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Twelve delightful massage techniques


Twelve delightful massage techniques

Don’t blindly complain or resent your lover can’t satisfy your desires. If you sit there and overcome it, it’s better to spend some wisdom and wisdom on sex and find ways to benefit him.

In order to make you no longer want to be dissatisfied, but also to make your relationship with your partner more beautiful, the following methods are worth your try.

銆€銆€If you are willing to explore each other’s senses together, then the massage will bring you into the updated body games and sex space to make the relationship more rich.

You should remember that in the days of falling in love, your exchange of caress is like a kiss.

However, once a particular relationship is established, that is, a very healthy and mutually rewarding relationship, life often lacks the feeling of romantic excitement and the lust of mutual feedback.

Yes, in our society, many couples have lost each other’s precise touches, and neglected the vast middle ground between handshake and sex, and this middle ground move can make us more intimate and more sexual.Sexuality, and the sexual massage between lovers is worth checking out in this middle ground.

Before we massage each other, let us first tell you about the secrets of the body’s senses. There are too many pleasures on our body that you have not developed or turned a blind eye to. The obvious pleasures here may be due to little exposure or caress, soVery sensitive to caress!

12 pleasure points: 鈼?A gentle massage of the breast will have great pleasure and libido.

銆€銆€鈼?The nipple responds to gentle caress and increases sexual excitement.

銆€銆€鈼?Lips and mouth are sensitive to touch and can increase sexiness.

銆€銆€鈼?Massage the lower abdomen to relax, increase sexual response and expectation.

銆€銆€鈼?Massage thigh fracture can not only relieve sexual tension, but also help sexy and smooth.

銆€銆€鈼?Touching the earlobe can quickly convey sexy stimuli and pleasure.

銆€銆€鈼?Caressing the nape of the neck can arouse a very strong sexual excitement.

銆€銆€鈼?It is very pleasant to caress under the arm and the soft upper arm.

銆€銆€鈼廡he chest is very sexy and responds to strong and powerful massage.

銆€銆€鈼?The squirrel near the sex organs is quite sexy.

銆€銆€鈼廗nee (pressurized rear) is also very sensitive to gentle massage and touch.

銆€銆€鈼?Massage stimulates the toes of the claws and triggers a systemic sexual reaction.

銆€銆€Before the massage, you can buy a cheap home massage mat or mat, or improvisely pull out a folded mattress in the middle of the floor.

If you have a sturdy table, you can also put a sponge pad or blanket on it.

Stack a pillow, blanket or towel while you massage.

You need some grease, massage oil, powder or lotion. Of course, you can also use the now popular essential oils, which will make your hands smooth and smooth during massage.

Most experts recommend using some vegetable oils such as grape seeds, sesame seeds, almonds or vegetable oils.

Confirm that they are at room temperature when used (the cold oil will paralyze the relaxed muscles).

You can choose one or more essential oils or buy blending oils. You can choose to replace the flavors that are considered passionate: fir, cinnamon, cloves, roses, orange blossoms, etc., but remind you that you must not directlyUse essential oils on the skin.

銆€銆€The first step of the massage, let your partner lie down on the prone, the arm is placed a few inches away from the body, the head and neck should be relaxed, do not twist, if you do not have a massage mat or mat, use a pillow, or a thick towel,Or a blanket to support each other’s body.

Cover your partner’s back with a towel or a thin blanket. Rub your hands for a few seconds to warm your palms.

Then, pour a few spoonfuls of oil on your hands and then prepare to start a gentle massage partner.

Breasts: It is important to remember when you massage: that is, the breast belongs to the gland, not the muscle, and never pressurize on the breast.

The method is: insert the tip of the two fingers into the middle of the bottom of the sternum, extend the fingertips, spread out with a short horizontal line, and massage smoothly, but not beyond the breast.

Massage under or around the breast can moderately stimulate your partner’s libido.

Put your hands in a cup, gently cover the side and lower part of the breast, gently stroke up and let the breasts hold in your palm.

Fingers circling around the nipple, then gently sliding over the nipple, gently stimulating the partner’s sexual excitement.

Face: Gently massage your partner’s face for a high degree of security.

Cover your ankle and chin with your hands and fingers, then massage your hands against the lower jaw bones up to the ear, and rub your fingers up and cross over his cheeks, repeating this several times.

Carefully rub your partner’s lips with your fingertips and gently and slowly massage around the lips and lips.

銆€銆€Front and front: 璺?beside your partner’s head (or stand, if you use the table), spend 1 to 2 minutes on the tip of the tip massage, you will find a series of acupuncture points you can put pressure on theHard feeling is eliminated.The method is: gently pinch his plaster, then the two fingers press the two points below his head (about 1 inch from the spine) for 5 seconds, then move down each inch along the neck, and then apply pressure.

(So after a while, if you press the right place, your partner will tell you).

Repeat these movements at the top of the vertical and front ends for a total of 6 pairs of points, ending at the top of the bone depression.

Then, press the hand directly on the front end of the companion, and slide the finger pressure along the front end to the ends.

銆€銆€Legs and chest: Move to the lower body of your partner, massage his buttocks, knead the fleshy parts of the chest, squeeze the muscles with your hands, and move your thumb and fingers to the important thick layers.

Use the two fingers to pull the gluteal muscles and the back of the thigh muscles, and then massage the folds and the lower edge of the hip bone several times.

Then there is a pair of buttocks to the toes, respectively, pinching each leg, in the part with thigh muscles, with rapid alternating (interval), 5 fingers open, a little hard way.

There is one point to be reminded: If your partner has calf varicose veins, it is very light when you massage, and do not press the varicose veins.

Next, bend one of the partner’s feet and massage the calf, use his hands to circle his toe thumb, knead to the alignment, and finally massage his whole foot and heel.

The other foot also repeats this process.

銆€銆€Arm: Massage the uppermost end of the arm in a way that flows back, from the shoulder to the wrist, keeping your thumb on the upper end and the other fingers on the arm.

Try the cross massage method and massage the max muscles of the arm.

Then pull his arm to make it contract, massage the palms and wrists, and gently pull his fingers.

Repeat the same action for the other hand.

銆€銆€Head and weight: Return your hand to your partner’s shoulder, take a few minutes to massage your partner’s correction, then massage up into your partner’s hair, let your fingers spread, massage his entire head scalp as if you are helpingHe washes his hair.

Next, with one hand on one side, put your thumb under your ear, and put your other fingers behind your head and gently pull it toward you, so you can relax your head.

Then massage your ears and alternately massage your temples, cheeks, and jaws.

銆€銆€Quick massage of the feet and hands: The feet are the most incredible sensitive belt (and the lightest), which makes it the best small massage area in front of the TV.

Here are two 10-minute procedures you can do: hand-hands hold the partner’s hand, both hands palm up and massage his palm.

Then tilt your partner’s hand over, insert it between your back and your bones, and press with your thumb.

After repeating the action, gently pull his arm out and squeeze each of his fingers like milk.

Now, massage the palm of your hand, turn his palms up, use your thumb to explore the muscle area of your partner’s palm, then put your two little fingers between his thumb and little finger and hold on to him.Fingers let their palms try to expand upwards.

Finally, massage the palm of your hand to each finger with both thumbs.

Repeat the same action on the other hand.

Feet – From the beginning of the foot, use your fingers to circle one of your partner’s feet, massage the heel, the soles of your feet and the outer edge of your feet.

Then, use your thumb to step on the hamstrings and bones to the front of the foot and do it again in a sly manner.

Hold each toe with your thumb and forefinger, squat back and forth, and gently pull outward.

Use your thumb to press under the little finger on the outer edge of his foot. When pressing, let this pressure last for a few seconds.

This will stimulate acupuncture points that relieve blood pressure.

Repeat the same action on the other foot.

銆€銆€Feel a step up: there are some massage tips to remind you: always keep in touch with your partner’s body, while moving your hands with regular beats, let your movements slowly, let each massage last for a few minutes.
The body has the ability to remember the feelings, and will expect these feelings, so repeating the same movement will be very comfortable.

In the thinner joints of the skin (such as the back), massage along, instead of rubbing hard, let your fingers stick into the contours of the bone recess, like this place.

Massage is like a journey of exploration, let your hands feel and feel the contours of your partner’s body.

How to eat keratitis is better


How to eat keratitis is better

The maintenance methods of the body are different at different times. Although the daily diet is a relatively small thing, we must also be aware of it in our daily life, especially when there is a disease such as keratitis in the body.In order to resume the restart, let’s take a look at how to make up the lower corner inflammation.

How to supplement the keratitis?

1, Coprinus comatus is rich in B vitamins and a variety of minerals.

How to eat: Wash first, soak in water for 30 minutes before cooking.

It can be boiled, mixed with pepper, mixed with porridge, and can be eaten regularly.

High cholesterol, liver disease patients do not eat.

2, squid can be used folic acid, vitamin B1, B2 and other B vitamins and a variety of minerals, high nutritional value.

How to eat: You can cook soup, stir fry or braised with mushrooms, and you can eat it regularly.

Mushrooms are also vitamin B vitamins and help improve the complication of the mouth.

Itching skin disease, lupus erythematosus, poor stomach is not eaten.

3, the impurities in the carrot mud fiber, vitamins A, B, C, E and a variety of minerals, high nutritional value.

How to eat: You can eat raw food, juice, drink with bone corn stew, stir-fry or stir-fry with lean pork liver.

Can be eaten regularly.
Deficiency of the spleen and stomach is not eaten.

4, mushrooms are expected to ingest fiber, niacin, vitamin C and calcium, beauty, potassium and selenium and other minerals to promote nutritional balance.

How to eat: You can cook with chicken or duck stew, or you can porridge with pork liver.

Can be eaten regularly.
Spleen and stomach cold and dampness, qi stagnation or skin scraping patients do not eat.

Recommended three prescriptions for keratitis 1, chrysanthemum drink: 10 grams of white chrysanthemum into the cup, add a small amount of sugar, brew with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, put it in cool.

It has the effect of improving throat dryness and throat.

2, sesame fungus soup: 10 grams of black sesame seeds fried, 3 grams of fungus foam, add water to cook, adjust the amount of white sugar to eat.

Suitable for children with dry stools.

3, carrot porridge: carrots washed and cut into small pieces into the pot, plus the previous rice and water slowly cooked and eaten.

It can prevent children’s skin and mucous membranes from drying out.

Diet is very important for the health of the body. After a better understanding of what to eat with the keratitis, I hope that my friends can adjust their diet according to their own physical conditions, and at the same time, they want to be healthy and recover.Mood.

Bad habits hurt you


Bad habits hurt you

“Automobile family” should be careful that Mr. Li is engaged in sales work, and he runs east and west every day. In order to facilitate travel, he becomes a “self-driving family.”

However, recently he found that his cervical vertebra had problems. He used to brake suddenly in high-speed driving, causing damage to the “whiplash” and causing cervical spondylosis.

銆€銆€The traffic is getting more and more developed, and the number of 鈥渟elf-driving people鈥?is increasing. This kind of cervical spine injury is increasing.

Excessive rider’s flexion injury occurs in an instant, causing the soft tissue of the cervical spine to break, such as: interspinous ligament, supraspinous ligament, ligament and joint capsule, and some cervical cervical dislocation or subluxation.

Among them, sudden braking caused “whipping” damage, motorcycle accidents, etc., especially obvious.

銆€銆€In the acute phase, patients often have obvious symptoms and are easy to diagnose, but should also correct the hidden development after the acute phase.

It is recommended to check for cervical vertebrae or joint damage by X-ray film or the like.

銆€銆€In addition, the proportion of cervical spondylosis patients who have long been engaged in low-head work or head and neck fixation in certain postures is getting higher and higher.

Among them, accounting and statistical personnel ranked first, followed by drafters, typists, surgeons, technicians, sewing workers and fitters.

銆€銆€Long-term intense work, easy to form chronic cervical strain, prone to cervical spondylosis.

If the work is over 4 hours a day, the incidence will increase exponentially with the extension of the working age.

For those who have worked for more than 20 years, almost half of the cervical vertebrae of the low-headed workers have experienced significant degeneration.

銆€銆€Castor, watch TV on the Internet, beware of cervical spondylosis Zhang Ayi has been retired for several years, and recently the neck is sore, and some even have cervical spondylosis.

Aunt Zhang is puzzled: I am neither an office clerk, and I don’t have to work at the desk every morning. How can the cervical spine have problems?

I want to think about it.

After doctors’ analysis, it turned out that Zhang Ayi’s bad living habits made cervical spondylosis have a chance.

銆€銆€Aunt Zhang has two hobbies: one is lying on the sofa at night, using the sofa armrest as a pillow, watching TV, reading newspapers, and even sleeping; second, when I have time, I will meet with the “mahjong rider” who has known each other for many years.Mahjong.

These two bad habits are important factors that have led to a significant increase in cervical spondylosis in recent years.

銆€銆€Professor Wang Yongjun analyzed that ramie has become a new factor in the formation of cervical spondylosis, especially vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis, sympathetic cervical spondylosis and ramie are particularly close.

In addition, watching computer time is too long, soaking in Internet cafes for a long time, is also the most dangerous cause of cervical spondylosis.

The long-term high pillow is equal to the nighttime yielding neck, and it is easy to cause neck ligament strain, vertebral body displacement, vertebral artery dilation, nerve root stimulation and so on.

Why do you have adenomyosis?


What is the performance of adenomyosis?

Why do you have adenomyosis?
What is the performance of adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is a special type of endometriosis. It is implanted in many women as a gynecological incurable disease, especially in patients with artificial abortion and cesarean section. The adenomyosis rate is high.More and more, more and more doctors.

So why do people get adenomyosis?

What are the general performances?

Why do you have adenomyosis?

The occurrence of adenomyosis is related to the restless endometrium. What causes these “tourists” to be displaced?

The endometrium is directly above the muscular layer, lacking a submucosal protection in the middle, resulting in the lining of the basal layer that penetrates the muscular layer.

Multiple pregnancies and childbirth, abortion, curettage, chronic endometritis can cause damage to the endometrium or uterine superficial muscle layer, and the basal layer of endometrium invades the myometrium and grows.

In addition, studies have shown that the onset of adenomyosis is related to the female and progesterone in the body, and even related to immune and genetic factors.

What is the performance of adenomyosis?

1, menstrual disorders.

50% of patients mainly showed prolonged menstruation, increased menstrual flow, and some patients may also have bleeding before and after menstruation.

This is because the volume of the uterus increases, the endometrial area of the uterus increases, and the lesions between the uterine muscle walls affect the contraction of the uterine muscle fibers.

Severe patients can cause anemia.

2, infertility.

Severe adenomyosis, especially in patients with endometriosis, is prone to infertility.

Such patients with uterine thickening and pelvic adhesions, etc., is not conducive to ovarian ovulation and complications implantation, the natural pregnancy rate is significantly reduced.

However, once pregnant, the ectopic endometrium is inhibited and atrophied, and the therapeutic effect can be achieved.

3, dysmenorrhea.

The incidence rate is 15%-30%, which is characterized by secondary progressive dysmenorrhea, which is more than one pain.

It usually begins in the week before menstruation, and it is relieved when the menstrual period ends.

Can occur before menstruation, menstruation and after menstruation.

Some dysmenorrhea is more difficult, need to rest in bed or use drugs to relieve pain, and even seriously affect life.

Pain is often aggravated by the menstrual cycle.

As the disease progresses, the amount of menstruation increases and the uterus increases. The dysmenorrhea can be transformed and the disease becomes heavier and heavier, but there are also dysmenorrhea and increased lesions.

Travel health route?


Another new tourist route in Zhongshan is coming!

let’s go!

“Travel” health route?
Another new tourist route in Zhongshan is coming!
let’s go!

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The Lancang River is still flowing, and a stream of clear streams carries eight hundred veins. Fuhua Road passes through the city and all the way to see the height of the city.

Huang’s Ancestral Hall, Chinese Medicine Culture Center, Yanzhou Academy, Zhenshentang Shijie Cultural Industry Park. Today, let us enter the Western District for a health culture tour!

Huang’s Ancestral Hall looks at Changzhou’s 鈥淛ingshi legacy鈥?Huang’s Ancestral Hall in Changzhou West Street, which was built in the Ming Dynasty and uses a beam-type wooden structure.

One of the most famous is the clamshell wall, which is decorated with two sides of the clam shell. The oldest part of the wall has been more than three hundred years old.

The back seat of Zongtang is dedicated to the ancestor portrait, and the lacquered gold is used for the stage, and there are nine drunk dragons.

This is a very famous folklore-Drunk Dragon in Cheung Chau.

Changzhou Drunken Dragon was designated as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

Yanzhou Academy’s “Hundred Years of Scholars” Yanzhou Academy is located in Yanzhou Primary School in the Western District. It is by far the best preserved school in Zhongshan.

The two ends of the academy are covered with woodcarvings, such as the “Book of Songs”, “Hundred Family Names”, “Three Character Classics” and other words, and a strong historical and cultural atmosphere is on the way.

TCM Culture Center TCM Health Culture TCM Culture Center is located in Zhongshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. It is a domestic first-class Chinese medicine culture center integrating medical and health culture experience, tourism, Chinese medicine purchase, traditional Chinese medicine and modern therapeutic equipment. The construction area is more than 2000 square meters.There are four floors. The first floor is a medical history museum that introduces the formation process of Chinese medicine. The second floor consists of local medical museum, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Memorabilia, Zhongshan Chinese Medicine Hospital Memorabilia and Chinese Medicine Herbarium. The third floor is on the fourth floor.Health center, intelligent Chinese medicine health tourism show.

The Xiangshan Medicinal Botanical Garden and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Square are also built around the pavilion.

Zhenshentang Shijie Cultural Industrial Park looking for modern Shijie Culture Zhenshitang Shijie Cultural Industrial Park is located in the Dagang area. It is a collection of greenhouses, Shijie culture exhibition area, scientific research building area and international conference center.The park displays the modern stone culture of “Ishigaki cultivation, cultural sightseeing, business communication” in Yixiu.

Jianyang Yuesheng Garden Sense Farm Life Jianyang Yuesheng Garden is located in Longchang Community, West District, every time.

66 kilometers, along the river embankment, fish ponds, farmland, pastures, village houses, etc., the countryside is beautiful and the air is fresh.

Walk along the fitness trails and watch the beautiful scenery along the way, you can experience the local life characteristics, and you can also experience the farmer’s life in the field and the sunset.

Lijiang Park recalls the story of the year of the Lijiang Park site, 11 kilometers, reasonably retaining the local outstanding plants, buildings and production tools on the original site, and using modern design techniques to deal with them, the dock, the skeleton water tower,The landmark objects on the original site, such as railroad tracks, machines, and gantry cranes, are skeletonized, recording the glory and fiery memories of the shipyard, and completely explaining the story of the venue.

It is the only park in China that has won the 鈥?009 ULI Asia Pacific Outstanding Honor Award鈥?from the International Urban Land Institute.

The bustling old rivers of the Lijiang River are full of rivers and rivers, with green trees on both sides, and more than 10 kilometers of urban rivers.

The night of the Lijiang River is beautiful. At the time of the night tour, there are more than a dozen kinds of cruise ships carrying tourists from all over the world. They are watching the thousands of lights on the banks of the river, watching the scenery of the two sides of the river, watching the modern urban landscape, and the centuries-old history.To jointly interpret the bustling old dreams of a city.

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Song Zuer obsessed with snail powder?


Wang Junkai began to pay attention to health?

Does Yang Zikai not like communication?

Song Zuer obsessed with snail powder?
Wang Junkai began to pay attention to health?
Does Yang Zikai not like communication?

Wei Baoxun, a small gossip, bought a washing machine on the Internet and found that it was not very easy to use. He communicated with the customer service for a long time, and later found out that he did not open the outlet switch.

When Liang Jiahui once filmed in the crew, there was a group acting to study his signature very seriously. When Liang Jiahui saw it, he went and studied it with him.

I was also very attentive to tell the group how to write a stroke.

After Hu Jun has a habit of entering the crew, he will start counting when he will be able to go home.

Jing Boran likes to change furniture. Once he had just seen a piece of furniture on his forefoot, he still hadn’t placed his home. The original set of furniture had already been moved to Mr. He’s home.

Song Zuer is obsessed with snail powder. She has given gifts to friends around her for a while, and she is sending snail powder, which is to let everyone feel the charm of snail powder.

Yang Zikai does not like communication. She is not used to dealing with unfamiliar people. After entering the crew, the actors will first close with the director, but she will stay quiet and watch the script.

Wang Junkai once went to the event wearing a down jacket, and was asked by reporters: Is it so cold?

Wang Junkai said quietly: All are running fast, no way, you have to pay attention to health.

Big S is very cute. Once, Wang Xiaofei specially helped Big S to have a birthday party. At that time, Big S knew that he had been 40 years old, so he was very angry. She called to the same age Fan Qiqi to prove his specific age.Fan told her that she was 42 years old. She didn’t believe in this sunny day. So she said to Fan Qiqi: Fan Fan, I hate you, why do you want to listen to me?

Liu Yuran’s dormitory is next door to Hu Xianyu. He was so tired during the military training that he insisted on going to the Hu Xianyu dormitory every day to go to the door. Occasionally, the two of them went to eat at noon.

In the cast, the stars usually have special rest chairs. Once after the filming, the geisha did not immediately rest in the chair, and even warmly gave the chair to an old group performance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Health: Jianwei Taibai Rice


Traditional Chinese Medicine Health: Jianwei Taibai Rice

Taibai rice, also known as the fake lily, is a small bulb of the lily family of the lily family.

Because it is produced in Taibai Mountain, its bulb is named after rice grains.

Born in the forest edge, fields, grasses are relatively close, distributed in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet and other regions.

銆€銆€Taibai rice was originally contained in “Shaanxi Chinese Herbal Medicine”: “Sweet and slightly bitter, cure stomach pain and bloating, vomiting and nausea, cold and cough.

“Other Chinese herbal medicine books are also selective.

“Tibetan commonly used Chinese herbal medicine” cloud: “Sexual flat, Wei Xin.

Treat chest tightness, children convulsions.

“The taste is spicy, slightly bitter, warm.

Features wide chest and good fortune, stomach and vomiting, analgesic and cough.

Indications stomach pain, bloating, chest tightness, vomiting, nausea, cough, convulsions.

Oral decoction, or powdered clothes.

銆€銆€Simple therapy is as follows: stomach pain, bloating, too white rice, 3 grams, powder, warm water or ginger water 2 times blunt.

銆€銆€Chronic gastritis is too white rice, 15 grams of licorice, cinnabarin, 30 grams of white peony, 60 grams of dandelion, a total of research, 6 grams each time, 2 times a day.

銆€銆€Vomiting nausea 6 grams of white rice, cinnabarin, 6 grams of musk, dried tangerine peel, 9 grams of Pinellia, Shuijianbi.

銆€銆€Cold cough, too white rice 6 grams, 3 grams of asarum, almonds, coltsfoot flowers 9 grams, Shuijianbi.

What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?


Men must know!

What are the hazards of phimosis not treated in time?
Men must know!

Many male friends have phimosis.

Phimosis can cause many unfavorable symptoms, such as psychological stress and lack of energy.

Therefore, male friends should pay special attention to the phimosis foot.

In particular, patients who have already had phimosis are more likely to have proper care.

Phimosis is harmful to men, and the following is the danger of phimosis.

What is the danger of phimosis?

1, easy to cause all kinds of killing phimosis will not affect urination, but the foreskin can hide dirt, especially the foreskin can secrete a strange white secretion, called smegma.

The smegma stimulates the penis head for a long time, especially in the coronal sulcus, which may cause dermatitis and penis.

Ascending infection of bacteria in the foreskin cavity will cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and inflammation of the prostate.

2, easy to induce penile cancer smegma chronic stimulation is the cause of penile cancer.

According to the survey, among the patients with penile cancer, there are many people with phimosis.

3, easy to cause masturbation smegma and dermatitis stimulation, easy to cause masturbation behavior.

4, prone to infertility due to smegma infection caused by prostatitis, can affect the sperm motility in the semen and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

5, easy to cause incarcerated phimosis penis erection, the foreskin can not be turned over after turning over, the foreskin mouth stuck in the glans, forming incarcerated phimosis, at this time the glans will be edema due to poor blood flow, severe glans may occurNecrosis.

6, easy to affect the life of repeated foreskin inflammation, easy to cause glans and foreskin adhesion, penile erection is restricted, slender causing sexual pain, which will not only cause disharmony between husband and wife, but also cause psychogenicdisfunction.
7, easy to affect women’s health Because smegma contains a large number of bacteria, sexual intercourse can invade the woman’s vagina and cause infection.

Long-term stimulation of smegma is also one of the factors that cause cervical cancer in women.

Related recommendations for the foreskin is too long What are the characteristics of the foreskin is too long What is the special performance of the foreskin is too long There are some common symptoms of the best age of phimosis surgery is how old?

Men must not drag

What foods are good for death syndrome? Patients with dysmenorrhea should eat these seven foods.


What foods are good for death syndrome? Patients with dysmenorrhea should eat these seven foods.

Everyone knows that the most direct effect of death syndrome is that men will develop infertility. However, the development of translational medicine is now more and more effective in treating death syndrome. If the patient is interspersed with some diet as a supplement during treatment.If you treat it, then the effect will be better.

What food is good for death syndrome?

To treat death syndrome, you should eat the following seven types of food.

7 kinds of foods that should be eaten for the treatment of death syndrome. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is beneficial to the production of sperm and improve the activity of sperm.

It is found mainly in egg yolks, beans, peanuts and vegetable oils.

Lysine: Lysine is an essential component of sperm formation.

The foods containing higher lysine are: squid, loach, squid, yam, tofu skin and so on.

Zinc: Trace element zinc is known as 鈥渉armony for husband and wife鈥? Men are deficient in zinc, go to sexual desire and sexual dysfunction, and the number of sperm drops by 30%?
40%, even make people lose their ability to live.

Zinc is mainly found in marine products and animal guts.

Nucleic acid: Nucleic acid is the core substance that governs life activities. It is the basis of protein synthesis and provides genetic information. It plays a key role in human life, development, reproduction, genetics and other important life activities.

Foods rich in nucleic acids include beef, animal liver and kidney, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, and nuts.

Seafood: Contains a variety of unsaturated acids that can be inserted into the body’s response to cigarettes and enhance the body’s immunity.

Livestock and poultry blood: The blood proteins in the blood of pigs, ducks, chickens, geese and other animals are decomposed by gastric juice, and can react with the smoke that invades the human body to promote the phagocytic function of macrophage lymphocytes.

Bean sprouts: expensive in “germination.”

Regardless of soy beans, mung beans, the multivitamins produced during germination can eliminate teratogenic substances in the body and promote the production of sex hormones.

These foods mentioned above, patients with death syndrome may wish to try.

Eating these foods regularly is also very helpful in preventing death.

For the treatment of death syndrome, you can take Chinese medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pills, which have the effects of bactericidal anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diuretic Tonglin, etc., and the effect on death caused by disease is obvious.

7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month


7 ways to make you walk 10 pounds per month

Taking a walk after a meal every day, a slight exercise can make the whole body blood flow, speed up metabolism, and help to lose weight.

Of course, walking and losing weight also pay attention to skills.


In the early stage of walking and losing weight, you can follow your own feelings. There is no special requirement. In fact, how to feel comfortable, remember your adaptation time and approximate speed.


Now you can try to define your own walking time or distance, or gradually increase your exercise intensity.

It should be noted that this process should not be rushed, and should stop immediately if it does not appear.


From now on we need to add something to the monotonous walk, such as swinging arms.

On the basis of ordinary walking, consciously increase the amplitude of the front and rear swing arms, which is conducive to the expansion of cracks and movable shoulders, and has a good effect on regulating the respiratory system.

However, this action should be careful not to hurt the innocent.


Over time, the height of the swing is difficult to avoid fatigue and soreness. It doesn’t matter, we have other actions that cause choice.

You should know that walking is usually after dinner. In fact, we can also massage the abdomen while walking, and promote gastrointestinal digestion to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. As for clockwise or counterclockwise, it is all right.


Even if you don’t like massage, you can use the traditional method, which is to pat the body behind the body while walking, which has a good health effect for Shu Jing.


If you are busy, you can also try to walk quickly. It is also very easy to do. It is to do as fast as you can, to increase the intensity of exercise, to quickly eliminate inertia, and to change the taste occasionally.


As long as you are interested, you can also try to walk backwards.

The change of the two-way direction, the landing of the feet also starts from the toes, which helps to massage the meridians of the soles of the feet.

Of course, when you are not used to it at the beginning, you can move forward and go backwards alternately.