypertension has many dietary contraindications, which can be triggered by a little inattention.

So, can bronchial asthma be introduced to eat eggs?

First, the cause of bronchial diseases caused by fish, shrimp and fishy fishy foods is mainly induced by induction factors. Some people with physical constitutions often cause spasms by eating foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, and milk.

Therefore, patients with bronchial hypertension should usually eat less or not eat fish, shrimp, sea fish, raw cold mustard pickled vegetables, spicy salty sour sweet fat and other foods.

Eat less sputum-prone foods such as eggs and fatty meat.

Do not overeating in the spleen and stomach, spleen deficiency is unhealthy, stop sputum and produce sputum, and sputum block airway is unfavorable for breathing. Frequently eat hot, sweet or salty foods, which can lead to sputum fever.The disease can also occur in the lungs.

Second, avoid salt and high-sodium salt diet can increase bronchial responsiveness. It is believed that the incidence of acute bronchus increases with economic prosperity. The incidence in western countries is higher than that in the third world. The immigration from immigration to migrants has also increased.Environmental factors.

This factor can be explained by the excessively high sodium chloride content in the daily diet. Some statistics show that the amount of salt sold in different regions of the United States is directly proportional to the mortality rate of local bronchial hypertension patients, which can also explain this problem.

Therefore, patients who have suffered from bronchial asthma should not eat too salty, and should eat less acidic food such as vinegar.

Third, precautions In short, if you suffer from the disease of obesity, it is necessary to pay more attention to the diet. The diet must be low in salt and oil, and the diet must be light. In addition, the diet must be well formed.Remember to avoid overeating. Good diet rules are very effective for the rehabilitation of diseases.

[Can oral herpes eat watermelon]_ cold melon _ can you eat

[Can oral herpes eat watermelon]_ cold melon _ can you eat

Oral herpes is a relatively common type of oral ulcer. After getting oral herpes, pay attention to your diet. You can eat some watermelons. Watermelons have the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, and have the effect of relieving pain, swelling and swallowing. In addition to eating watermelon,As for patients with oral herpes, it is necessary to be light during daily life and pay attention to prevention and balance, which all help the role of treatment. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Oral herpes can eat watermelon Can you eat Chinese medicine believes that herpes angina is caused by heat poisoning the lungs and fumigating the throat, the principle of treatment is to clear heat and detoxify, swelling and swallowing, and watermelon has clearing heat and relieving heat, in addition to troubleThe effect of thirst quenching can help alleviate the symptoms of herpetic depression and isthmus.

How to eat herpes angina? Watermelon juice Cut out fresh watermelon flesh, put it in a juice machine, squeeze it into juice and eat it. Be careful not to add ice cubes or ice water.

Watermelon sugar water is used to fry watermelon into fruit juice. Adding an appropriate amount of sugar has a certain effect of clearing heat and relieving cough. It is suitable for children with high fever and convulsions.

Mung bean watermelon porridge ingredients: 120 grams of rice, 100 grams of mung beans, 150 grams of watermelon tincture.

System of law: 1.

Soak the mung beans in water for 4 hours.

Watermelon ravioli cut into diced.


Rinse the rice, add it to the pot with mung beans, add water, boil over high heat and use low heat to make porridge, stir in watermelon ravioli, and boil.

Efficacy: This diet therapy has clearing heat and diuresis, reducing heat and quenching thirst, expectorant and antihypertensive; it has certain effect on summer fever, arteriosclerosis and herpes angina.

Precautions for eating watermelon in herpes pharyngitis Do not overeat watermelon as benign fruits. Excessive consumption may lead to diarrhea in children. Therefore, children with herpes angina do not overeat watermelon, especially children with poor gastrointestinal function.

People with renal insufficiency do not eat watermelon’s diuretic effect, so it is not suitable for children with kidney disease to eat habits, otherwise it will increase the burden on the kidney and affect the normal function of the kidney.

Mouth ulcers should not be eaten. If the child has diabetic lung disease, but also oral ulcers, it is not appropriate to eat watermelon, because the cause of oral ulcers is yin deficiency and internal heat, and the fire is disturbed.Conducive to the elimination of water, aggravating Yin deficiency and internal heat, so that the disease is endless.

What is the best chicken herbarium powder for herpes pharyngitis: 30 grams each of gold in the chicken and herbarium powder.

Usage: Calcined in the chicken for ultra-fine noodles, mix with green daisies powder, and take an appropriate amount of throat, several times a day.

Role: With heat-clearing and detoxifying effects.

For herpes angina.

Composition of persimmon cream: moderate amount of persimmon cream and a small amount of borneol.

Usage: Persimmon cream, borneol is fine, take an appropriate amount of throat, several times a day.

Function: It has the effect of clearing heat and relieving pain.

For herpes angina.

[How to make three-colored sushi]_Home-made methods of three-colored sushi_How to make three-colored sushi_How to make three-colored sushi

[How to make three-colored sushi]_Home-made methods of three-colored sushi_How to make three-colored sushi_How to make three-colored sushi

Going home after a hard day at work is like eating the food you want, and then sleeping beautifully.

The method of three-color sushi is not very tedious. You only need to prepare fresh ingredients and follow the steps.

1. Cucumber, big root, ham sausage, cut into strips 2, cut into big roots 3, cut into cucumber 4, cool rice, add the right amount of sushi vinegar, stir well 5, put the sushi curtain on cling film, and add seaweed 6,Spread the rice a little bit on top 7, add, big root, ham, cucumber, floss, salad dressing 8, roll up the sushi curtain slowly, and then open the sushi curtain to form 9, the children eat the ingredients simplyIt is not easy to be too complicated and it is shaped. If you like, you can put some salad on it. Reasonably arranging your daily diet can greatly promote your health. The method of three-color sushi is simple and healthy.

Lotus Seed Wolfberry Soup

Lotus Seed Wolfberry Soup

At present, Taiwanese nutritionists believe that lotus seeds can nourish the heart, soothe the kidneys and strengthen the essence, and are very effective in treating frequent urination in young children. The elderly in Taiwan often eat lotus seed wolfberry soup.

Modern nutrition believes that its characteristics are particularly high in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, and its rich calcium and phosphorus content are components that make up bones and teeth, which is consistent with traditional Chinese medicine’s belief that it can nourish the kidney and solidify the essence.

Lycium barbarum is a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing yin, which has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, and is also a nutrient-rich medicinal food for the elderly.

Combined with Tang Qingrun and delicious, it can nourish the kidney, solidify the essence, and stop urination frequently. It is a health soup for the elderly in autumn.

Can be sweet and salty, also served with pork lean.

  Materials: 15 grams of lotus seeds and 10 grams of wolfberry.

  Frying: Wash, add 500 ml of water (2 bowls), and cook for 40 minutes until cooked.

Can add salt or brown sugar for a light salty or light sweet soup, also add 50?
100 grams of lean pork were fried together.

This amount is for 1 person, it is better to drink 2 a week?
3 times.

Expert: It ‘s cooler to run long viagra after eating Viagra?

Expert: It ‘s cooler to run long viagra after eating Viagra?

On the Sports and Fitness Forum on the 19th floor forum, this post was “liked” on the top of the popularity list.

This light blue pill really has the magic effect of making you run better?

  In Yue’s post, he consciously turned into two opposing teams.

Some people lament that the post is “too powerful”, but there are many rational voices: “Lord, don’t do stupid things anymore, this thing has a substitute for the body.

Run as long as you are running. Don’t fix so many things. You can increase your weight slowly if you are poor.

The original post easily completed the enrollment for the night run around the lake, and I met a new runner. I mentioned that I recently ran for a while, and smoked too much, and started again. The heart rate is too fast, the body has not responded, and the heart.I ca n’t keep up . he said, know Viagra, if you eat a little stuff, you can ensure that the heart rate is not upset with you, and there are no impurities . When I met him yesterday, he gave me half a star (actually alsoLess than half, the advertisement looks diamond-shaped. He gave me only half of the small head.) Before I ran out today, I cut open two halves, devoured half, and waited for more than 40 minutes-he said that the effect isAfter 45 minutes . ran for 7 kilometers, it really worked. I deliberately ran at medium and high speed. At the beginning, my heart rate was basically 165. In the middle, I deliberately ran at high speed. After two and a half minutes, my heart rate was only 180.Later, I finished running at a heart rate of 175, and it took a total of 32 minutes. This was the first level before I stopped running-and I felt that there was still margin, because I was afraid of side effects, I always ran slowly .求证环湖夜跑发起人  “我知道这件事情是真的”
多次发站内短信,想和他取得联系作进一步了解,但他昨天一直没有上线。In the last step, I found the insider-“Superman”, the moderator of the “Run Paradise CLUB” section. The night running around the lake mentioned by “Problem Big Child” was initiated by him.

  ”Although I can’t confirm who this post is, I know it is true. Someone did eat Viagra before running at night.

In fact, I have heard many times that someone eats Viagra before sports and wants to improve his performance.

But as far as fitness is concerned, this is discouraged.

“Superman” who loves long-distance running is quite famous in Hangzhou.

  According to “Superman”, the recently launched night run around the lake is divided into short, mid and long distances, with distances of 5 kilometers, 7 kilometers and 10 kilometers, respectively. He has certain requirements on the physical fitness of the participants. He analyzed: “The person who postedIt’s been a while since I stopped running.

It will be tiring to restart running, but just stick to it.

I think that person wants to run better, plus there are “old senior” tricks, so he listened.

“Experts interpret the deputy director of Zhejiang Medical First Hospital Pharmacist: Wang Linrun Viagra does make people run better, but there are almost no cases of Viagra eating before exercise. Experts have heard a lot.

  Experts explained the medical principle: “After taking Viagra, it can expand a person’s blood vessels, which can increase muscle nutrients and allow people to enter the state of exercise.

So from this point of view, after taking Viagra, that person feels very good to run, and it is indeed possible-because he can transform into other sports better than others.

“However, experts warn that taking Viagra before exercise is not too much.

“After the blood vessels dilate, the load on the heart increases.

Exercise originally increases the load on the heart. In addition to the effects of Viagra, some people will experience headaches, and some people will feel stuffy, which will also have a visual impact.

What’s more, if the heart has a hidden problem, it may break out and even endanger life.

“It’s not normal for people to take drugs to exercise fitness. Experts believe that taking Viagra fitness is not only harmful to health, but also violates the original intention of fitness.

  Experts exacerbated the tone: “Taking Viagra can only improve performance temporarily, but it is not good for fitness.

Originally, I wanted to improve physical function through fitness, but Viagra dilated blood vessels in a short time, making it difficult to exercise.

Want to exercise well, can only be honest and scientific exercise.

“At the beginning of this year there was already a prediction in the sports world: Viagra was included in the scope of banned drugs.

Although it hasn’t been implemented yet, it explains that Viagra’s harm to sports has become more and more important.

“Whether it’s fitness or competitive sports, the act of taking medication itself is not normal.”

This is an expert fact.

American office worker gets bad temper under pressure

American office worker gets bad temper under pressure

A research report predicts that nearly 3 million workers in the United States have experienced physical conflicts with others in the workplace; nearly 90% of workers believe that rude behaviors encountered at work are significantly more than in the past.

  ■ A survey conducted by Paul-Speker, a professor of psychology at the University of the South, said that nearly half of employed people in the United States have yelled, cursed, etc. at work; about a quarter said,Crying because of stress at work.

  Spector said: “(Stress manifestations) range from general irritability to extreme violence.

The media has always reported very few serious violent incidents that caused casualties, which in fact affects millions of ordinary people.

Anna Maravila, author of “How to Reduce Work Conflict and Stress,” questioned earlier this week at a seminar in Iowa Antiques about whether bad feelings in the work environment are growing and as a resultEveryone raised their hands to agree.

  Maravila said that surveys show that 88% of workers believe that the rude behavior encountered at work today is significantly more than the increase in the past.

The number of people who have suffered emotional damage has been quite high, and some of them have performed fiercely.

According to the study, about one in six people have seen cases of property damage caused by taking things out of their work; one in ten people have seen incidents of violent conflict caused by poor emotions at work and have caused concernWorkplace safety.

  Spector’s survey results said that 2% to 3% of acknowledgers acknowledged having pushed and even beaten others in the workplace.

According to this ratio, nearly 3 million people in the United States may have physical conflicts with others at work.

Maravila said: “This is a complete disaster . rude, irritable, angry. We used to show this at home, but in the workplace we are easy to be professional.

But now this seems to have become a trend in the workplace.

“” Before we closed the door, we dared to lose our temper.

But now people are no longer expecting (in public tantrums) to feel embarrassed, “she analyzed.

  Some experts believe that rising crude oil prices are an important factor in deteriorating workplace sentiment.

  ”In order to go to work, people spend a lot of time on the road,” said John Challinger, a Chicago workplace consultant.

They sat in the front and watched their salaries burned a little bit open.

They are either upset or ready to fight.

“Overall, due to the rising cost of living, many office workers must reduce their exceptional entertainment expenses accordingly, which makes them more and more unable to release their emotions.

  ”Many people spend a weekend without any reduction in stress and they start working again and again,” Challinger said.

Four medicated meals for you to create a dark black show

Four medicated meals for you to create a dark black show

A black hair is a symbol of women’s health and beauty, and hair is also a part. It also needs nutrition and care. How to eat black hair through diet is the desire and pursuit of every beauty.

Here are four Chinese medicine meals for you to have a black hair.

Ingredients of Yangyan Shengfa Decoction: 50 grams of walnut kernels, 50 grams of Poria, 30 grams of Amaranth, 30 grams of soybeans, 20 grams of Poria, 60 grams of lean pork.

Method: Wash the ingredients, cut the pork lean into small pieces, put them in the casserole, add the right amount of water, and fry until the pork lean is cooked.

Drink soup and eat lean pork.

1 serving per day.

Efficacy: tonify the spleen and kidney, beauty and health.

Used for spleen and kidney deficiency and senile weakness.

Ingredients for Shouwu chicken: 500 grams of chicken, 50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 50 grams of bamboo shoots, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, starch and peanut oil.

Production: 1.

Put Shouwu into the casserole, add a proper amount of water to cook, and scoop out the decoction for later use. Wash the chicken, dice it into a bowl, add cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, and starch.


Heat the wok with peanut oil, fry the cooked chicken in the oil pan, and pour it into a colander when cooked.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add chicken, cooking wine, refined salt, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, Shouwu juice, quickly turn upside down. Stir in wet starch, add monosodium glutamate, and serve.

Features: The chicken is cooked and rotten, with a delicious flavor and a slight Shouwu flavor.

Description: Chicken has the functions of warming, nourishing qi, and tonic.

The body is rich in vitamins and has an emollient effect.

Polygonum multiflorum can nourish liver and kidney, black hair, pleasant color, and longevity.

This dish is the ideal bodybuilder.

Women’s regular food can make the hair black and shiny, the face white and red, attracting beautiful young.

Ingredients for vegetarian stir-fried soybean sprouts: 500 grams of soybean sprouts, refined salt, soy sauce, sugar, ginger slices, and peanut oil.

Production: 1.

Peel the soybean sprouts, remove root hairs, and wash.


Heat the pan, add peanut oil, heat the oil, pour the soybean sprouts, stir fry until half cooked, add soy sauce, refined salt, ginger slices and an appropriate amount of water, continue to stir fry, add white sugar, and then burn and put in the pan.
Features: crispy, not greasy and refreshing.

Description: Soy bean sprouts are sweet and cold, containing protein, trace and higher vitamin C, carotene, minerals and other substances.

Bean sprouts contain carbohydrate fiber, which is beneficial for weight loss.

Therefore, soybean sprouts can improve hair tissue and make people keep their hair black and bright.

Women who eat more soybean sprouts can get the beauty effects of UFA, moisturizing and weight loss.

Raw materials of glass walnut kernels: 250 grams of walnut kernels, sugar, peanut oil each amount.

Production: 1.

Soak the walnut kernels in the water until Colorado softens, peel it off, add it to a boiling water pot and simmer it to remove the drain.


Put peanut oil in a wok. When it is hot to 40%, add walnut kernels and fry until it floats.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add sugar to stir when it is 50% hot, and when the sugar melts into small bubbles, pour in walnut kernels, mix upside down, mix the sugar evenly on the walnut kernels, and then pour into the dishUse chopsticks to remove them one by one and let them cool to serve. Features: Walnut kernels are crispy and delicious, sweet and mellow, and can be served as a snack or as a snack.

Tip: Master the fire, don’t fry.

Description: Walnut kernel contains 40% fat?
50%, mainly glyceryl linoleate.

It also contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin E and more.

“Kaibao Materia Medica” said: “Eating walnuts regularly is fat, moisturizing, and black-haired.

“Meng Xi, a Tang Dynasty medical scientist, said that walnut kernels” can pass the meridian, moisten the blood, and have black hair. ”

Walnut kernels are very good for UFA bodybuilding and strengthening.

Five strategies to make your palace warm

Five strategies to make your palace warm

You can dress when your body is cold, but what about your uterus?

What kind of cold is that?

The so-called coldness and dysmenorrhea are just one of the interventions. More importantly, Chinese medicine believes that women have changed from fenghua to aging.

When the symptoms came, taking medicine to solve the problem was too passive. Smart women have always taken the initiative to control everything, and they will not hold hands in front of Gong Han.

  The uterus referred to by Chinese medicine is the “room” where the baby is born, including the gynecological reproductive system and related functions.

Gong Han, whose full name is “cold uterus,” does not mean that the temperature in the uterine cavity is low, but that the uterus and its related functions are in a severely low state.

In this state of nature, it is equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky.

  Cold rebellion in the womb, really no one can manage it?

Chinese medicine believes that some of the cold air comes from the outside and some comes from the inside. What we have to do is: stop the source.

  Traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses the coldness of the menstrual blood in the palace, the leucorrhea is pale, the complexion is dark or pale, the tongue is dull, the tongue is white and watery.

  It smells white with a fishy smell.

  Asked about dysmenorrhea, melasma, cold, delayed menstruation or even amenorrhea, cold waist and knees, limbs are not warm.

  The temperature on the lower abdomen increases.

  The cold state of the uterus is, in nature’s view, equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky.

  The key to preventing cold: ● Eat more foods such as walnuts, jujubes, and peanuts, so that the innate deficiency can be made up by the high energy acquired. Don’t worry about getting angry.symptom.

  ● Abalone nourishing Chinese medicine believes that abalone nourishes heat, can nourish yin and beauty, clear liver and eyesight, and is the best supplement for women.

In the past, the traditional Chinese medicine pilgrimage to the queens and concubines was used instead of honey, but abalone juice.

So Gonghan women should often make some abalone food for themselves.

  ● The palace warms the palace. This food can warm the atmosphere of the lower body, and it is often used as a medicinal diet for the concubines in the Qing Dynasty.

The material is antler powder 0.

5 grams, 1 Cordyceps sinensis, 1 egg, a small amount of salt, steamed together to form custard and eaten.

Long-term eating can regulate the cold of the uterus, which is better than taking medicine.

  ● People who walk like this tend to be quiet and stable, and easily feel tired when they exercise too much.

In fact, “movement is born of Yang”, those with cold constitution need to improve their constitution through exercise.

Brisk walking is the fastest way. Walking, especially on pebble roads, can stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, can clear the meridians, regulate qi and blood, improve blood circulation, and warm the whole body.

  ● Moxibustion of moxa stick This is the method to go to the hospital.

Chinese medicine practitioners generally choose two acupoints: the navel is in the middle and straight down.

Qi Hai acupoint at 5 inches, Guan Yuan acupoint 3 inches below the middle of the navel.

Smoked and roasted with moxa sticks for 30 minutes daily, long-term persistence can be effective.

Interpretation of baby’s appropriation of toys

Interpretation of baby’s appropriation of toys

When parents lead their children as guests, or colleagues and relatives lead their children to visit, the children are very happy to play together, but often unpleasant things such as scramble for toys, especially children around 2 years old, often do notSay hello and take away each other’s things.

On the contrary, they never willingly surrendered what they had. They clung to each other and refused to let go or tore each other with force, scratching each other to safeguard their rights.

Once they can’t beat each other and things are snatched, they will cry out and ask for support.

This phenomenon is so strong in children before one year old or after three years old, and it is closely related to the way children move and the level of self-consciousness development.

  Children before the age of 1 are basically individual activities.

When he interacts with other children, the phenomenon of holding each other’s toys without saying hello also occurs, but the “contradictions” generally do not intensify.

Sometimes children even throw away toys automatically or pass them on to others.

Of course, if the baby bottle is stolen while he is breastfeeding, he will yell. This often happens between twins, because no milk will “endanger” his survival.

  After 3 years of age, the self-awareness has developed, and in addition to their own existence, they can replace their own power. They have been able to clearly distinguish the relationship between the subject and the object, and the possessive pronouns “your” and “my””, The concept of” his “.

At this time, the performance of possessiveness is not as prominent as that of a child about 2 years old.

  The reasons mainly come from two aspects: the development of activities and the development of language.

In terms of the development of activities, children before the age of 3 are mainly individual activities. Children aged 3 have a strong desire to interact with each other. Children also have the desire to exchange toys and items for group activities. Group activitiesincrease.

For the needs of crowd activities, toys and items also need to be exchanged with each other. For example, playing a ball, you throw it over, I throw it over, no matter who the ball belongs to, in the process of playing, the ball must be exchanged between two people. If one personIf you hold on to death, you can’t play.

  The activity of children’s own interaction has promoted the children’s understanding of the necessity of material interaction.

At the same time, in terms of language development, at this time, the child has mastered both “my” and “me”, and also “you”, “you”, and “he”.

When children only admit their own strength and independent existence, and only understand what “my” means, they will naturally think that “my” is “my” and “your” is also “my”.

However, when someone other than the child’s own existence and strength, and other people’s existence and strength, and at the same time understand that there are “you” and “he” in addition to “me”, the situation is very different.

He finally acknowledged the reality that “my” is “my” and “your” is “your”.

At this time, the phenomenon of snatching toys will be reduced.

  Children around the age of 2 occasionally snatch other children’s toys, or refuse to give toys to other children to play, don’t worry.

This is not a “robber” act.

With the growth of his knowledge and experience, the deepening of his desire to communicate, and the development of language, he will overcome this problem by himself.

If children often snatch other children’s toys, parents need to pay due attention.

Allow him to play with children who are slightly larger than him, and prevent children from knowing how to defend their rights; stop his predatory behavior.

Conversely, if a child’s toys are often snatched by other children and the child is unable to protect himself, parents should avoid letting him be with the opposing child and guide him at the same time, be bold and spicier when dealing with children.

  Children around the age of 2 are often reluctant to give toys to other children. This is normal psychology.

When other children want to play with one of his toys (especially the toy he is playing), the parents force him to “polite” to others.

If every time you have him reluctantly polite, the child will feel that another child, even adults, including his parents, want to steal his things, which will make him possessive.

The correct way is to guide him to play with other children, and then think about some ways to let them share toys.

  For example: the spindle car, two children off; enter the tricycle, one ride, one push, to achieve the purpose of sharing.

Especially, now that they are only children, learning to share is especially important.

At home, parents must cultivate their children’s habit of living with others on an equal footing.

For example: if you eat food or fruit, parents must consciously share it for everyone, not just let the child occupy it alone.

There are delicious snacks and new villain books. Parents should also encourage their children to eat out and read with their friends.

Make the child go through this period smoothly and develop in the normal direction.

Therefore, as long as education is achieved, one mountain can accommodate two tigers.

45 weight loss good advice to make you lose 1 kg per week


45 weight loss good advice to make you lose 1 kg per week

In today’s society, obesity has become one of the most headaches for women, especially the white-collar workers who are nine to five, but have not experienced spending too much time on weight loss.

Here are 45 tips for how to lose weight and how to easily have a good body.


More food and less meat: If you have started cooking with lean meat, then it is best to cut the meat by half and add some vegetables when making the meatloaf.

This not only increases the amount of cellulose, but also significantly reduces the amount of strontium.


Eat something and exercise: it is best to reverse this step by step.

The thermal effects of food improve the metabolic rate and thus the higher metabolic rate caused by exercise.


Change should be more: the variety of food and color should be more, in order to maintain a balanced diet.


Try the vegetable protein: Many people don’t dare to eat meat, but don’t even replace the protein that can maintain the body.

Three-quarters of white lentils provide 7 grams of protein, and the same amount of green peas contain one egg equivalent.


Check the plan and take notes: list some of the most effective dieting strategies (such as eating low-fat foods, limiting eating, etc.), check once a month, because it is easy to make a plan, it is difficult to put it into practice, but if you can check it on time,It is easier to achieve the goal.


Pay attention to the ingredients of the dish: eat too much French fries oil, baked potatoes and butter is not good, it is best to use chili sauce or soup.


Control your desires: Control your desires to help control your weight.

When you want to come, you can do some activities, such as showering, walking, watching TV and cycling, and anything that is not related to eating.


Hungry and not cooking: hungry, you will eat a small bite in the cooking process, and unknowingly eat too much food.

The best way is to eat snacks like melons before going to the kitchen.


Everyone eats together: the low-snack snacks eat more and are annoying, especially when one person eats alone, so you have to develop the habit of eating low-priced snacks for the whole family.

You can put all the snacks that are serious and healthy in your health in the jar. When you watch TV, everyone will eat it and you will feel relished.


Prepare some emergency snacks: Older people should avoid being hungry in the middle of the night and chewing on high-quality food in the kitchen.

You can put some healthy food at home, such as pretzel, salt-free popcorn and so on.


Visit the Department of Vegetables and Fruits: When visiting the supermarket, you should rely on the fruit and vegetable department, where most of the food is fresh: bread, fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.


Bring your own snack pack: When you are driving on the road or traveling by car, you should bring some low-fat food yourself.

If you have to buy fast food, you should choose foods that are good for your health, avoid eating fried chicken, fried pork chops, etc.


Do not eat butter: try to avoid eating butter.

Replace the flour with fresh lemon juice or vanilla sauce or vegetable salad.

Breakfast changes: Write 7 low-fat breakfasts on the card and choose one each morning.


Avoid eating at midnight: Prepare some unhealthy foods and eat them when you are tired or stressed at night.

Keep a record of your diet: If you only eat low-fat food and your weight still increases, you must remember your diet diary.

Because short-term records help to find out the eating and drinking habits that undermine the diet plan.


Eat and buy again: The shopping center has attractive snack bars. If you eat healthy foods and then buy them, you are not easily tempted by snacks.

銆€銆€18 years old

Eat slowly: If you eat too fast, you will have to eat longer when you feel full.

Remember: When you have something in your mouth, you can’t hold chopsticks and forks, so you can eat more.


Take turns cooking: If your time is tight, you can take turns cooking with your family.


Note the color of the dining room: according to John of the United States.

Hobkins Medical School’s research, warm colors such as red, yellow, orange and other foods are more attractive and stimulating appetite; while cool colors such as blue or gray are the opposite.

銆€銆€twenty one

Exercise: This is something that must be done every day.

銆€銆€twenty two

Timed breaks: Exercise at about the same time every day, otherwise it’s easy to forget.

銆€銆€twenty three.

Weightlifting: Exercise muscle is an important way to consume amateur, but the action must be done accurately.

銆€銆€twenty four

Exercises are diverse: if you’ve always been running, you can play table tennis, gymnastics or cycling.

銆€銆€25 years old

Using an exercise bike: Riding an exercise bike is a great exercise. Use your foot to speed up your heart and muscles and then restore normal speed.


Lie down: If you feel back pain while riding a bicycle, try a reclining car that protects your back in a reclined position.


Find an opponent: Exercise with friends, find a friend who is stronger than you, and a good opponent is the best driving force.


Step by step first observation: If you want to participate in aerobic exercise, you should proceed step by step.


Climbing the stairs: climbing stairs at a certain speed or moving on the stair machine can consume thousands of kilocalories in one hour.

銆€銆€30 years old

Don’t hold it by hand: Do not climb the stairs by hand, and don’t bend down, because it will reduce the consumption of throughput.


Do not take the elevator: take the stairs as a small sport.


Cultivate beneficial hobbies: buy food yourself, rub glass, plant flowers, etc.

Social activities: Plan social activities such as hiking, ballroom dancing, ice skating and tennis.


Boating: It can consume thousands of kilocalories per hour and is also a good aerobic exercise.

銆€銆€35 years old

Quiet exercise: Exercise can be done at any time.

If you wait in the supermarket to wait in line to check out, you can tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.

Such small movements help strengthen the muscles.


Sweat watching TV: Watching TV is doing some fitness activities, while watching the favorite programs, while exercising.


Exercise with music: You can dance with music.

Absolutely what kind of exercise, if the body’s movements match the music beat, it will be beneficial.

Sleeping in sportswear: This can change the habit of changing sleepiness.


Recharge your batteries: For the best results, you must have a good rest after a vertical workout.


Take a walk at lunch time or do some relaxing activities.


Take a pair of sneakers to the work place.


There is room for it: the goal is too high, but it makes people lose confidence.


Steady pace: Exercise is not to look at both sides, as when talking to others, the eyes should look forward.


Turn it into zero: If you can’t smoke for the expected time, you don’t hinder the separation.

Doing 3 times a 10-minute exercise a day is the same as doing a 30-minute exercise.


Make a bet: Make a bet with a friend, and the competition will greatly improve the success rate.

At the same time, think more about people who can persist in exercising and succeed, so that you can last forever without waste.