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What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?


Men must know!

What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?
Men must know!

Many male friends have phimosis.

Phimosis can cause many unfavorable symptoms, such as psychological stress and lack of energy.

Therefore, male friends should pay special attention to the phimosis foot.

In particular, patients who have already had phimosis are more likely to have proper care.

Phimosis is harmful to men, and the following is the danger of phimosis.

What is the danger of phimosis?

1, easy to cause all kinds of killing phimosis will not affect urination, but the foreskin can hide dirt, especially the foreskin can secrete a strange white secretion, called smegma.

The smegma stimulates the penis head for a long time, especially in the coronal sulcus, which may cause dermatitis and penis.

Ascending infection of bacteria in the foreskin cavity will cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and inflammation of the prostate.

2, easy to induce penile cancer smegma chronic stimulation is the cause of penile cancer.

According to the survey, among the patients with penile cancer, there are many people with phimosis.

3, easy to cause masturbation smegma and dermatitis stimulation, easy to cause masturbation behavior.

4, prone to infertility due to smegma infection caused by prostatitis, can affect the sperm motility in the semen and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

5, easy to cause incarcerated phimosis penis erection, the foreskin can not be turned over after turning over, the foreskin mouth stuck in the glans, forming incarcerated phimosis, at this time the glans will be edema due to poor blood flow, severe glans may occurNecrosis.

6, easy to affect the life of repeated foreskin inflammation, easy to cause glans and foreskin adhesion, penile erection is restricted, slender causing sexual pain, which will not only cause disharmony between husband and wife, but also cause psychogenicdisfunction.
7, easy to affect women’s health Because smegma contains a large number of bacteria, sexual intercourse can invade the woman’s vagina and cause infection.

Long-term stimulation of smegma is also one of the factors that cause cervical cancer in women.

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Men must not drag

7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month


7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month

Taking a walk after a meal every day, a slight exercise can make the whole body blood flow, speed up metabolism, and help to lose weight.

Of course, walking and losing weight also pay attention to skills.


In the early stage of walking and losing weight, you can follow your own feelings. There is no special requirement. In fact, how to feel comfortable, remember your adaptation time and approximate speed.


Now you can try to define your own walking time or distance, or gradually increase your exercise intensity.

It should be noted that this process should not be rushed, and should stop immediately if it does not appear.


From now on we need to add something to the monotonous walk, such as swinging arms.

On the basis of ordinary walking, consciously increase the amplitude of the front and rear swing arms, which is conducive to the expansion of cracks and movable shoulders, and has a good effect on regulating the respiratory system.

However, this action should be careful not to hurt the innocent.


Over time, the height of the swing is difficult to avoid fatigue and soreness. It doesn’t matter, we have other actions that cause choice.

You should know that walking is usually after dinner. In fact, we can also massage the abdomen while walking, and promote gastrointestinal digestion to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. As for clockwise or counterclockwise, it is all right.


Even if you don’t like massage, you can use the traditional method, which is to pat the body behind the body while walking, which has a good health effect for Shu Jing.


If you are busy, you can also try to walk quickly. It is also very easy to do. It is to do as fast as you can, to increase the intensity of exercise, to quickly eliminate inertia, and to change the taste occasionally.


As long as you are interested, you can also try to walk backwards.

The change of the two-way direction, the landing of the feet also starts from the toes, which helps to massage the meridians of the soles of the feet.

Of course, when you are not used to it at the beginning, you can move forward and go backwards alternately.