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[How to make good beans]_ beans

[How to make good beans]_ beans

There are different varieties of conch beans everywhere, and they are cheap and delicious. They have been loved by people since dating, but how can they be delicious?

Here I will teach you how to make con peas, solve your desire to be a chef, and let everyone eat your dishes and like it.

First, the introduction of olive chopper bean recipes: trace elements such as iron iodine and zinc required by the human body in olive vegetables are very helpful to human health.

The content of calcium in olive vegetables is very high, and eating some can supplement calcium.

Eating some olives in moderation can improve the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, and is beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Olive dish or adjuvant treatment for gastric ulcers to reduce stomach pain.

Olive dish can be used to treat rheumatism, neuritis, eliminate facial wrinkles, skin care, hair care and implantation of hand, foot and cleft palate.

Olive dish or cure liver disease, because it has antiviral effect, it can improve the liver’s detoxification function.

Supermarkets have bottled olives.

Ingredients: 50 grams of olives, 300 grams of jack beans, oil, salt, chicken essence.

Practices: 1. Wash and slice the beans.

2. Stir-fry the olives with hot oil and condiment for a while.

3, put a little water and simmer for 5 minutes.

4. When the beans are cooked, season with salt and chicken essence.

Second, the Squid Bean Fried Potatoes Recipe Introduction: Squid Bean is also called green beans, long beans.

The color of green beans is crisp and crispy.

Sword beans have the effects of warming the spleen and stomach, replenishing the kidneys, replenishing vitality, and taste delicious. Potatoes have a good effect on weight loss, and they can also be used as a warming agent when they are eaten with potatoes.

Tender beans are used for cooking. The meat is thick and delicious, with a clear fragrance, the soft and sweet potatoes, and the green color of the beans make the appetite wide open.

Ingredients: 150g of green beans, 200g of potato chips, 30g of small stir-fried buns. Method: 1. Put 200g of oil in the pan (add a little more oil), the oil temperature is close to 60%. Put the potato chips in the pan and fry.Remove until golden brown and set aside for use; 2. Leave 50g (about three tablespoons of oil) in the pan, fry the beans for about 2 minutes (when the skin is wrinkled), and fry the potato strips together; 3. Transfer to a small fry according to personal tasteThe package is enough.

[How to eat the most dried dates?]_ How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat the most dried dates?]_ How to eat_How to eat

As a female woman, after a few days of menstruation each month, it can be said to be very weak, not to mention the torture of dysmenorrhea, qi and blood alone can be enough for women to make up for a while.

Women are most vulnerable to qi and blood, so blood replacement is especially important.

We all know that dried red dates can provide blood, and women who maintain the habit of eating red dates don’t say how strong they are, at least full of blood and ruddy complexion, so women must eat more red dates. How do you eat the most red dates?

Large menstrual flow, “qi deficiency” in advance, small amount, delayed “blood deficiency”, dysmenorrhea, blood clots is “blood stasis”, Qi and blood look at two points, one is deficiency, the other is stasis.

Make up according to your own situation, and make targeted adjustments, otherwise the more you make the worse.

“Women are older than men.” The reason is that they have more anger, have internal fires, and are more prone to suffocation than men. If you do n’t think about it, lose your temper, and simply add blood, it will only add “plugging”. The balance of qi and blood can be beautiful and healthy.Feminine!

Excessive blood, internal trauma, mild chloasma, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, to a certain extent, it will cause contraction and swelling pain, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, as long as the congestion is relieved, qi and blood are reconciled, these will beThe smoke will disappear.

Want to lose weight indiscriminately, hungry, taking weight-loss pills, too much physical harm, health is gone, what is the beauty?

Fat and qi, thin and blood, once the balance of qi and blood, full of qi, blood flow is fast, garbage is discharged, naturally lose weight.

How to eat dried dates

Jujube, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, and Chinese wolfberry are all foods for blood and kidney that people often eat, and when they are matched with each other, they become a good blood-feeding diet.


Jujube is the most commonly used food to invigorate blood, and eating it raw and drinking alcohol works best.

Jujube can also be drank in an iron pan and soaked in water to treat cold stomach and stomachache. After adding longan, it is a tea that invigorate blood and qi, which is especially suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use throat more frequently.

If you add 4?
6 capsules of wolfberry can also treat constipation, but people with thin stools should not add wolfberry.


Female friends who often drink red dates, longan and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic results.

Do not add more medlars, just a few grains, red dates and longan are also 6?
8 capsules is enough, so I can make myself a cup after work every morning, not only replenishing qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for the workaholics who are looking forward to the computer.


Red dates and red beans are added to glutinous rice to make porridge. Red beans are not easy to burn. You can cook red beans first, red beans are rotten, and then add glutinous rice and red dates to burn together.


Red dates, peanuts, longan, plus brown sugar, slowly stew in the pot with water, stewed rotten, often eaten, the effect of nourishing blood is very good.

[Carrot and Mango Juice]_Functions_Benefits

[Carrot and Mango Juice]_Functions_Benefits

Mango juice is one of the beverages that many people like to drink. It is mainly because mango can be made with many fruits to make delicious fruit juice, while mango carrot juice and mango juice etc. The key is that the taste of mango is sour and sweet, which is more suitable for everyone.Taste, so we can understand the practice of mango juice.

For carrot and mango juice made from mango and carrot, proper inclusion can relieve eye fatigue.

Carrots, yellow peppers, and mangoes contain carotene and zeaxanthin in carrots, yellow peppers, and mangoes. It is a good choice to maintain eyes.

This glass of vegetable juice is suitable for computer workers or students (anyone who has used eyesight for a long time) and helps maintain the eyesight.

Material carrot 6?
8 cm, 1/4 yellow pepper, 1/2 mango, 120㏄ ice water, 6 ice cubes
8, the amount of honey is 1.

After washing the mango, peel and cut the diced; wash the carrots and cut the diced.


Wash the yellow peppers and cut into fine dices.


Put everything in the juicer.


Use the instant smash 2 times to break the ice cubes, and then use slow speed for 3 minutes until the ingredients are finely broken into juice.


Decide whether to add honey based on your taste.

Carrots and mangoes should already be sweet. It is recommended that you do not add or align the carrot and mango juice with the ingredients of mango, one carrot, half cold water, and the right amount of carrot and mango.

Add carrot and mango grains to the juice cup, add a moderate amount of cold water (like thick and less water), brush the mixer a few times, and you can drink!

Tips Mango has a high vitamin C content and high nutritional value, but mango is poisonous by nature and should not be consumed in excess!

Carrot, mango, apple juice.

[Materials]4 carrots, 2 large apples, 2 mangoes.

[Methods]1. Scrub the carrots clean, keep the organic leaves on the top, wash the apples, peel the mangoes and kernels.

2. Squeeze the carrots first, then squeeze the apples and mangoes, mix the juice, stir, and put in immediately.

Carrots contain 1 per 100 grams of fresh weight.


1 mg carotene, which is higher than 5 in tomato?
7 times, digested into vitamin A by gastrointestinal digestion after eating, which can cause night blindness and respiratory diseases.

Can be fried, cooked, eaten raw, pickled, pickled, etc.

Distributed in all parts of the world, cultivated in North and South China, the yield of root vegetables is second.

It is anti-cancer and is called underground “little ginseng”.

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits. Mango fruit contains sugar, protein, crude fiber, and the vitamin A precursor carotenoid in mango is particularly high.

Vitamin C content in the body is not low.

Minerals, proteins, aunts, sugars, etc. are also their main nutrients.

It can make juice, jam, canned, pickled, hot and sour kimchi, mango milk powder, candied fruit, etc.

Apple is a kind of low-transient food, which only produces 60 kilocalories per 100 grams. The nutrients in apple are soluble and easy to be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, it is called “living water”, which is good for dissolving sulfur and making the skin smooth and soft.

Apple also contains copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium and other elements.

Vitamin C in apples is the protector of cardiovascular disease, a healthy element for patients with hypertension

How does a sissy middle school student correct his voice?

How does a “sissy” middle school student correct his voice?

The 16-year-old Xiao Li has grown to 185 centimeters, tall and sturdy, and covered with sunlight.
However, there was something that saddened the family, because he spoke like a girl, sissy.
  Male-female or female-female adolescents like this are often seen in life.
Men who were supposed to be rough and low-spoken, talked like girls; while some girls had thick, sharp voices, like tomboys.
This is a common voice change disorder in adolescent voice change periods.
Some people have psychological reasons, such as the spoiling of their family members or their own depression. Many people will refuse to grow up in their hearts and still regard themselves as children, resulting in the development of vocal dysfunction in the throat.
  There are also some teenagers whose vocal cords are growing, but their throat knots are “unmoved.”
Because the laryngeal knot is a “small house” with vocal cords, the narrowness of the larynx causes the vocal cords to not fully vibrate, resulting in a sound-change disorder.
In short, thyroid cartilage develops too fast, and the vocal cord grows slowly or does not grow, which increases the vocal cord tension, which will lead to male and female tunes. On the other hand, thyroid cartilage grows slowly, while the vocal cord grows faster, the tension decreases, the tone becomes lower,The situation of female tones.
  In fact, this only requires a simple vocal training by a professional voice correction doctor.
  The male vocal and female tunes must first perform vocal practice in the middle vocal range, because the treble female vocals are mainly 1/3 of the vocal cord vibration, while the middle vocal vocal band is the middle and lower vocal cord vibration.
The specific method is to expand the practice from the center C with the piano’s rhythm under the guidance of the doctor.
2 times a day, 15 minutes each.
In general, most children show results after 1 month.
While performing mid-sound area exercises, the patient will also perform a laryngeal cartilage massage.
During massage, gently push down from the upper part of the laryngeal knot, and do not feel pain, push repeatedly 20 times, twice a day.
The role of laryngeal cartilage massage is mainly to lengthen the vocal cords and reduce audio.
  Female voice male voice Female voice male voice is mainly because the female vocal lobes are too loose and wide, resulting in low amplitude and frequency of vocalization, and the phenomenon of low and thick voices.
The method of treating female voice and male tones is mainly “high-position false voice + breath sound”.
Specific method: Take a deep breath before speaking, raise your brows as if yawning, and then make a sound with the rhythm of the doctor’s piano.
About 40 minutes a day, for a month, a soft and sharp girl’s voice will appear.
When the eyebrows are raised, the soft palate will be raised at the same time, the sound will change from oral resonance to head cavity resonance, and the vocalization position will increase.

Pay attention to network psychological disorders

Pay attention to network psychological disorders

Recently, some people reported that there is a student in a certain university. In his life, he is not good at talking, but he especially likes to chat with friends in Internet cafes.

The Internet has become so popular that it has become a popular “lover”.

Moreover, the more proud he is online, the more awkward he is in real life.

The college student was examined by a psychiatrist and was told that he had suffered from a network disorder.

  The typical manifestations of network psychological disorder are low mood in daily life, no feeling of happiness or loss of interest, sleep disturbance, biological clock distortion, decreased appetite, weight loss, easy excitement, decreased self-evaluation, reduced social activities in severe cases, and suicidal ideation.
  In the early stages of Internet psychological disorders, patients became aware of the joy of surfing the Internet, so the time spent on the Internet continued to increase, leading to memory loss.

He later developed into recovery, manifested as depression after getting up every day, slow thinking, dizziness, trembling hands, tiredness, and fatigue. Only after surfing the Internet can his mental state return to normal levels.

As soon as advanced patients stop using the Internet, they will develop acute withdrawal syndrome and may even resort to self-harm or suicide.

  Single-person males aged 20 to 30 are predisposed to network psychological disorders.

Of course, not all Internet lovers will suffer from this disease. Most people who have social disorders, behavioral abnormalities, personality disorders, mood disorders, and disorders of the sympathetic nervous system due to online chats will have some psychological problems.Prominent is the issue of inferiority and interpersonal communication.

The more people who have a low sense of inferiority, the stronger their sense of belonging and the respectful potential of being respected, and the social status on the Internet just becomes their “xanadu” to escape reality.

In that virtual world, they will experience unparalleled ease, freedom, and satisfaction of individual control.

However, this sense of satisfaction and control from the Internet is the real world after all.

Mental health people recognize this, so they don’t indulge in the internet.

For some people who have some psychological problems, online activities have a compensatory satisfaction, and it is often difficult to extricate themselves.

  If you find yourself “e-net deep”, it is difficult to adapt to it in real life, and there are many psychological problems such as low mood and decline in ability, it is likely that you have suffered from a psychological disorder of the network and should actively participate in social activities.It may be wiser to ask a psychiatrist to gradually become more dependent on the Internet.

Sharing child information online should pay attention to privacy


Sharing child information online should pay attention to privacy

When your child is sick and you don’t know what to do, where do you go first for help?

If your answer is Facebook or other social media, congratulations, you are also a “share parent”-a new term used to describe parents who like to share their family and child information on the Internet.

Many people may do these things unconsciously. In fact, as long as you take some simple precautions, this is not a bad thing.

  Information sharing makes parents no longer “lonely” as a mother of two daughters and an avid social media user. I am also a “share parent.”

From querying your child’s school schedule to asking for help when your child is sick, and asking how you can help your child fall asleep . “Share” can help us get a wide range of information.

No matter how weird you are, you can find people on the Internet who have shared experiences with you.

  University of Michigan


A survey by Mott Children’s Hospital shows that more than half of moms and more than one-third of fathers will discuss their children’s health and some of their parenting issues on social media.Feeling less lonely.

  ”Not alone” is a very good thing for parents when they encounter problems.

The child is seriously ill, the other half dies, and the child has a learning disability. These conditions will make parents feel isolated and helpless, but on the Internet, these parents can find parents who have the same experience as them.It is priceless for parents.

  But “sharing” is limited to these struggling parents.

Every day, parents share photos and information of their children in the community. The children have changed their teeth, lost their temper, and achieved good grades . This information can also help maintain the connection between loved ones and friends.

  Pay attention to privacy when sharing your child’s information. So can this “share” of parents continue indefinitely?

C. University of Michigan

S. Sarah J., Deputy Director, Child Health Survey Task Force, Mott Children’s Hospital

Clark said that when children are old enough to use social media on their own, parents should apply for their own IDs for their children and stop sharing their information on social media.

  Surveys show that half of parents think their children may be embarrassed because their parents have posted their information, and two-thirds of parents worry that the information and photos they share may affect their children’s privacy.

In addition, three-quarters of teen parents said that it is easy to determine the child’s position and daily habits through the information such as photos and stories shared by other parents, and it is easy to make children surrounded by danger.

  How can we share information properly without harming or putting children at risk?

The key is to think about it when posting photos or information about your child. Will this interesting story now make your child laugh at classmates in high school?

Will it affect his job search in the future?

At the same time, pay attention to whether the information you share is too detailed, such as your child’s school, babysitter’s name, frequented amusement park, etc.

  If your family and friends like to go online, then “sharing” is a very simple way to stay connected and interact. As long as you are careful and pay attention to the details of sharing information, online sharing can increase the fun and challenges of family life.

Eating food in spring keeps your child tall

Eating food in spring keeps your child tall

Spring is the season of recovery.

At this time, children’s growth and development speed, activity is large, need more nutrients, while digestion and absorption function is enhanced, and food intake increases.

Therefore, we should take advantage of this great season to pediatrically scientifically and rationally care for children to eat more scientifically and grow healthier.

  Accurately take calcium and protein, accelerate growth and development, go through a winter, children go out less, at this time susceptible to calcium deficiency, coupled with accelerated growth and development in spring, increase the amount of calcium, you should add more calcium-rich foods to your baby, Soy products, bone soup, fish, shrimp, sesame and so on.

“Potato Milk Soup” or “Cream Mushroom Soup” is a good choice.

Tender tofu is also rich in calcium.

The small shrimp skin is a “calcium storage warehouse”. You can put the shrimp skin in the soup or the stuffing of the vegetable buns, and its calcium supplement effect will not be inferior.

  In children, growth and development accelerate in spring, and the demand for high-quality protein in organs and tissues also increases.

You can choose eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, soy products, millet, red beans, etc.

  Eat a moderate amount of snacks, and avoid spicy allergens. The brain tissue contains two unsaturated fatty acids, which are the main components of the brain. If lacking, it will greatly affect children’s intellectual development.

The brain develops faster in spring, so children should eat more unsaturated fatty foods, such as walnuts, tea oil, olive oil, sesame, rabbit meat, fresh shellfish and so on.

The fish is delicious and rich in “brain gold”, which can be steamed or stewed.

  It may be little by little. In spring, the temperature changes from cold to warm, and the sun rises, making it easy for children to “get angry.”

Therefore, avoid eating hot foods such as mutton, dog meat, and less fried chicken and ribs.

Eat spicy foods like chili, pepper, ginger, shallots, garlic, etc.

Chocolate and candied fruit are also sources of “internal heat” and are also not to be eaten.

  For some children with allergic diseases such as eczema, high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, spring is also the season when the disease occurs.

Therefore, be careful to eat seafood, shrimp, marine fish, crabs and other specific histidine foods.

  Spring is the “golden” season for children with growth and development, and it is also the season when children are most susceptible to disease.

In order to keep fit, you must keep your baby away from disease and thrive. Parents should take necessary protective measures. The most fundamental thing is to supplement their children’s nutrition and strengthen their physique.

But beloved parents need to pay attention to the lack of diet and improper nourishment, which may be counterproductive and cause the baby to have an imbalance or excess nutrition.

  How can I eat a healthy baby?

According to the characteristics of seasonal changes and children’s growth needs, nutrition experts especially recommend four types of foods, braking parents to reasonably plan their children’s spring diet, improve the baby’s body immunity, give sufficient growth supplies, and grow up quickly.


1 Calcium-supplemented food is full of vitality. Spring is the season when children grow and develop faster. Many children are born in spring.

The child’s growth is accelerated, and the body’s demand for calcium nutrition naturally increases accordingly. Parents should promptly add calcium to the baby.

According to nutrition experts from Health, children of different ages have different calcium requirements, and proper supplementation can promote normal bone growth.

Specifically, children under 1 year old need about 300-400 mg of calcium per day, 1-4 years old need about 600 mg of calcium per day, 4-7 years old need about 800 mg of calcium per day, othersChildren of all ages should consume more than 1000 mg daily.

  There are many foods that can be supplemented with calcium sources daily.

For example, dairy products such as milk, milk powder, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, soy products, soy beans, broad beans, tofu, dried tofu, etc .; seafood catfish, carp, loach, shrimp, shrimp, crab, kelp, laver,Clams, field snails, etc .; meat and poultry eggs, lamb, chicken, eggs, duck eggs, etc .; vegetables, celery, rape, carrots, sesame, coriander, black fungus, mushrooms, etc .; fruits and dried fruits such as lemon, coriander, apple, Almond, hawthorn, raisin, peanut, lotus seed, etc.

  Special reminder: Parents should let their children supplement calcium foods in a balanced manner.

Lamb and other foods are warm and should not be eaten too much.

In addition, you should control your baby’s high salt, high protein, high diet, control the absorption of sugar or sweets, soda, cola and other sodas, so as not to lose or reduce calcium, hinder calcium absorption.


2 Foods containing “unsaturated fatty acids” Because children grow faster in spring and brain development is at its peak, it is necessary to supplement “unsaturated fatty acids” in a timely manner.

Experts point out that unsaturated fatty acids are important nutritional components of the human brain and brain nerves, and making up for the lack will affect people’s memory and thinking ability, and affect the intellectual development of infants and young children.

Since the human body cannot synthesize unsaturated fatty acids on its own, it should be taken from related foods.

In fact, animal manure contains mainly saturated fatty acids, and plant manure contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids.  To get enough unsaturated fatty acids, parents can try to use vegetable oils when cooking for their babies, so eat more of the plant-faecal diet, such as walnut porridge, black sesame porridge, peanut porridge, etc., or eat some food plantsSmall foods such as peanuts, walnut kernels, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

  Special reminder: the intake of animal and plant feces should be balanced; daily use of fried foods should not be used to increase vegetable oil intake.


3-vitamin food In spring, children are prone to symptoms such as rotten mouth corners, bleeding gums, and rough skin. This is mostly due to vitamin deficiency. As a result, children’s vitamin deficiency can easily cause colds, respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.
Experts remind that vitamins are essential organic compounds in human metabolism.

If children lack plasma vitamin A, dry eye disease, dry skin, and respiratory diseases; lack of vitamin B can cause cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis; lack of vitamin D can cause calcium deficiency.

  Vitamins can be taken in a variety of foods. Vitamin A is supplemented in cod liver oil, liver and dark green, dark yellow vegetables and fruits. Vitamin B is substituted for liver, lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, soy products, cereals, carrots, and fish., Vegetables and other foods; vitamin C in green vegetables, citrus fruits, vitamin D in cod liver oil, insulin, egg yolk and milk content; vitamin E in wheat, rice germ oil, eggs, liver, meatMedium impurities.

  Special reminders: Parents are better informed by their doctors that their children should supplement vitamins; eating too fine can easily lead to vitamin deficiencies in babies, so they should usually eat refined foods and coarse grains; and when cooking vegetables, they should not take long to reduce vitamin loss.


4 “Homologous food” food warms up in the spring, various germs and viruses are extremely active, and the disease easily affects young children.

Parents can replace some “medicine and food homogeneous” foods for their children to improve the baby’s body immunity and disease resistance.

Experts said that some foods are Chinese medicine, and the boundaries between medicine and food are not very clear. Therefore, they can understand the use of diet and prevent diseases, which can greatly replace children’s health.

  Foods with the same source of medicine and food include: red dates, longan meat, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, wolfberry, yam, rice kernels, walnut meat, longan meat, hawthorn, black plum, almond, orange, previous rice, red bean, cinnamon, Amomum villosum, pumpkin seeds, honey, etc. These foods are not only rich in a variety of nutrients, but also sweet and flat. Although the effect is not as prominent and rapid as traditional Chinese medicine, it is a small substitute for children.

  Special reminder: there are differences in children’s physiques, and there are points of deficiency, cold and heat. Parents are advised to consult the relevant Chinese medicine pediatrician first, understand the child’s physique, and eat symptomatically.

Full of shame

Full of shame

Acne, commonly known as acne, acne, acne, is a common and frequently occurring dermatological disease.

According to statistics, 95% of men and 85% of women have suffered from acne in varying degrees during adolescence.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to call it “acne”.

Acne is known as the first “killer” that destroys beauty.

If you have acne, even the white swan will become an ugly duckling, which hurts many beautiful women.

According to the viewpoint of “not cured but not cured” in traditional medicine, it is necessary to prevent acne.

  Eating a balanced diet The medicine of the motherland believes that acne is due to overeating and being fat, which causes the lungs and stomach to be fumigated and moist and fumigated and the spots remain.

Therefore, it is best to eat less fat-rich animal fats, fried foods, egg yolks, sesame seeds, peanuts and various sugars.

Spicy warm foods often cause acne to return.

Foods such as wine, coffee, pepper, garlic, chives, and dog meat are not suitable for consumption.

Diet should choose more foods with cooling and heat-reducing effects, such as lean pork, rabbit meat, duck meat, mushrooms, fungus, celery, bitter gourd, cucumber, loofah, winter melon, tomatoes, tofu, lotus root, watermelon, pear,Hawthorn, apples, etc.

At the same time, the diet should be regular and quantitative, do not gluttony cold drinks, and maintain normal gastrointestinal function is more important to prevent the occurrence of acne.

  Constipation is smooth. Long-term constipation is very important for acne. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “the lungs and the large intestine are similar to each other.”.
Maintaining the daily regular bowel habit has an extremely critical role in the treatment and prevention of acne. Patients who already have “acne” should do so even more, by detoxifying to nourish and moisturize.

  Combining sleep with work and rest is a good way to cosmetology. Minimize staying up late, avoid insomnia caused by emotional or mental stress, and develop a regular lifestyle.

At the same time maintain a cheerful and happy mood, reduce emotional excitement or psychological pressure, so as not to make acne increase or worsen.

  Facial cleansing Acne patients can wash their face with warm water about 2-3 times a day to remove excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.

But wash your face gently.

If you are too diligent in washing your face, especially using rough soap or abrasives, it may worsen your acne.

  In short, acne is a multi-factor and complex disease. The etiology is clear, combining local and overall syndrome differentiation, combining internal and external treatment, combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, and treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. Most patients haveCan completely heal and prevent scarring.

On the contrary, if left untreated, it may leave permanent scars and affect aesthetics.

The treatment time for acne varies depending on the type and severity of acne and the age of the patient. Due to the endocrine, immune and other factors involved, the general course of treatment is 2-3 months, and it must be combined during the treatment process.

  We should fully realize that acne is not simply an “external disease”, but is caused by “internal disease”. Introduce a combination to prevent the disease from happening in the first place. Why should young people fear the invasion of “acne”?

3 major moments when your skin is dehydrated

3 major moments when your skin is dehydrated

First, why the skin is dehydrated at 6 in the morning In fact, our skin is losing water every moment, silent and not easy to detect.

And often when you get up in the morning, you will find that the skin is a little tight, and people with oily skin even feel that their limbs are even oilier, and these are all signs of skin dehydration.

Because the night is the most vigorous period of cell growth and repair, cell regeneration or metabolism needs to consume water in the body and in the skin.

For people with oily skin, in order to achieve water-oil balance, the skin will secrete more oil to balance the lack of water in the skin.

Also, one night, the warm environment constantly evaporates the moisture on the skin surface.

This is when you wake up in the winter morning and you even feel thirsty, you will feel that your skin is dry.

  How to moisturize and moisturize toner and moisturizing lotion after washing your face in the morning, it is best to take a little more moisturizing essence before lotion.

Of course, during the day, you must drink plenty of water to replenish your body and skin.

I would also like to say here that if you have dry skin or feel that your skin is particularly dry, you need to use a cream instead of a lotion. The cream contains more oil, and even dry or very dry skin is dehydrated or oily.

In addition, simple hydration does not necessarily achieve a moisturizing effect. Only oil can lock moisture and achieve a moisturizing effect.

 Second, why the skin is dehydrated at 3 pm for most of the day and working or living in a dehydrated indoor environment, the faster the water evaporates when the temperature rises, the skin dehydration is sure by 3 pm.

Especially from 1 pm to 3 pm: blood pressure and hormone secretion decrease, the body gradually develops a sense of burnout, and small fine lines are easy to appear on the skin.

  How to rehydrate and moisturize It is best to prepare a basic moisturizing skin care product in the office. When the skin feels dry in the afternoon, wash it off, or use a wet towel to remove the skin dust. Take a moisturizing toner and apply a moisturizing emulsion or cream.Save the morning moisturizing essence.

If you work late or overtime at night, it is necessary to make this “moisturizing meal”.

Of course, if a small electronic humidifier is placed nearby, it is often better to replenish the moisture in the air.

Finally, we must remind everyone to drink plenty of water, after all, the deep skin moisture must be replenished by drinking water.

  Third, why the skin is dehydrated at 9 o’clock in the evening, there is no doubt that in the dry season, before going to bed at night, it is the most tired and dehydrated moment of the skin, small dry lines, small fine lines, and water shortage in the whole body.The lines are all visible.

At this time, the skin’s immunity is also the lowest, the resistance to external stimuli is relatively weak, and allergic reactions are prone to occur.

  How to moisturize and wash your face carefully. If you change your makeup during the day, you must first remove your makeup and then wash your face.

After that, we should seriously do the homework of moisturizing.

You can apply a moisturizing mask, if you feel the skin is very dry, you can apply toner and moisturizing essence before the moisturizing mask, which will be better.

After the mask, you can massage the skin to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, and then absorb the cream with the best moisturizing effect.

We may all know that the effect of skin’s absorption of nutrients is the best at night, so care at night must be done carefully, use as much as possible, so that the skin absorbs nutrients and moisture.

  There are 0 every day.

5 liters of water are lost from the skin surface. 70% of our body is water, and the accumulation of the outermost stratum corneum is usually only 15%.

In particular, the body gets 0 every day.

5 liters of water is lost from the skin surface, and may reach 0 in autumn and winter or in a dry and windy environment.

1 Litre.

  Day one.

5 liters of water to keep the body running. We only have 8 glasses of water a day, so 1.

About 5 liters of water can reach the standard required for maintaining a normal body.

  Water can regulate the secretion of hormones in the body. If you are in a dry and dehydrated environment, more stress hormones will be released in the body at this time, which will make the acne situation worse. At this time, water can help regulate the hormones in the body and balance the body functions.Drinking plenty of water can alleviate sudden acne.

Eight states, the body is shouting Help!


Eight states, the body is shouting “Help”!

Modern people, why is the physical condition getting worse?

More and more sick times?

Tumors appear more and more frequently?

Perhaps it is because many people’s bodies are continuously in these states.

1. What is the feeling of 鈥渧irtual鈥?

The “virtual” physique is “feel tired, tired, sleepy, no spirit” and so on.

The two biggest reasons for physical weakness are caused by poor living habits and high work pressure.

For example, a person’s living habit often sleeps very late at night, or sleep is not good, then the next day is easy to fatigue; a person’s work and life pressure, often overloaded work, often trouble, bad mood, it is easyLet the body fatigue; and let the body often be in this fatigue, the function of our organs begins to decline, and our physique begins to become “virtual”.

2. What is the feeling of “cold”?

“Cold” physique is feeling “fear of cold, afraid of blowing air conditioning, sleeping at night, cold”, etc.; when a physically weak person does not pay attention to dressing in normal life, do not pay attention to cover quilt at night, often blow air conditioning, showerTaking a bath often makes our body suffer from “cold”. Women usually wear less clothes and are more likely to suffer from “cold”.

3. How is the feeling of “wet” gas?

When the body is “cold” and getting heavier and heavier, the body is more likely to enter the “wet” gas. A person with a “wet” body is like a rainy day wearing a drenched dress.And uncomfortable.

Special attention: The five main channels through which cold and moisture can easily enter our body are: 1 called 鈥淒azhui鈥?

2 “The middle point” of the chest.

3 “Sacred acupoints” in the navel.

4 “Heart Gate” at the waist.

5 “Shuiquan points” at the bottom of the foot.

“Cold and wet physique” is the source of all diseases, people with weak constitution, cold and moisture are more likely to enter our body; so when the body feels tired for various reasons, it can be restored in time by arranging cold and yangPhysical strength, do not let the body organs become “virtual” in fatigue; thus causing cold to enter our body.

4. How is the feeling of “condensation”?

When the body’s “cold moisture” is long, it is easy to “condense” the body; “condensation” means slow circulation and slow metabolism; the body is prone to acid, pain, and physical discomfort.

5. How is the feeling of “鐦€”?

The long time of “鍡? is prone to cracks, the body is prone to soreness, numbness, pain, and uncomfortable mixing. In the process of dredging, all the defects are black and purple.

6. How is the feeling of “blocking”?

Blocking in Bieber comes in a level, is completely separated, think about it, if you can’t get out of the chest if you breathe, is it hard to accept?

Not to mention all kinds of garbage toxins, stuck in the body, is the old nest of diseases.

It is easy to get sick after a long time.

7, how is the feeling of “tumor”?

Long “tumor” is not terrible, fear of malignant tumors, malignant tumors are easy to mutate to form cancer.

8. How is the feeling of “cancer”?

Everyone knows that this is a very horrible thing. It is best not to have it. If you find it, don’t delay it.

The above eight states are the favorite state of the disease.

The imaginary is cold, the cold is wet, the wet is condensed, the condensate is sputum, the sputum is blocked, the tumor is blocked, and the tumor is cancer.

.Don’t let yourself go into this loop.