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14 anti-aging tips that 30-year-old women must know


14 anti-aging tips that 30-year-old women must know

30-year-old woman’s skin condition The rate of cell renewal begins to slow down, and fine lines appear around the eyes, which is a turning point in skin condition.

Aging coefficient: aging is beginning to appear.

Although the damage caused by sun exposure or the lack of care can not be seen on the surface of the skin, the tissue composed of collagen and elastic fibers has begun to lose its elasticity slowly, the microcirculation is no longer running at full speed, and the cell renewal is alsoAfter the accelerated cycle, the skin’s luster, moisture and elasticity begin to decrease, and the skin begins to relax.

銆€銆€Anti-aging key: anti-wrinkle is about to enter the 30-year-old woman, the key to fight wrinkles is to moisturize, choose the alternative mineral formula, help the skin to self-recover, it can make the skin absorb oxygen, in the cellReserve sufficient energy.

The cytoprotective formula containing ginkgo, ginseng, soy natural extract, plant extract such as witch hazel can accelerate blood circulation, and the cell protection formula can prevent premature appearance of wrinkles.

銆€銆€1, hydrating sunscreen is the key: choose moisture moisturizing skin care products, adhere to apply sunscreen every day.

銆€銆€2, start to tighten the skin: look for “firm skin” skin care products, each time you apply it to be synchronized, and push down from the bottom to prevent sagging skin.

銆€銆€3, to avoid large pores: If the natural pores are large, you can often do facial mask cleaning care, keep pores clean, prevent bacterial infection, and avoid pores more coarse.

銆€銆€4, the use of refreshing eye cream: eye cream is a nutritional product, nutrients, thick thickness, and 30 years old does not require too much nutrients, just need to filter moisture, you can choose a thin zheli eye cream.

銆€銆€5, eat vitamins every day: Vitamin C helps to dilute and break down the formed melanin, but also inhibit the new melanin, and accelerate the excretion of melanin from the epidermis or through the blood.

銆€銆€6, participate in aerobic exercise: appropriate exercise such as jogging, swimming can speed up the blood circulation of the skin, help cells to absorb oxygen, 3 per week?
5 times, 20 each time?
30 minutes of aerobic exercise will make your skin rosy.
銆€銆€7, sleep enough: when you are asleep, the skin’s metabolic work really begins, continuous metabolism and self-adjustment.

銆€銆€8, away from tobacco and alcohol: the age of wrinkles on the skin of smokers is more than ten years longer than non-smokers, mainly because of the contraction of nicotine on the blood vessels of the skin; drinking will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, accelerate the loss of water, indirect effectsThe normal function of the skin.

銆€銆€The 30-year-old beauty rule is the age at which you have multiple tasks. You should take care of yourself more actively.

Diet nutrition, regular exercise, and really skin care.

You can spend a little more on the cosmetics you think apply, investing in a beautiful budget that suits your hair and hair color.

銆€銆€1, develop a set of correct skin care procedures, choose the skin care products that suit you.

銆€銆€2, strengthen the awareness of sunscreen to choose a good lotion (sun protection factor of 15 or more).

銆€銆€3, regularly use a variety of facial masks, clean, provide nutrients, moisture, even water and oil balance, so that the dull skin becomes moisturized and moisturized, restore skin elasticity.

銆€銆€4, take a bath every day to ensure the skin’s epidermis moisturizing, immediately apply a body care lotion after bathing, so that the added moisture seals the skin inside.

銆€銆€5, use sunscreen every day, UVA in the sun is the culprit leading to skin aging.

銆€銆€6, the necessary cosmetics are eye cream, concealer, foundation, two red lipsticks.



Why do other people’s families just eat a little bit of something, do more exercise, or swallow a few pills, they can say goodbye to the days of being fat, and you are exhausting the method, you can’t stop the problem of getting more and more wide.You can only climb up with weight or body and endlessly, and finally give up all the actions of salvation and struggle.

銆€銆€In fact, obesity is not a difficult problem to solve, even if you are not clear enough about the rules of weight loss, so gradually reduce the fatter of the nightmare, and you can’t find the exit in the dead end of the fat, so you can correct the wrong weight loss common sense!

Let the experts’ advice and the truth of obesity, dismantle all the blind spots of weight loss, and let you walk on the slimming avenue, it can be easier and more efficient.

銆€銆€First, the weight is equal to minus?


After using a certain weight loss method for two or three days, I lost two or three kilograms!

When you are confidently immersed in the slimming dream, the excess cockroaches in the body are really gone?

Or was it just your first water?

銆€銆€The truth: 60% of the body’s weight is water, and water is actually the most easily consumed part of the weight loss process, so don’t be fooled by some alternative remedies, because it is not necessarily fast weight loss.浠h〃浣撳唴鐨勮剛鑲彉灏戜簡锛屾瀬鏈夊彲鑳戒細鍥犲鍠濆嚑鏉按鍙堣繀閫熲€樿儢鈥欏洖鏉ャ€俉ith the advancement of medical technology, weight is no longer the only criterion for excess or excess. The slight rate of body is considered to be a more accurate indicator of health today, and the slightness of the body is not directly related to the appearance of the body material.People who are thinner, not necessarily weaker than fat people, have to use the weak device to effectively detect it.

Therefore, if you want to know clearly what is your own, or want to have a clearer health, it is definitely more than one or two kilograms of weight on the weight machine.

銆€銆€Second, isn’t it a useless bad thing?

銆€銆€Not necessarily.

Aunts and aunts, too many women will smell the color, fearing the aunt’s hoarding, will cause annoying posture problems, destroy the curvaceous beauty of the body, especially in the summer when this thin and light clothing is out, it is squeezed by the tights.The layer of cellulite or fat meat makes women have to deal with minor, calorie, and refuse any carbohydrate or food containing traces.

銆€銆€Truth: Adults play a very important role in the nutritional needs of the human body. It is not only the main source of energy for the body’s metabolism, but also a substance that is necessary for the development and maintenance of activity. Therefore, it is prone to occur when the body is insufficient in a small amount.Abnormal menstrual period, or rough and dull skin.

How do you know your physical chance?

Can use the physical device to make a measurement to find out, the average female physical fitness rate, maintained at 15%?
The most standard among 24%, if your physical fitness rate is lower than 12 or higher than 32, you must be careful about the disease caused by lack of misfortune or excessive unfortunate accumulation.

銆€銆€Third, obesity is inherited?

銆€銆€Not necessarily.
Scientists at Rockefeller University in New York in 1994 announced that there are obesity genes in the mouse body. After being misidentified by some media as obesity genes, the target of obesity has pointed to the genetic DNA obesity gene, but it is reallyWhat are the obesity genes in your body?

Or is this just an excuse for your own blessing?

Truth: According to geneticists, genes do affect weight, but they are by no means the only cause of weight gain. In fact, there is still a lot of evidence that weight is a product of the environment, and most people carry more excessMeat is the result of the interaction of genes and the environment.

銆€銆€Obviously, some of the genes in the body may be enough to make you easy to get fat, but sitting still and indulging your habit of eating and drinking is the culprit to push you away from the standard weight.

Dietitian Mai Suying said that in the cause of obesity, there are definitely some parts that are not related to eating habits, such as family-faulty eating habits, excessive intake of high-fat or high-conversion foods, which naturally increases the chance of getting fat.However, if you actively change your eating habits, do not eclipse, and develop a good and fixed exercise, even if the excess gene in the body will really be awkward, it is not indispensable to maintain bodybuilding.

銆€銆€Fourth, people who will be fat, drink water will be fat?

If this is an excuse for not wanting to start a weight loss program, persuade you to find another reason!

銆€銆€Truth: A lot of water is added, and a good habit of drinking more water is formed. In fact, it will become fatter with you. It doesn’t matter if the body is too high. Maybe it will cause a short weight within an hour or two after just drinking water.Some of the rises, but it is the best tool to accelerate the body’s basic circulation rate and help to metabolize the body’s trace content, so in the process of losing weight, don’t be afraid to drink more water will lead to weight gain, only water is not enoughIt is the reason that the weight loss effect will be greatly reduced.

銆€銆€Fifth, the menstrual period is the gold scheduling of slimming?

It is often said that when menstruation comes, even foods that are madly eating chocolate or drinking cocoa do not have to worry about getting fat, because there will be a lot of blood loss during the physiological cycle, and the opportunity to lose weight is the most significant.

銆€銆€Truth: During the menstrual period, the basal metabolic rate in the body will increase a little, the body will consume more than the normal crystal transformation and slight, but it is not related to menstruation, it does not mean to eat more things, there will be no fatThe crisis, and the dietitian does not recommend too much weight loss behavior in the weakest state of the body.

銆€銆€In addition, eating high-sugar sweets, resulting in rapid rise in blood sugar, although with a stable mood, when the blood sugar drops, but the resulting gap, resulting in more difficult to stabilize the mood, and blood sugar so high and low fluctuations, alsoWill affect the balance of hormones in the body, will lead to more emotional anxiety, and exacerbate the discomfort of menstruation.

For some girls who are prone to hypoglycemia and dizziness during menstruation, it is recommended to switch to high-fiber and low-sugar whole-grain products to help promote the elimination of estrogen, or to add some vitamin B group between meals.Foods such as milk and squid can greatly reduce the uncomfortable period of menstruation.

銆€銆€Sixth, as long as you exercise, you can overtake the excessive nightmare.

銆€銆€Not necessarily.
Do you think that when you regularly go to the gym to report to exercise, can you ensure that you never get fat?

銆€銆€The truth: more exercise, although improve the body line, strengthen the body’s circulation metabolism, but many people will have a compensatory mentality after the exercise, the feeding center will also give instructions to eat, people feel that they can eat something moreI will reward myself and eat more food invisibly. This will not only save all the efforts, but even the changes that I have just consumed, I may not be able to resist the part that is added, and more and more serious.The problem of obesity.
銆€銆€Basically, if you want to use exercise as a way to reduce weight, you must use diet control to get results. Except for one and a half hours before and after exercise, don’t eat. Do not drink sugary drinks during exercise.Avoid eating high-fat or high-metabolism foods, so as not to lose more fat, so that you lose confidence in exercise weight loss.
銆€銆€Seven, if you change your vegetarian diet, you will definitely become thinner and become healthy.

Changing to high-cellulose fruits and vegetables, and absorbing more saturated fat and glucose-containing foods, does help to reduce weight, but still be careful about the amount of traces and content hidden inside vegetarian foods.

銆€銆€Truth: Dietitian Mai Suying said that in order to pay attention to the delicious taste of vegetarian food and increase the richness of vegetarian food contents, many vegetarian processed products such as fried bean skin and potato salad have entered the ranks of vegetarian foods, which is worthy of attention.The conversion and oil contained in these foods are not less than meat, and when they eat only plant-based foods, they are prone to lack of certain nutrients such as iron, vitamin D, B12, etc., leading to malnutrition and other diseases.The problem, in addition, bananas, pineapples, cantaloupe and other fruits, the sugar content is also quite high, be careful to insert into the body, it will automatically turn into a slight hoarding, so you can be thin without having to be vegetarian, you can maintain a healthybody condition.

銆€銆€Eight, the amount of low-fat or skim food must be less?

銆€銆€Not necessarily.
In general foods, the conversion of certain fruits and vegetables is relatively low, and foods that are usually low-fat or low-calorie may still contain extremely high levels.

銆€銆€Truth: In general, low-fat or skim-free foods contain less than the same amount of whole-fat food, but in order to satisfy the taste of whole-fat foods, many sugars, starches or flours are often added.Equal content or sugar flavoring, and it has a content of up to 4000 calories per gram.

Earlier, the Dongshi Foundation Food Nutrition Group conducted a sample survey of commercially available yogurt, and found that although the general micro intake, the calories produced by the contained sugar are equivalent to five and a half.The transition of the sugar cubes!

銆€銆€Nine, eating after 8 o’clock in the evening is easy to gain weight?

銆€銆€Not necessarily.
In fact, speaking in normal normal routine, eating at 8:00 in the evening, there are still 2 or 3 hours to go to bed, the body has enough time to let the food break down, and the long-term consumption effect.

銆€銆€Truth: Some clocks are actually the only important thing when you lose weight. You should see if you have enough time to consume the absorbed conversion. If you are a night cat, or need a military to work hard at night, thenEat high-fiber small things to maintain the body’s energy to maintain physical strength, in fact, no hindrance to weight loss results, but should be careful not to develop the habit of eating or watching TV, it will definitely make you unconsciously eatExcess food, if you are full, then go to sleep lazily, no doubt, you will definitely get fat.

銆€銆€Ten, diet pills are the panacea that ends obesity?

A few years ago, after the legalization of weight-loss drugs in Taiwan, the use of diet pills to slim down, instantly became a weight-loss method for men, women and children.

銆€銆€Truth: Before you are eager to try, you need to know that diet pills are not suitable for everyone. In addition to being used under the supervision of a doctor, the effect is not as good as imagined, such as the blue pill Roche.It is more suitable for people who are obese because they like to eat fried foods. If obesity is caused by poor basal metabolic rate, then nomeline and PPA are more effective, and if they are taking diet pills, if notChange the old incorrect diet content, drink less, high-oil foods, when you stop taking the medicine, the weight will be immediately restored to the original state, and the general medicine has a so-called substitution, no one can guaranteeThere must be no safety concerns. You are taking legal weight-loss drugs. When the problem occurs, there may be some protection. However, you may choose a product that is unclear when you are quick-moving, or a high-concentration diuretic ingredient.,, long-term use, it is likely to lose weight without success, but lost their own health.

20 minutes hot bathing face


20 minutes hot bathing face

To fat first face is an important sign of fat face.

Due to the low burning rate of the aunt’s aunt, the excess aunt accumulates and causes her face to become obese.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鐢变簬鑴傝偑鑳栧瀷涓哄鍚堟€ц偉鑳栵紝闇€瑕佽姳涓€娈垫椂闂存墠浼氳幏寰楃槮鑴哥殑鏁堟灉銆俆he main reason for the formation is unhealthy living habits, unbalanced nutrition or excessive incorporation of carbonated beverages.

銆€銆€We all know that high-temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight, and the same high-temperature bathing can also be thin.

You can sit in the bathtub at a water temperature of 38 掳 C every day, soak the bath for about 20 minutes, and massage the face with a face cream.

銆€銆€Specific methods: 1.

Grab the excess meat on your cheeks.

銆€銆€After applying the massage cream, pull the excess meat vertically in the part of the buttocks and extend it.

Then the position slowly moves down to the nose.

One action lasts about 5 seconds and lasts for 1 minute.


Firming face contours.

銆€銆€Put your hands on your cheeks, focusing on smoothing the skin of the nasolabial folds, and the skin is pulled apart in the lateral direction.

The palm is pushed from the inside beyond to the outer contour for about 2-3 seconds.

Repeat for 1 minute.


Too much excess meat on the cheek.

銆€銆€After applying the massage cream, gently rub the skin and the fingertips must face upwards.

Pushing up from the humeral part and performing a frictional massage.

Move one by one slowly for 1 minute.


Pat the tomb with your fingertips.

銆€銆€The last point is to slap the tomb with your fingertips.

I feel refreshed when I go to the temple.

After the massage, apply the mixed lotion lotion evenly, and the combined action is completed.

銆€銆€Auxiliary TIPS If your face is caused by excessive meat, please refuse chewing gum, sugar cane and other foods that chew your muscles, because they can only make your skin muscles stronger.

Five detox foods


Five detox foods

Health care collects five kinds of detox foods for you. It has a significant effect on moistening the lungs and relieving cough.


Honey is sweet and flat, since ancient times, it is a good nourishing and detoxifying beauty.

銆€銆€Efficacy: It has a significant effect on moistening the lungs and relieving cough, smoothing and laxative, detoxifying and nourishing beauty, and is easily absorbed by the body.

銆€銆€Suitable for symptoms: cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia are good.

Carrots can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and accelerate the elimination of mercury ions in the body.


Carrots are sweet, good, nourishing and detoxifying, and effective detoxification food for spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Combined with mercury ions in the body, it can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and accelerate the elimination of mercury ions in the body.

White radish, carrot, and radish also have the above effects.

銆€銆€Suitable symptoms: used for lead, mercury over-standard cosmetics or dietary lead, mercury caused by chloasma, butterfly spots and other skin problems.

銆€銆€After the iodine in the kelp is absorbed by the human body, it promotes the elimination of harmful substances, causing the leakage of substances and leakage.

The kelp is salty and cold, and it is an ideal detoxification food for phlegm, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, detoxification and laxative.

銆€銆€Efficacy: After the iodine in the kelp can be absorbed by the human body, it promotes the elimination of harmful substances, causing the substance and the permeate. At the same time, the kelp contains a kind of sulfuric acid micron, which can absorb the blood plasma and excrete it.

The fungus can absorb the dust and impurities in the digestive system of the human body and then excrete it.


Fungus is sweet and flat, and it is the best food for detoxification and detoxification, eliminating stomach and digesting the intestines, and stopping bleeding.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Fungus contains a kind of plant gum, which has the absorption of absorption. It can absorb the dust and impurities remaining in the human digestive system and then excrete it.

銆€銆€Suitable for symptoms: People working in military dust environment should eat more.

Cucumber acid contained in cucumber can promote human metabolism and discharge toxins.


Cucumber is sweet and flat, and it is a detoxifying food with obvious heat-clearing and detoxifying, thirst-quenching.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Cucumber acid contained in cucumber can promote human metabolism and excrete toxins. The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon. It can whiten skin, maintain elasticity and inhibit the formation of melanin.

And eating cucumber helps to resolve inflammation, but also inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into misfortune.

銆€銆€Suitable symptoms: lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system are not good, summer is prone to irritability, thirst, sore throat or phlegm.

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?


Have some clinical manifestations

Does a prostate cyst hurt a man?
Have some clinical manifestations

Prostate disease is a common disease nowadays, which is extremely harmful to men’s health. Prostate cysts are one of the common manifestations. Therefore, men who need this disease need timely treatment to prevent injury, then the prostateWhat is the damage of cysts to men?

What is the common clinical situation?

Let’s take a look at the introduction here.

The damage of prostate cysts to males, the occurrence of poor urination, prostate cysts are usually found in adults, patients with urinary obstruction or stool obstruction and other complications, and urinary obstruction often causes acute urinary retention, these suffer from the elderlyLife has a big impact.

Second, triggering other parts of the prostate cysts sometimes repeat concentrated secretions from the urethra, finger anal examination can touch the prostate has a sense of transformation, but often appears in the back, occasionally abscess into the urethra, prostate, perineum or bladder around the gap, causing connectiveOrganize inflammation.

Excessive patients will have epididymis and nephritis.

Third, induce other diseases of the prostate cyst can be complicated by infection and stones, obstructed cysts can compress the urethra and cause dysuria, common symptoms are urgency, frequent urination, urinary effort, fine urine and urinary retention.

Congenital prostate cysts are often associated with congenital diseases such as hypospadias, recessive insulin, and renal hypoplasia.

Clinical manifestations of prostate cysts The prostate cysts consist of normal acinar cells, or multiple atrial, acinar-lined columnar epithelium, some of which are low-cubic epithelium, filled with serous or serous blood fluid.

Prostatic cysts can be complicated by infections and stones. Penetrating cysts can block urine flow when they grow to the urethra or bladder neck.

Common symptoms include urgency, frequent urination, urination, fine urine, urinary retention, etc., which can cause difficulty in defecation when pressed into the rectum.

When the cyst shrinks, the rectal examination can touch the cyst in the prostate. The urethra can be seen in the posterior urethra with curved impression. Ultrasound and CT can confirm the position.

Special note: The above is an introduction to the “What is the damage of the prostate cyst to men?” I believe you also have some understanding. If you have any doubts about this disease, you can read other related articles on this site.

Drink porridge, lame, drink tea. these are the most healthy things.


Drink porridge, lame, drink tea. these are the most healthy things.

I am a big doctor, learning health with me, going up?
There are actually a lot of tips for health in life. Some simple habits can bring a lot of benefits to the body, and sometimes our health problems can be solved.

1, through the body movement – the footsteps of the toes of the health method has been widely used in ancient times.

With a long history of 800 years, the guide health regimen Ba Duan Jin, the last action is called “the back of the seven revolutions.”

The benefits of lameness are many.

[1]can raise the kidney heel and the kidney of the human body closely, and the heel is actually stimulated the acupoints of the kidney, clearing the foot and the yin, so that the body’s gas runs upwards, thus warming the kidney, invigorating the gas, improving the kidneyFeatures.

[2]Preventing varicose veins When the person is rubbing up and down, the leg muscles will be tight and loose.

When the muscles relax, the arterial blood from the heart increases; when the muscles are tightened, the blood vessels are squeezed to quickly circulate the heart, thereby promoting blood circulation.

Therefore, the tip of the toes can prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities and relieve some of the venous vessels.

[3]Improve urinary dysfunction Poor urination from the perspective of Chinese medicine, is due to the adverse effects of bladder gasification, and the outer side of the heel is the bladder cycle.

If you stick to your heels or walk on the outside of your feet, you can transport your bladder and make your urine clear.

[Methods]: Walking on the toes, or tilting the toes and walking with the heels, these two walking methods can be alternated.

The number and interval are controlled according to their own conditions, step by step, to feel comfortable and easy.

Doctor’s advice: Older people with less mobility and more severe osteoporosis patients should choose to sit or lie flat, keep parallel with the thigh, and rub the toes or hook tips repeatedly, repeat 30-50 times.

2, simple and healthy diet – porridge porridge, after floating a layer of delicate, sticky, shaped like oleofoam, Chinese medicine called “rice oil”, commonly known as porridge oil.

It has a strong nourishing effect and can be repeated with ginseng soup.

[1]Reduced cholesterol porridge contains a kind of soluble fiber called 鈥渂eta-glucan鈥? which will form a thick gelatinous substance inside, which will bring a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, thus reducing people.Appetite.

It also supplements the beneficial bacteria in the lining, helping to improve immunity and lower cholesterol.

[2]Anti-constipation, the gastrointestinal porridge is rich in a lot of water, which can effectively prevent constipation; the porridge after gelatinization is easier to digest, especially suitable for people with stomach upset or stomach diseases.

[3]Yannian longevity porridge can prolong life, whole grains and porridge, boiled into porridge, contains more nutrients and substitute fiber, for elderly, loose teeth or patients, drinking porridge can prevent minor illnesses, but also a good health care recipe.
Experts remind: Although the benefits of drinking porridge are many, but long-term consumption of porridge will increase the risk of gastric cancer, so drink porridge should be appropriate; porridge ingredients should be as rich as possible; when porridge is best with other foods, balance.

3, natural drinks – tea Chinese tea culture has a long history, profound and profound.

Drinking tea is also regarded as a way of health care by many people.

[1]beneficial cardiovascular health “American Heart Association Journal” has reported that people who drink tea for a long time naturally lose more high-density lipoprotein plasma, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 8%.

Tea leaves can release high concentrations of tea polyphenols, caffeine and tea pigments in water at 100 掳 C. These high-concentration substances can gradually remove the hardened atherosclerotic material on the arterial wall and gradually restore the normal arterial tissue.

[2]Reducing cancer diseases Tea polyphenols in tea can combine with single-cell bacteria, coagulate proteins, kill bacteria, and organic acids such as fatty acids and aromatic acids in tea have a bactericidal effect. Therefore, drinking tea is equivalent toA good medicine for treating diseases.

[3]Protecting teeth, especially oolong tea, with high fluoride content, fluoride ion and calcium of teeth can be synthesized into a kind of “fluorapatite” which is difficult to acid, which adds a protective layer to the teeth and enhances tooth defense.The ability of acid to resist dental caries.

Experts remind: The benefits of drinking tea are many, but the correct amount can play a beneficial role in health.

Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach, and the amount of tea in a cup of tea does not exceed 2 grams; different teas have different effects to choose the tea that suits you.

4, autumn health knows the end of the three days, ushered in “the autumn of many things”, the instantaneous vibration is large, the body’s immunity is reduced, we must master some health tips.

1, increase protein supplements, hot sweating sweat, the metabolism of protein in the human body is accelerated.

At this time, we can eat more soy products, dairy products, eggs, fish, shrimp, etc. These substances have high protein content, but also relatively light, not easy to get angry.

2, appropriate supplements of water and nutrients in the weather, people’s metabolism is accelerated, a lot of sweating, metabolic vitamins, inorganic salts and some trace elements are discharged through the sweat, resulting in lower body resistance.

At this time we need to add water and vitamins and minerals such as cucumbers, eggs, milk and so on.

3, proper nap due to the consumption of summer, after the fall, too many people will feel weak and weak, mentally unsatisfactory, sleepy.

A proper nap helps to restore physiology and rejuvenate.

Generally it should be no more than 30 minutes.

4, after nourishing yin and moistening, the summer begins to be excessive in the autumn, the climate is getting dry, and the lungs of the human body are relatively strong, so it is necessary to eat a little.
Should eat pears, bananas, apples, grapes, pomegranates, etc.
Everyone wants to live a long life, then start from daily health.

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Chinese traditional diet regime


Chinese traditional diet regime

Dietary Health Law The general diet and health method refers to the method of maintaining life through the rehabilitation of the diet.

Traditional diet and health care refers to the study of the nature of food under the guidance of traditional medical theories, the use of diet to achieve nutrition, maintain or promote health, and prevent diseases.

China’s original classic Chinese classics, Huang Di Nei Jing, pointed out that the human body needs to 鈥渢ake grain as a nutrient, five fruits as a help, five animals as a benefit, five dishes as a charge, and a scent to serve, to replenish the essence鈥? meaningSay how much the variety of food, the grain and meat dishes should be matched with each other, in order to achieve a balanced diet.

The traditional Chinese diet and health sciences are particularly prominent, and the views of yin and yang and the trial of dietary use are adjusted, which is unique in nutrition and health care.

銆€銆€Heaven and man correspond to the human body’s diet should be compatible with the natural environment in which they live.

For example, people living in the surrounding environment should eat some spicy food in moderation to expel cold and dampness.

In addition, the diets of different periods throughout the year should also be adapted to the climatic conditions at that time. For example, if the summer weather is hot, you should choose cold foods to cool off heat, eat staple rice, barley food, and drink more green bean soup.Eat more fruits, watermelons and other cold foods; do not eat chili, cinnamon and other spicy foods, but also limit the amount of warm meat absorption to avoid yang.

In winter, the weather should be cold. You should choose warm food to increase the temperature. For example, in red mutton, dog meat and other warm foods, add some hot products such as pepper, pepper, cinnamon, etc. to increase the warming effect.

銆€銆€Adjusting yin and yang refers to regulating the balance of yin and yang in the human body through a reasonable diet.

Traditional health studies believe that under normal circumstances, the human body should maintain the health condition of 鈥淵in Ping Yang Mi鈥?(ie, yin and yang balance), and if the body loses the balance of yin and yang, disease will occur.

People often use turtles, turtle meat, white fungus, bird’s nest, etc. to nourish yin and spleen, nourishing yin and moistening to supplement yin deficiency, commonly used mutton, dog meat, venison, shrimp, etc. to warm the kidney and strengthen the yang, and improve the essence to fill the yang, bothIt is the concrete embodiment of the diet to adjust yin and yang.

銆€銆€The trial of meals refers to the reasonable allocation of expenses according to the individual’s physical condition.

We know that human beings need a comprehensive and balanced variety of nutrients, so the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” puts forward “the meat and vegetables of the valley, and eats it.”

Under the prevention of comprehensive nutrition, the diet should be appropriately adapted according to the individual’s situation.

If you are physically fit, you should eat a lighter diet. It is not advisable to eat too much and it is difficult to digest and spicy.

Those who are weak in constitution should eat more foods that have better effect on the egg and milk, and eat less cold vegetables and fruits.

Because of yang deficiency, there are symptoms such as chills and cold limbs, Shenpi fatigue and other symptoms, should eat more mutton, dog meat, shrimp and other warm aphrodisiac food, and avoid the use of snails, crab meat and other cold products.

If you have yin and have five hearts (palm, heart and chest), you should eat more fruits, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The diet should be light, and avoid spicy heat.Warmth.

銆€銆€Traditional Dietary Health’s Classification of Foods Traditional dietetics focuses on regulating the body’s yin and yang according to the “sexual taste” of food, nourishing the internal organs and preventing diseases.

Therefore, in traditional health education, food is also divided into different types according to its “sexual taste”.

銆€銆€According to its “sex”, food can be divided into five categories: heat, warm, flat, cool and cold.

Among the foods we eat daily, most of them are flat foods, followed by warmers and those with coldest temperatures.

銆€銆€Hot food: mustard, food fish, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, etc.

銆€銆€Warm food: glutinous rice, glutinous rice, chestnuts, jujube, walnut, almond, leeks, cumin, coriander, pumpkin, ginger, onion, garlic, longan, lychee, papaya, cherry, pomegranate, ebony, toon, bergamot, squid, squid, squid, shrimp, sea cucumber, goose egg, chicken, lamb, dog meat, venison and so on.

銆€銆€Flat food: rice, corn, peanuts, soybeans, broad beans, red beans, black soybeans, peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, lotus seeds, hazelnuts, medlar, mushrooms, white fungus, black fungus, cabbage, leeks, kohlrabi, yuanCabbage, carrot, onion, plum, fig, grape, yellow croaker, squid, herring, squid, squid, squid, squid, loach, egg, milk, beef, pork, goose, turtle, clam meat, duckWait.
銆€銆€Cool food: millet, barley, wheat, buckwheat, glutinous rice, mung bean, tofu, water chestnut, mushroom, eggplant, white radish, winter melon, loofah, rapeseed, spinach, leeks, celery, oranges, oranges, apples, pears, duck eggs, etc.

銆€銆€Cold food: bitter gourd, tomato, cucumber, bracken, bamboo shoots, white, lotus root, lotus root, sugar cane, persimmon, banana, mulberry, watermelon, melon, seaweed, kelp, clam meat, snail and so on.

銆€銆€According to its “taste”, food can be divided into five categories: Xin, Gan, Acid, Bitter and Salty.

Among the five flavors, the sweetest food is the most, the salty and sour taste is the second, the spicy taste can be, and the bitterness is the least.

銆€銆€Sweet food: rice noodles, vegetables, dried fruits, chicken, duck and fish.

銆€銆€Sour food: tomatoes, hawthorn, grapes, apricots, lemons, oranges, etc.

銆€銆€Spicy food: ginger, green onions, onions, peppers, leeks, etc.

銆€銆€Savoury food: seafood, pork, dog meat, pork viscera, etc.

銆€銆€Bitter food: bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, etc.

銆€銆€The normal diet should be based on sweet food, while the other four flavors are balanced.

When the climate is cold or the wind is cold, the consumption of hot food can be increased appropriately to eliminate the cold.

When the climate is hot or has a hot sexually transmitted disease, some bitter or cold foods may be added as appropriate to reduce heat and reduce fire.

Slightly bitter taste in the diet, can be appetizing and digestion.Dietary salty foods have the effect of tonifying kidney and improving essence.

銆€銆€The so-called “return” of food means that different foods have different nourishing and therapeutic effects on the internal organs.

For example, traditional health studies believe that wheat, mung beans, red beans, watermelon, lotus seeds, longan meat, etc. belong to the heart, have the effect of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

Millet, rice, soybeans, glutinous rice, hawthorn, apple, jujube, etc. belong to the spleen, have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Tomatoes, cherries, rapeseed, toon, etc., have the effect of relieving liver and regulating qi.

White radish, carrots, celery, persimmons, ginger, green onions and other lungs are beneficial to the lungs.

Poultry and egg meat, mulberry, black sesame, medlar and so on to the kidney, have the effect of tonifying kidney and essence.

Traditional health care believes that food is divided into different types. The foods used for supplementing mainly include the following four categories: qi food: rice, millet, yellow rice, glutinous rice, barley, wheat, buckwheat, soybean, white lentils., peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, carrots, mushrooms, chicken, beef, rabbit, herring, squid, etc.

銆€銆€Blood-filled foods: carrots, longan meat, lychee meat, mulberry, blood tofu, animal liver, animal meat, sea cucumber, flat fish, etc.

銆€銆€Bu Yang food: leeks, peas, kidney beans, walnuts, lamb, dog meat, venison, animal kidneys, pigeon eggs, squid, shrimp, mussels, etc.

銆€銆€Nourishing yin food: cabbage, pear, grape, mulberry, hazelnut, black sesame, white fungus, black fungus, lily, milk, pork, turtle, turtle, squid and so on.

銆€銆€The four major feeding methods of diet and health The traditional methods of supplementing diet are mainly the method of flat supplement, clearing, warming and sufficiency. The essence is to replace different foods according to the nature of the food.
銆€銆€The flat complement method refers to the method of applying the food of a peaceful nature to make up the benefits, and is more suitable for people with physical weakness in the general population.

This method uses most cereals, beans, most vegetables and fruits and eggs and meat.

These foods are not cold or hot, the nature is calm, nourishing blood and yin and yang, and can be eaten all year round.

銆€銆€The method of replenishment refers to the method of replenishing foods with a cold or diarrhea effect, which is more suitable for people who are biased towards the actual hot body, or used in summer and autumn.

The methods used in this method are mostly cold foods such as millet, radish, melon, watermelon, pear, etc. These foods have clearing heat and laxative, promote peristalsis, enhance absorption function, seek remedy in diarrhea, and eliminate the effect of tonifying deficiency.
銆€銆€The warming method refers to the method of applying warm food to replenish. It is more suitable for people who are weak due to yang and have symptoms such as chills, cold limbs and fatigue. It should be used in winter and spring.

Mutton, dog meat, river prawn, sea shrimp, jujube, longan meat and other warm foods have the functions of warming kidney yang, warming the cold and enhancing sexual function. They are all foods that can be selected by the warming method.

銆€銆€The sufficiency method refers to the supplement of the application of the replenishing effect, and the method of replenishing the food with faster effect is more suitable for the people who need to be tonic as soon as possible, but should pay attention to the physical fitness, season, condition and other conditions to make up.

The foods often supplemented by the sacred method include lamb, dog meat, venison, animal kidneys, turtles, turtle meat, fish, yellow croaker, and squid.

銆€銆€The three taboo diet contraindications for diet and health, commonly known as 鈥渢aboo鈥? refer to the diet or unreasonable diet that is inappropriate for the body.

It is generally believed that there are three taboos in diet and health: avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits in large quantities, although they can get vitamins, but they are easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, especially for those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

銆€銆€Avoid excessive greasy consumption of oyster sauce, fatty meat, dietary food, easy to cause dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis.

銆€銆€Avoid sticky slippery eating glutinous rice, barley and other foods, easy to cause indigestion.

銆€銆€In addition, dietary contraindications should also pay attention to the following aspects: 1, different seasons of dietary taboos, according to different seasons, appropriate replacement of cold, warm, peaceful and other types of food.

If the weather is hot in summer, it is not advisable to eat chili, cinnamon and other spicy foods. It is also necessary to limit the intake of warm meat to avoid the heat of the sun. In cold winter weather, cold and cold foods should be avoided.

銆€銆€2, different constitutional dietary taboos are based on the body’s different physical fitness to choose food.

For those who are physically fit, it is not advisable to eat too much ointment (fat and fine) thick and spicy.

Those who are weak in constitution are less likely to eat cold fruits and vegetables.

Because of yang deficiency, there are symptoms such as chills and cold limbs, and Shenpi fatigue, but should avoid using cold snails such as snails and crab meat.

Yin deficiency and five upset hot, dry mouth and throat and other symptoms, diet should be based on light, and avoid spicy heat and warmth.

銆€銆€3, dietary contraindications for different diseases, according to the nature of the disease to replace food.

Such as heat disease, avoid using hot food, such as lamb, dog meat, pepper, pepper and so on.

Those suffering from sores and swollen poisons should be fasted to fish and shrimp foods.

銆€銆€Four seasons diet health method Spring diet health staple food choice of high-transition foods to ensure adequate quality protein to ensure adequate vitamins early spring period: for the winter and spring exchange, even if the cold, the human body consumption time is shortened, so it is appropriate to eat more warmfood.

The principle of diet is to choose a higher amount of staple food, and pay attention to add enough protein.

In addition to rice noodles in the diet, some beans, peanuts, dairy products, etc. can be added.

銆€銆€Early spring: When the weather changes, the temperature is suddenly hot and cold, and the change is broken. You can refer to the diet in the early spring.

When the temperature is high, it can increase the food consumption of vegetables and reduce the consumption of meat.銆€銆€Early spring: When the spring and summer exchange, the temperature is hot, so it is advisable to eat light food.

The principle of diet is to choose a light food, and pay attention to add enough vitamins, such as diet should be appropriate to increase the greens.

銆€銆€Spring diet should avoid cold and greasy products. Traditional medicine also believes that when the liver is vigorous in spring, it is not advisable to eat more sour foods, so as not to make the liver gas too strong and damage the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€The summer diet is mainly light, ensuring sufficient vitamins to ensure that the excess inorganic salt is added to the protein. Because of the hot summer sweat, the body loses more water, and the spleen and stomach have poorer digestion function. Therefore, more food is a summer diet.An important method.
Such as early, late eating porridge, soup at lunch, this can not only thirst, cool and relieve heat, but also nourish the body.

Add some lotus leaves when cooking porridge, called lotus leaf porridge, tastes fragrant, slightly bitter taste in porridge, spleen appetite, digestion heat, nourishing stomach and intestines, and thirst.

Add some mung beans or simmered soup with green beans when cooking porridge. It has the functions of eliminating heat and quenching thirst, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and producing diuretic and diuretic.

銆€銆€The nutrient consumption in summer increases, and the hot weather affects people’s appetite, so pay attention to supplementing high-quality protein such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk and beans; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes., green pepper, melon, watermelon, bayberry, melon, peach, plum, pear and other accumulated vitamins; add enough water and inorganic salts (such as sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.), especially pay attention to potassium supplements, beans or beansProducts, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, etc. are a good source of potassium; eat more hot and humid food, such as watermelon, bitter gourd, peach, ebony, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, mung bean and so on.

銆€銆€In the summer, pay special attention to drinking more water to supplement the body’s water loss caused by sweating.

Tea is the best in the summer drink, especially green tea, which has the effect of quenching thirst and clearing away heat and purging fire.

Drinking water should pay attention to 4 points: 1, daily drinking water 1500?
2000 ml, alternating from time to time, do not drink when you are thirsty.

銆€銆€2, when thirsty, it is not advisable to drink too much water to avoid stomach discomfort.

銆€銆€3, before meals and meals should not drink boiled water, so as not to dilute the gastric juice affects digestion.

銆€銆€4, do not eat cold drinks.

銆€銆€Autumn diet health diet with vegetarian diet with more cool and juicy vegetables and fruits, the right amount of protein and inorganic salts (such as sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.) in the early fall: the use of warm and dry diet health methods should be based on heat and moisture.

The method of diet and health should adhere to the diet of two porridge and one soup, namely, porridge for breakfast and dinner, and soup for lunch, but the content of porridge soup is different.

Traditional health studies believe that dryness is the most vulnerable to lung injury. When adding porridge, add some chopped pear pieces. It has the effect of thirst, nourishing yin and moistening, relieving cough and removing phlegm. It is suitable for autumn dry mouth and dry mouth.edible.
Add some lilies when cooking porridge, have the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves. It is suitable for dry cough and less phlegm in autumn, and more insomnia.

When adding porridge, add some white fungus that has been used with water. It has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the body. It is suitable for people with weak body and high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids and chronic bronchitis.

The soups are preferably tomato and egg soup, rich in protein and vitamins and beneficial for digestion and absorption.

銆€銆€Late autumn: The method of eating and cooling for the cold and dry diet should be based on cold and moisturizing.

In addition to nourishing yin and moistening, the dietary principle should increase the protein and the food with higher conversion.

Porridge is still the main method, such as pear porridge, lily porridge, white fungus porridge can be eaten, but also add some lean meat porridge, such as adding lean meat, preserved eggs, etc. to add protein consumption.

More than eating chestnut porridge, sweet-scented osmanthus porridge, longan meat porridge, jujube porridge, etc., and eat some warm fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, onion ginger, coriander, peach, apricot, jujube, lychee, ebony and so on.

銆€銆€Eat a moderate amount of food in the winter diet to increase the intake of warm foods to supplement enough vitamins and minerals.

銆€銆€Traditional health studies believe that cold is the mainstay of winter, the principle of health is warm to avoid cold, convergence of yin and yin, based on collection, is the best season to supplement in the four seasons.

Modern medicine also believes that the human body is affected by cold weather during the winter, and the secretory function of the endocrine glands such as the thyroid gland and adrenal gland is enhanced to promote the body’s resistance against cold.

In the winter, you should eat more whole grains and add enough protein, vitamins, minerals and proper amount of cockroaches.

Traditional health care believes that more foods that are warmer than warm foods, especially those that can warm the kidney and yang, should be used to enhance the body’s ability to protect the cold.

Here are a few of the methods that are suitable for winter tonic.

銆€銆€1, Angelica ginger mutton soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, seasoning amount.

Wash the mutton, cut into pieces, add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasoning, stew 1?
2 hours, eat meat and drink soup.

It has the effect of warming the blood and tonifying the cold and strengthening the body. It is suitable for people who are weak in fatigue, pale, chills and cold and other yang.

銆€銆€2, deer kidney red ginseng porridge: deer kidney (or sheep kidney) 1, red ginseng 3 grams, 100 grams of rice, seasoning instead.

Cut the deer kidney, remove the internal white ribs, cut into pieces, red ginseng as a broken powder, wash the rice, add appropriate amount of water and seasoning, cook for 1 hour.

Beneficial aphrodisiac, filling the role of fine marrow, suitable for weak and weak, waist and knees, cold, cold, deafness, tinnitus, sexual dysfunction and other kidney deficiency.

銆€銆€3, walnuts cake: walnut kernel (or walnut kernel) 50 grams, 250 grams of flour, sugar seasoning, the walnut kernels into a broken powder, mixed with flour, add water, stir well, branded as a pancake.

It has the function of tonifying the kidney and protecting the cold, and relaxing the bowel and laxative. It is suitable for people with kidney deficiency, low back pain, soft legs, chills and cold, dry stools and other lung and kidney deficiency.
銆€銆€4, ginseng lamb: 10 grams of red ginseng, 20 grams of angelica, 500 grams of mutton, seasoning.

Wash the mutton and cut into pieces, and put it into the casserole with red ginseng, angelica and seasoning. Add some water and cook with slow simmer 1?
2 hours, when the water is dry, the mutton is cooked and stopped.
Beneficial gas and blood, strong body cold resistance.

Applicable to people with weak constitution, pale face, weakness of limbs, chills and cold, and other qi and blood deficiency.

Hair dryer, slimming, thin waist, thin belly


Hair dryer, slimming, thin waist, thin belly

Can the hair dryer thin waist and thin belly?


Do not believe it is now to reveal your secret!


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍑忛噸濉戣韩鏄緢澶氫汉鍦ㄥ澶╂潵涓村墠蹇呭仛鐨勭編浣撳姛璇撅紝鐜板湪鎳掑緱杩愬姩鐨勪汉涔熷彲浠ユ湁鏈轰細鐦﹁韩!As long as you use a hair dryer to blow, you can easily and easily lose weight and thin belly. The news will make many people eager to try.

銆€銆€To lose weight, this hair dryer also comes in handy, some way suitable for people who are not fat but have a belly or squid belly, do not have to spend big money or hungry, the provincial Chiayi Hospital Chinese medicine practitioners use hair dryer hot air, 1 month downIt can lose 2 kg and the waist is 1 灏?

銆€銆€(The principle of body sculpting) The human body has five points in the vicinity of the stomach: giant clam, lieutenant, lower jaw, left and right beam door. It is a common acupuncture point for weight loss of traditional Chinese medicine.

Using a hair dryer to blow acupuncture points, the effect is equivalent to wormwood acupuncture, which can make acupuncture points fever, inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce food intake.

銆€銆€(Five big acupuncture points) How to find the five big points?

These acupuncture points are distributed in the middle of the stomach and navel, showing a cross shape. The width of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are close together (about 2 inches). First find your navel: * 2 鑲?on the navel (3 fingers wide):Acupuncture points on the lower acupoints (6 fingers wide on the navel): 2 points on the middle acupoints* (9 fingers wide on the navel): Giant acupoints * Zhongyu points to the left 2 feet (3 fingers wide): Zuoliangmen* Zhongyu point to the right 2鍚?(3 fingers wide): The middle beam of the right beam door is in the center of the five points, and the five points form a cross, each of which is 2 inches (3 fingers) wide.If you don’t know how to grab the position, you can ask the doctor for confirmation for the first time.

銆€銆€(Usage method) After finding five acupuncture points above the navel, each acupuncture point becomes a hair dryer for warm moxibustion. When blowing, do not get too close to the skin to avoid burns. A point is blown for about 10 seconds to change the hole, and five points are alternately blown.25 minutes, lasting for one month, it has the same effect as the wormwood acupuncture point. The average weight loss can be 2 kg and the waist circumference can be reduced by 1 inch.

銆€銆€(Precautions) Adults and children can do it, but be careful to take more than 40 minutes after a meal. It is not appropriate when you are too hungry or too tired. Don’t let the wind blow to the navel, avoid flatulence, abdominal pain, and be careful to avoid burns when using it.
銆€銆€(Other opinions) In response to this practice, doctors and physicians have reservations. Although these acupuncture points are heated, they can actually accelerate gastrointestinal blood flow, increase metabolism, and achieve weight loss. However, these acupoints are in the palm of the hand around the navel.It is difficult to blow the navel; in addition, the traditional acupuncture points with wormwood, wormwood heat enters the body through the needle into the acupuncture point, and the heat of the hair dryer is not concentrated on the needle, the effect is difficult to determine, it is recommended to eat lightlyMore exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight.

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Maybe this weight loss method works for you!

How to choose tonic wine – what to pay attention to when taking -_1


How to choose tonic wine?

What should I pay attention to when taking it?

Medicinal wine is used to strengthen the body, tonic, and cure the disease. It has a long history and has a long history.

The tonic in the medicinal liquor can replenish the body, strengthen the body and prolong life.

How to choose the supplements that suit your physical condition and your needs?

The method is roughly the same as the traditional Chinese medicine selected in the above article.

銆€銆€Qi deficiency: use ginseng wine, acanthopanax wine, big tonic wine, Chinese health wine and so on.

銆€銆€Blood deficiency: choose longan wine, cooked wine, mulberry wine and so on.

銆€銆€Yin Deficiency: Choose Huang Jingjiu, Yam Wine, Tianmen Winter Wine, etc.

銆€銆€Yang deficiency: choose ginseng wine, antler wine, cinnamon wine, Xianmao wine, sea dog kidney wine, three whip wine and so on.

銆€銆€Both qi and blood deficiency: choose Shiquanda tonic, Bazhen wine, Baiyi longevity wine and so on.

銆€銆€Yin and Yang two virtual: choose to raise the Yuan Ruyi wine and so on.

銆€銆€When taking medicinal liquor, it should be appropriate according to the condition, physical condition, age and alcohol consumption. It cannot be regarded as general alcohol intake.

Suffering from a cold, cough, asthma, fever, “fire” should stop taking, pregnant women, children and high blood pressure, hypertension, hepatitis, cirrhosis and alcohol allergy are hanged.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Two months witnessed a leap in squat weight

Knowing from what can distinguish whether you are a serious fitness person or an imitator?

High repetition squats.

Believe it or not, let yourself pass the 9-week training program, your savvy ability will not be the same.

  Squat training once a week.

When you decide to add a few weights to your weight, usually set the weight to a weight that is close to your calculated weight and make sure your discus is just right for this weight.

For example, if you calculate the need to increase the weight to 66kg, then you can actually adjust the discus to 65kg.

  Week 1: Three warm-up exercises are carried out and the weight is steadily increased.

But in each warm-up exercise, the number of times is only three.

Then choose a weight that you can’t raise 10 times in normal times, and carry out three sets, each set of twelve squats.

At the end of each set of exercises, stop for a few seconds after you get up for a period of deep breathing (this will help you support at the end of each set of exercises).

The gap between each set of actions is no more than 90 seconds.

  Week 2: Perform 3-5 warm-up activities.

In each set, the number of squats is no more than 3 times.

The weight given last week was then increased by 5%-10%.

Carry out 3 sets, each set of 15 exercises.

In order to be able to complete each set of exercises, take a break at the highest end of the squat and take a deep breath if necessary.

Do not put the barbell down until a set of actions is completed.

For example, if you use a weight of 65kg in the first week and 12 times in each set, you can choose a weight of 70kg in the second week.

After entering the 12th, 13th, and 14th, after getting up, stop and take some deep breath to ensure that each set of actions can be completed.

The interval between each set of exercises is no more than 90 seconds.

  Week 3: Perform 3-5 warm-up exercises. In each warm-up exercise, the number of repetitions is no more than twice.

However, it has increased by 5%-10% based on the strength you lifted last week.

Then do two sets of 20 exercises per set.

Other matters are consistent with the above two weeks.

  Week 4: Same as last warm-up, but no more than 3 times in each set.

Increase the weight by 10% on the basis of the third.

Then, three sets of 12 exercises per set were performed in the same manner as the above several weeks.

  Week 5: 4-6 fitness activities, 3 times in each set.

Increase the weight by 5% on the basis of the fourth week.

Then complete three sets of exercises for each set of fifteen times.

  Week 6: 4-6 fitness activities, the number of squats in each set is twice.

Then add 5% weight to the fifth week weight and perform two sets of 20 exercises per set.

  Week 7: Perform the same warm-up activities as the sixth week, then increase the weight of the sixth week by 5% and complete 3 sets of 12 exercises per set.

  Week 8: 4-6 sets of 3 squat warm-ups, plus 5% weight on the seventh week.

Complete 3 sets of 15 training sessions each.

  Week 9: Complete 6 sets of warm-up exercises for each set twice, then add 5% to the training weight of the eighth week and perform two sets of 20 exercises per set.

  If the reader carefully implements this fitness program, you can lift another 90kg in two months and can complete up to 20 squats.

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