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Travel health route?


Another new tourist route in Zhongshan is coming!

let’s go!

“Travel” health route?
Another new tourist route in Zhongshan is coming!
let’s go!

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The Lancang River is still flowing, and a stream of clear streams carries eight hundred veins. Fuhua Road passes through the city and all the way to see the height of the city.

Huang’s Ancestral Hall, Chinese Medicine Culture Center, Yanzhou Academy, Zhenshentang Shijie Cultural Industry Park. Today, let us enter the Western District for a health culture tour!

Huang’s Ancestral Hall looks at Changzhou’s 鈥淛ingshi legacy鈥?Huang’s Ancestral Hall in Changzhou West Street, which was built in the Ming Dynasty and uses a beam-type wooden structure.

One of the most famous is the clamshell wall, which is decorated with two sides of the clam shell. The oldest part of the wall has been more than three hundred years old.

The back seat of Zongtang is dedicated to the ancestor portrait, and the lacquered gold is used for the stage, and there are nine drunk dragons.

This is a very famous folklore-Drunk Dragon in Cheung Chau.

Changzhou Drunken Dragon was designated as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

Yanzhou Academy’s “Hundred Years of Scholars” Yanzhou Academy is located in Yanzhou Primary School in the Western District. It is by far the best preserved school in Zhongshan.

The two ends of the academy are covered with woodcarvings, such as the “Book of Songs”, “Hundred Family Names”, “Three Character Classics” and other words, and a strong historical and cultural atmosphere is on the way.

TCM Culture Center TCM Health Culture TCM Culture Center is located in Zhongshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. It is a domestic first-class Chinese medicine culture center integrating medical and health culture experience, tourism, Chinese medicine purchase, traditional Chinese medicine and modern therapeutic equipment. The construction area is more than 2000 square meters.There are four floors. The first floor is a medical history museum that introduces the formation process of Chinese medicine. The second floor consists of local medical museum, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Memorabilia, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Hospital Memorabilia and Chinese Medicine Herbarium. The third floor is on the fourth floor.Health center, intelligent Chinese medicine health tourism show.

The Xiangshan Medicinal Botanical Garden and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Square are also built around the pavilion.

Zhenshentang Shijie Cultural Industrial Park looking for modern Shijie Culture Zhenshitang Shijie Cultural Industrial Park is located in the Dagang area. It is a collection of greenhouses, Shijie culture exhibition area, scientific research building area and international conference center.The park displays the modern stone culture of “Ishigaki cultivation, cultural sightseeing, business communication” in Yixiu.

Jianyang Yuesheng Garden Sense Farm Life Jianyang Yuesheng Garden is located in Longchang Community, West District, every time.

66 kilometers, along the river embankment, fish ponds, farmland, pastures, village houses, etc., the countryside is beautiful and the air is fresh.

Walk along the fitness trails and watch the beautiful scenery along the way, you can experience the local life characteristics, and you can also experience the farmer’s life in the field and the sunset.

Lijiang Park recalls the story of the year of the Lijiang Park site, 11 kilometers, reasonably retaining the local outstanding plants, buildings and production tools on the original site, and using modern design techniques to deal with them, the dock, the skeleton water tower,The landmark objects on the original site, such as railroad tracks, machines, and gantry cranes, are skeletonized, recording the glory and fiery memories of the shipyard, and completely explaining the story of the venue.

It is the only park in China that has won the 鈥?009 ULI Asia Pacific Outstanding Honor Award鈥?from the International Urban Land Institute.

The bustling old rivers of the Lijiang River are full of rivers and rivers, with green trees on both sides, and more than 10 kilometers of urban rivers.

The night of the Lijiang River is beautiful. At the time of the night tour, there are more than a dozen kinds of cruise ships carrying tourists from all over the world. They are watching the thousands of lights on the banks of the river, watching the scenery of the two sides of the river, watching the modern urban landscape, and the centuries-old history.To jointly interpret the bustling old dreams of a city.

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How to choose tonic wine – what to pay attention to when taking -_1


How to choose tonic wine?

What should I pay attention to when taking it?

Medicinal wine is used to strengthen the body, tonic, and cure the disease. It has a long history and has a long history.

The tonic in the medicinal liquor can replenish the body, strengthen the body and prolong life.

How to choose the supplements that suit your physical condition and your needs?

The method is roughly the same as the traditional Chinese medicine selected in the above article.

銆€銆€Qi deficiency: use ginseng wine, acanthopanax wine, big tonic wine, Chinese health wine and so on.

銆€銆€Blood deficiency: choose longan wine, cooked wine, mulberry wine and so on.

銆€銆€Yin Deficiency: Choose Huang Jingjiu, Yam Wine, Tianmen Winter Wine, etc.

銆€銆€Yang deficiency: choose ginseng wine, antler wine, cinnamon wine, Xianmao wine, sea dog kidney wine, three whip wine and so on.

銆€銆€Both qi and blood deficiency: choose Shiquanda tonic, Bazhen wine, Baiyi longevity wine and so on.

銆€銆€Yin and Yang two virtual: choose to raise the Yuan Ruyi wine and so on.

銆€銆€When taking medicinal liquor, it should be appropriate according to the condition, physical condition, age and alcohol consumption. It cannot be regarded as general alcohol intake.

Suffering from a cold, cough, asthma, fever, “fire” should stop taking, pregnant women, children and high blood pressure, hypertension, hepatitis, cirrhosis and alcohol allergy are hanged.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel