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20 minutes of exercise keeps you up all day

20 minutes of exercise keeps you up all day

Core tips: sharpen your spirit, build your body, make you full of energy from early morning, improve the efficiency of the day, just do a simple exercise within an hour.

  In the early morning, people who are not fully awake can easily get messy. Therefore, Mark Hessen of Men’s Fitness Magazine has developed a fast and intense exercise method without any tools. Do it 3 days a week, butKeep men clear and strong.

These actions can be completed within 20 minutes, and only need their own weight, and basically do not use fitness equipment.

If you can do it twice a week and do another sprint exercise, the effect is better.


Burpees Burpee is an emerging suggestive exercise that can be performed in the bedroom, but the effect is very amazing.

Start in a posture, squat, put your hands on the ground, and jump your feet backwards into a push-up position, do a push-up, then jump up, resume the squat position, then jump into a posture.

Do 20 to 35 times without rest.

This can be done twice a week, once before work on Monday and once after work on Friday.


50-50-20 exercise This is the most difficult exercise program, requiring 3 sets of 50 push-ups, 50 squats and 12 pull-ups without rest.

Heisen calls it “hotel” exercise, because even if you don’t have a horizontal bar in the hotel, you can use the highest level of handrails as an auxiliary exercise.


Exercise 321 This is the most difficult exercise, with 300 push-ups, 200 squats, and 100 pull-ups.

In fact, you may not be able to do it all at once, you can do a maximum of each action, then go to the next action, and do it again and again until you reach the target number of times.

If you can’t do a hundred, you can adjust the number according to your own situation. For example, if you make 100 push-ups, you can do 60 to 65 squats, and then do 30 to 35 pull-ups.


This action can be done in sprint stadiums, parks, exercise bikes, treadmills, etc. The content is simple: run at personal speed for 20 to 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds, and run 6 to 8 times.

Warm up before running and relax after running.

This exercise takes up to 20 minutes. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can run for 45 to 60 seconds with a two-minute rest.

This exercise can make the blood boil, and once a week is enough.

Office skincare keeps you away from radiation spots_1

Office skincare keeps you away from radiation spots

Facing the mirror of the dressing table, look carefully at yourself in the mirror. If you suddenly see a few spots on your body, then you need to pay attention. These are the prototypes called radiation spots.

You have to pay attention, otherwise the smooth skin is covered with spots and it’s a shame.

In fact, there are a few simple methods that can keep you away from radiation spots and keep your coat from leaving “stains.”

  The radiation spot is simply a nightmare of a woman’s skin, not because she is born, but because she faces a computer all day long. This is simply a mess of this pure white face.

  1. Put a glass of water next to the computer, and preferably a pot of green plants.

After surfing the Internet, the first task is to cleanse the skin. Wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing milk, wash away the electrostatically adsorbed dirt, and then apply mild skin care products.

Over time, it can reduce damage and moisturize.

  2. For people who use the Internet regularly, it is important to increase nutrition.

Vitamin B is very beneficial to mental workers. If you sleep late and the quality of sleep is not good, you should eat more animal livers and fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamin B substances.

In addition, meat, fish, and dairy products can also help increase memory; chocolate, wheat dough, seafood, and dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system and are the best snacks when surfing the Internet.

  3. Drinking wolfberry juice and carrot juice from time to time is very effective for keeping your eyes and skin care.

If you care about your appearance, then quickly discard those carbonated drinks and switch to carrot juice or other fresh juices.

  4. Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea and one orange every morning.

Tea is rich in provitamin A, which can be quickly converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the body.

Vitamin A not only synthesizes rhodopsin, but also makes the eyes see things more clearly in low light. Therefore, green tea not only eliminates the harm of computer radiation, but also protects and improves vision.

If you are not used to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating body functions.

  5. You should buy new computers as much as possible. Generally do not use old computers. The radiation of old computers is generally more severe. Under the same distance and similar conditions, it is generally 1-2 times that of new computers.

When using a computer, adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the lower the screen brightness, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa.

However, it should not be too dark, so as not to affect the effect due to too little brightness, and easy to cause eye fatigue.

Also pay attention to the proper distance from the screen.

The closer to the screen, the electromagnetic radiation coefficient of the human body, so it is better to be half a meter away from the screen.

  6, remember to turn off the computer when sleeping on your stomach, not just turn off the screen.

In fact, the keyboard is more radiant than the display screen. Turning the screen off can not eliminate the radiation, and we are all sleeping on our stomachs. Head directly into the keyboard close-up is in a misunderstanding. Quickly correct such bad habits!

Hatha Yoga’s new way of breathing

Hatha Yoga’s new way of breathing

Our breathing is generally random and irregular. As a result, the nervous system is gradually damaged, the endocrine system does not work properly, the body gradually loses strength and vitality, and the feeling of frequent fatigue arises.

  Reasonable adjustment of breathing is a basic factor for a healthy life.

The lungs absorb toxic oxygen to the body, which can promote the heart’s blood circulation and let the blood flow send more energy to all parts of the body, keeping our body fresh and energetic.

  Hatha Yoga is a yoga technique that combines meditation and asana reasonably.

“Ha” means the sun, which is the “yang” sexual energy of Chinese medicine; “Da” means the moon, which is the “yin” of Chinese medicine.

Hatha Yoga means that the two forces of yin and yang are combined or combined to achieve balance.

  Hatha Yoga is accompanied by deep breathing, oxygen is more absorbed into the body, energy is slowly gathered, muscle fatigue and soreness are recovered, and each posture has its unique medical effect, which is just right for the bodyProvides nourishment and lubrication, and at the same time makes the body rigid and soft, and achieves the best condition.

  Hada Yoga can control people’s emotions and maintain good blood circulation by concentrating and relaxing the nervous system. The body continuously obtains all the nutrients needed in the circulating blood, reducing the incidence of diseases such as anemia.

Spring Liver Soup

Spring Liver Soup

In health, it is considered “spring to nourish the liver”. In this solar term, it is advisable to drink the soup and nourish the liver tonic. The Chinese wolfberry asparagus is refreshing and mellow and sweet. It has the effects of nourishing the liver, kidney, and beauty.It is suitable for both men and women, especially for women.

  Materials: Lycium barbarum, 20g each asparagus, 25g white fungus, 2 eggs, rock sugar, honey each amount, lard, etc.

  Cooking: Soak and wash all medicines and ingredients.

Asparagus is soaked and chopped and dipped in honey; tear the small flower, add 1000 ml (4 bowls) of water to the tincture, stir the lard and boil it for 40 minutes, then add the rock sugar;Goji berries, asparagus, and egg whites, cook until cooked again.

For 3-4 people.

10 diseases that baby should pay attention to in summer

10 diseases that baby should pay attention to in summer

Unconsciously, summer has come to you, which are the easiest things to find your lovely baby in summer?

Based on the data provided by hospital experts and comprehensively considering the climatic characteristics of Jinan, pediatric experts in Jinan listed the following diseases that babies are susceptible to in early summer: insufficient drinking water can cause diarrhea and hot weather, and the baby sweats a lot.Digestive fluids in the body, such as saliva, gastric juice, intestinal fluid, bile, and plasma fluids, are all reduced, affecting the baby’s appetite and digestive function, and the baby is very prone to diarrhea.

Bacterial and viral infections are also common causes of diarrhea in babies. Among them, there are many “rotavirus” infections that look like pulleys.

Infection with the virus may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction in the baby, and even infectious diseases such as enteritis and dysentery.

  Symptoms: After the infection, the baby usually develops clinical symptoms mainly with acute inflammation, that is, watery diarrhea, accompanied by fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. Most of the diarrhea are white rice soup or yellow-green egg-like watery stool, and there is a bad smell.Death can result from complications such as dehydration, pneumonia, and toxic myocarditis.

Therefore, the first thing is for mothers to cutlery for the baby, food is stored separately, and dust and fly prevention equipment is required.

The second is that the baby’s food must be fresh, washed and cooked after disinfection.

Third, mothers must adhere to regular quantification when breastfeeding their babies to prevent diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal disorders.

  High temperature is particularly likely to cause heatstroke and sweating in the summer. The baby’s skin sweat glands are not fully developed, the body’s water storage is limited, and excessive sweating can easily cause dehydration shock.

Breathing is an important way for the human body to dissipate heat because the lungs are secondary radiators other than the skin. When exhaled, the hot air in the lungs can be expelled from the body (accounting for 10% of the heat).

However, if the temperature of the environment is higher than the body temperature, and hot air is absorbed, it may even increase the body temperature. Since the baby cannot effectively control his own breathing to adjust the body temperature in the summer, heat injury is likely to occur.

  Symptoms: The baby’s complexion is red first, and the baby’s skin can feel dry and hot.

Babies are irritable, some may cry, breathe and pulse faster, and then suddenly burnout, dizziness, smoking, or into a coma, the temperature can be as high as 39 ℃ or more.

Moms should effectively adjust the indoor temperature, keep the surrounding environment ventilated, and the temperature is appropriate.

  The temperature difference between the two places is large, and the nature of being wary of colds and colds is characterized by the scorching sun, and it seems that the cold is far away from the cold.

But in fact, the baby’s body temperature regulation center and skin heat dissipation, thermal insulation adjustment function are poor, indoor air-conditioning environment in summer, high temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, the baby is very easy to catch colds in summer.

  Symptoms: The baby does not sweat, thirst, urinates, loses his appetite, is pale and irritable, and can last for 1-2 months.

Therefore, mothers are required to pay attention to the control of ventilation and temperature, and often allow the baby to rest in an earlier cool place. In any case or indoors, keep clean and hygienic, dry and ventilated, and give the baby more fresh salt and cold water in time.

  Mosquito bites can cause skin diseases. Summer is also the season for mosquito activity.

Baby’s tender skin becomes the target of attack, they are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than adults.

Babies are easy to scratch the skin and cause bacterial infections, so do not underestimate these mosquitoes. After the baby’s hands and feet are bitten by mosquitoes, pigmentation will be left behind, and repeated scratches may leave like red beans.Scars, also known as “red bean ice”.

Not only does it hinder the aesthetic appearance of the skin, it will seriously turn into cellulitis.

  Symptoms: Local swelling, blisters are more likely to occur on the hands, calves and toes.

Moms should spray non-toxic pesticides or use mosquito nets on their babies before going to bed every day.

When traveling, you can bring ointment such as ten thousand oil, green oil essence and so on.

  Poison ca n’t be scratched and scratched. Poison is the consequence of cripples, which are the most common skin problems in young children in summer. They occur in the neck, chest, and back, forming large itchy rashes.

Thallium poisoning, also known as hot rash, is caused by malnutrition, poor resistance to the disease, and scratching of the rash.

If the poison is not treated in time, nephritis can often be caused. Severe will cause sepsis and be life-threatening. Therefore, it should be taken seriously by mothers.

  Symptoms: redness, swelling, heat, pain, and signs of water flow in the deformed area.

Therefore, mothers often bathe their babies, change their clothes and cut their nails frequently.

  Be alert to the occurrence of caterpillar dermatitis. It is not the bite of the caterpillar that causes the caterpillar dermatitis, but the local allergic reaction caused by the bristles of the caterpillar on the skin.

Maybe just take the baby to take a cool rest under the tree. When the caterpillars fall, the bristles are scattered on the baby. These fine thorns can wear thin clothes, so the baby may have been injured, but the mother is still unaware.

  Symptoms: Caterpillar dermatitis 12?
It began to reflect within 24 hours, and the symptoms were that many small erythematous vesicles began to appear on the part where the bristle came into contact, and it was extremely itchy.

If left untreated, itching can be as long as a week and the baby cannot bear it.

So mothers have to be extra careful when they pass under the tree in summer.

  Red eye disease easily disturbs the baby viral conjunctivitis, commonly known as red eye disease, is one of the most infectious ophthalmic diseases in babies in summer, mainly through contact.

  Symptoms: The early symptoms are elimination of pruritus in the eyes of the baby, a foreign body sensation, and a burning sensation. Then the eyes are red, swollen, painful, and there is a lot of feces.
During the epidemic, mothers should take their babies to less dense public places, such as swimming pools, public baths, parking lots, etc.
  Failure to replenish water in time can easily lead to dehydration, which is medically referred to as infant summer dehydration fever.

The disease is caused by the high temperature and dry climate in the summer, and the baby loses a lot of water through sweating.

If you do not add water in time, it will cause your baby to get fever, and sometimes the body temperature can reach 39 ° C to 42 ° C.

  Symptoms: There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage. As soon as the baby has an unexplained crying and irritability, the mother must be careful.

If this happens, mothers should promptly replenish the baby with sufficient water.

  Outdoor activities Sun protection In the summer, the increase in outdoor activities may increase the possibility of sunburn.

Some mothers are reluctant to use sunscreen for newborn babies because they don’t need it, or they worry that sunscreen lotion will harm the baby’s delicate skin. In fact, babies over six months old can start using sunscreen lotion.

  Symptoms: Your baby’s skin turns red with tingling and itching. Some babies will cry, while others will only show irritability when their skin is peeling or tingling.

Therefore, if you are outdoors for a long time, you can choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15-25 and rub it every 4-5 hours.

  Beware of trauma infection. After the mosquito bites, your baby scratches the wound. If the bacteria invade, it will easily form a wound infection.

  Symptoms: The baby’s skin becomes red, tingling and itching, some babies will cry, while some babies will have fever and other symptoms, or show irritability and so on.

Therefore, after the baby is bitten by mosquitoes, it is best to apply a special potion to the baby immediately to prevent scratching caused by itching.

Don’t mess with first aid at the scene after a hand injury

Don’t mess with first aid at the scene after a hand injury

[Introduction]In people’s daily work and life, when they suddenly encounter hand injuries or broken fingers, don’t panic and deal with them. You should save yourself and protect your injured fingers scientifically, and win opportunities for doctors to connect with broken fingers.

  Proper hemostasis and fixation When suffering from hand trauma, the first step is to stop bleeding properly.

Experts point out that in the face of bleeding and other conditions, you cannot use belts, leather tubes, electrical wires, nylon threads and other items to click on the wrist. This will not stop bleeding, but will prevent bleeding from the veins, and even cause finger necrosis.
The correct method is: for the bleeding of the palm and the back of the hand, press the outer side of the wrist joint with one hand (usually at the point where the pulse is touched), and press the other hand with the wrist joint size artery.

For bleeding fingers, the injured person’s fingers can be bent into the palm to form a clenched fist.

Thorough use of clean cotton products to compress and bandage at the bleeding site is both effective and reliable, without causing adverse consequences.

  At the same time, proper wound dressing can help the wound no longer be invaded by external bacteria.

Conditions can be used to dress the wound with a disinfecting dressing, or you can temporarily use a clean cloth such as a handkerchief, towel, etc. It should be noted that you must not apply purple lotion, hemostatic powder and other things on the wound, this will affect the doctor’s correct judgmentInjury is not conducive to further treatment.

  In addition, in the process of patient transfer, no matter whether the injured hand has obvious fractures, it should be properly removed and fixed to reduce pain and avoid aggravating tissue damage. Fixing equipment can be obtained from local materials and adapted to local conditions. Use wooden boards, bamboo chips, cardboard, etc.The fixed range should be above the wrist joint.

  Protecting broken fingers Due to the rapid development of retinal microsurgery technology, broken fingers in almost any part of the body are now possible.

Unfortunately, many people lack at least common sense and knowledge, fail to properly protect broken fingers before going to the hospital, and lose valuable replantation opportunities.

  In order to make the injured finger try not to be disabled, one is not to arbitrarily break the finger; the other is to properly save and timely transfer the broken finger.

The correct storage method is: if there is no severe pollution of the broken fingers, generally no flushing is needed, quickly stack them with a cleaning cloth, put them in a plastic bag, and then put them in a covered container.

  It should be reminded that do not allow the broken finger to directly contact the ice cube to prevent frostbite, and do not soak the broken finger with any liquid. The preservation principle should follow the 6 words of “dry, low temperature, isolation”.

And the faster the transfer time, the better, expected at 6?
Go to the hospital for replantation within 8 hours.

If refrigerated early after injury, replantation of broken fingers can be extended to 12?
24 hours.

In reality, when transporting broken fingers, many people often soak them in alcohol, sterilized water, and physiological saline, thereby destroying the structure of the broken fingers, affecting the survival rate of replantation, and leaving the injured with life-long motion anddisfunction.

  Experts of enhanced function recovery point out that the anatomy of the hand is very fine, the nerves and blood vessels are crisscrossed, small muscles are spread all over the hand, and the function of the thumb alone accounts for 50%.

With this, it is suggested that the operation is expected to gradually, and the rehabilitation of the fingers will return to normal.

There is often obvious edema after hand trauma. The main methods for reducing swelling are: raising the affected limb; contracting muscles rhythmically to promote blood circulation; giving physical therapy, massage or using a power brace to help exercise the fingers (limbs).

  At the same time, in order to prevent joint dysfunction and muscle atrophy, active and passive exercises should be performed under the guidance of a doctor, and various functional devices should be used to implant early functional exercises to intervene in tendon adhesions, skin contraction, and osteoarthritis.

Is your staple food right?


These 3 mistakes, many people are committing!

Is your staple food right?
These 3 mistakes, many people are committing!

Staple food refers to foods such as taro, rice, porridge, noodles, bread, etc., which are mainly composed of cereals. Their common feature is that they are rich in impurities and can provide a lot of energy.

About 50% of Chinese people’s daily intake of energy comes from staple foods, which is why it is called a staple food.

But this is something that you have to eat every day, but you don’t have to eat right.

Nutrition doctor Wang Xingguo found that many people made three mistakes when eating staple food.

Come to him.

The wrong one is too much food. The Chinese Dietary Guidelines 2016 recommends that adults should eat 250 per day.
400 grams (dry weight) of cereal potato food.

However, this recommended amount of staple food corresponds to the amount of exercise that takes 6,000 steps per day.

Nowadays, many people are “lazy” or have no time to exercise. The amount of exercise (energy consumption) of a day is far from 6000 steps or the same amount of exercise.

If the movement is not up to standard and you eat so much, it is easy to exceed the standard.

A better way is to decide how much staple food to eat based on your weight and amount of exercise.

Obese, overweight friends, must reduce the staple food, the minimum can be as little as 150 grams per day.

Of course, you should eat less sweets, oily foods, and control the total conversion instead.

Thin friends should increase the staple food, even add 500 grams a day, and then with the intake of high-quality protein.

Focus on it, pay attention to adjusting the amount of staple food. Of course, you can’t eat it at all. After all, more than half of the energy needed to be supplied by these carbohydrates.

Wrong two white rice white noodles, too little white rice, white taro, white noodles, white bread, white porridge, are refined grains, low nutritional value, and easy to increase significantly after eating.

This is not good for controlling diabetes, as well as high blood pressure, high blood fat, mild liver, and obesity.

Approximately, whole grains, such as whole wheat flour, coarse rice, millet, corn, oats, buckwheat, etc., as well as miscellaneous beans, such as red beans, mung beans, lentils, etc., not only have higher nutritional value, but also increase blood sugar after meals.Slower, it helps to control chronic diseases.

In the staple food every day, the proportion of coarse grains accounts for 1/3 to 1/2, which is ok.

The survey shows that the Chinese population of whole grains only accounts for 3% of the total intake of staple foods.
7%, far worse.

To highlight, if the digestion is not good, the gastrointestinal sensitivity is easily uncomfortable, then the proportion of coarse grains can be appropriately reduced.

Because the precipitated fibers in these foods usually make it less prone to digestion, the burden of diazo is added to some extent.

In addition, diabetic patients should not always drink badly porridge, otherwise the blood sugar will easily rise quickly.

The wrong three staple foods are extra fueled with sugar rice, steamed bread, noodles are light and tasteless, not good?

Therefore, the staple foods such as fritters, scallion cakes, cakes, sweet porridge, sugar packets, and bean paste have become the hearts of many people.

There are also biscuits, peach cakes, twists, etc., which have become snacks that many people like.

These high-oil and high-sugar foods have low nutritional value, high accumulation of oil, high consumption, excessive blood lipids, obesity, high blood sugar, etc. It is easy to find them.

Remember to eat less or not.

In short, when eating staple foods, remember to control the total amount, eat more coarse grains, less oil and less sugar.

Everything you have to do every day, you have to do it right.

Everyday small things are likely to be big factors that affect health.

What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?


Men must know!

What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?
Men must know!

Many male friends have phimosis.

Phimosis can cause many unfavorable symptoms, such as psychological stress and lack of energy.

Therefore, male friends should pay special attention to the phimosis foot.

In particular, patients who have already had phimosis are more likely to have proper care.

Phimosis is harmful to men, and the following is the danger of phimosis.

What is the danger of phimosis?

1, easy to cause all kinds of killing phimosis will not affect urination, but the foreskin can hide dirt, especially the foreskin can secrete a strange white secretion, called smegma.

The smegma stimulates the penis head for a long time, especially in the coronal sulcus, which may cause dermatitis and penis.

Ascending infection of bacteria in the foreskin cavity will cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and inflammation of the prostate.

2, easy to induce penile cancer smegma chronic stimulation is the cause of penile cancer.

According to the survey, among the patients with penile cancer, there are many people with phimosis.

3, easy to cause masturbation smegma and dermatitis stimulation, easy to cause masturbation behavior.

4, prone to infertility due to smegma infection caused by prostatitis, can affect the sperm motility in the semen and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

5, easy to cause incarcerated phimosis penis erection, the foreskin can not be turned over after turning over, the foreskin mouth stuck in the glans, forming incarcerated phimosis, at this time the glans will be edema due to poor blood flow, severe glans may occurNecrosis.

6, easy to affect the life of repeated foreskin inflammation, easy to cause glans and foreskin adhesion, penile erection is restricted, slender causing sexual pain, which will not only cause disharmony between husband and wife, but also cause psychogenicdisfunction.
7, easy to affect women’s health Because smegma contains a large number of bacteria, sexual intercourse can invade the woman’s vagina and cause infection.

Long-term stimulation of smegma is also one of the factors that cause cervical cancer in women.

Related recommendations for the foreskin is too long What are the characteristics of the foreskin is too long What is the special performance of the foreskin is too long There are some common symptoms of the best age of phimosis surgery is how old?

Men must not drag

7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month


7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month

Taking a walk after a meal every day, a slight exercise can make the whole body blood flow, speed up metabolism, and help to lose weight.

Of course, walking and losing weight also pay attention to skills.


In the early stage of walking and losing weight, you can follow your own feelings. There is no special requirement. In fact, how to feel comfortable, remember your adaptation time and approximate speed.


Now you can try to define your own walking time or distance, or gradually increase your exercise intensity.

It should be noted that this process should not be rushed, and should stop immediately if it does not appear.


From now on we need to add something to the monotonous walk, such as swinging arms.

On the basis of ordinary walking, consciously increase the amplitude of the front and rear swing arms, which is conducive to the expansion of cracks and movable shoulders, and has a good effect on regulating the respiratory system.

However, this action should be careful not to hurt the innocent.


Over time, the height of the swing is difficult to avoid fatigue and soreness. It doesn’t matter, we have other actions that cause choice.

You should know that walking is usually after dinner. In fact, we can also massage the abdomen while walking, and promote gastrointestinal digestion to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. As for clockwise or counterclockwise, it is all right.


Even if you don’t like massage, you can use the traditional method, which is to pat the body behind the body while walking, which has a good health effect for Shu Jing.


If you are busy, you can also try to walk quickly. It is also very easy to do. It is to do as fast as you can, to increase the intensity of exercise, to quickly eliminate inertia, and to change the taste occasionally.


As long as you are interested, you can also try to walk backwards.

The change of the two-way direction, the landing of the feet also starts from the toes, which helps to massage the meridians of the soles of the feet.

Of course, when you are not used to it at the beginning, you can move forward and go backwards alternately.