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Life Tips: How to Dispel Moisture and Prevent Diseases in Rainy Days

Life Tips: How to Dispel Moisture and Prevent Diseases in Rainy Days

Moisture on rainy days brings a lot of trouble to people, and many people don’t take it seriously. They always fool around and forget about it. Over time, they pile up a lot of pain.

In fact, in daily life, as long as you pay attention, moisture will not entangle you.

Now tell everyone what should be paid attention to in daily life in rainy days?

  First, living: Avoid being exposed to the wet environment, often exposed to excessive sun exposure will cause people annoyance.

Experts remind that in order to prevent wet evils from invading the human body and causing other skin diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points in daily life: increase or decrease clothing according to weather changes.

No matter if you are blowing air conditioners or going out, don’t get too greedy and prevent getting wet and cold.

  Do not get rainy to prevent recurrence of colds, arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that “wind evil is easy to go, and wet evil is sticky and greasy is the hardest to go.” Rheumatic patients are most afraid of the cold and reflective climate, rather than the recurrence of the “old rheumatism” of rainy weather changes. It may also cause rheumatism in some healthy people.

If you wear sandals and walk in the rain, you should dry your feet when you get home and change to dry shoes.

  Improve indoor ventilation, but it is best to close the window or open a narrow slit, close the curtains before going to bed at night, cover the quilt when sleeping, and do not catch cold.

Home appliances should be used from time to time to replace the heat emitted from the appliances, dissipate water vapor, and prevent circuit damage.

  Clothes must be air-dried and prevented from washing and drying frequently to prevent skin diseases such as wheezing, papular wheezing, eczema, and contact dermatitis caused by germs caused by rainy weather.

Fabric sofas are easy to absorb moisture. To keep the sofa clean, remove dust regularly and clean it regularly.

Disinfect the mop and wash it in a ventilated room.

  2. Diseases: The mutation of the weather that is prone to tinea pedis on rainy days makes people wet and wet, which causes a variety of diseases, such as dermatology, emergency department and other patients.

Among them, the most common are various types of skin diseases, dermatovaginitis, vomiting and abdominal pain, colds and colds, etc. Among them, the skin diseases caused by wet rain are the most obvious.

  Athlete’s foot: Commonly known as Hong Kong feet, it has a lot to do with penetration of sweltering heat. In the rainy season, the feet are soaked in rain and then dry naturally in the room. The feet are easily infected by mold.

  Cellulitis: A common sequelae of athlete’s foot is cellulitis. If it is not treated in a timely and effective manner, severe cases may even be fatal, and they are prone to repeated infections. Often, they will be slightly stuffy or the feet will soak in water again.

  Foot eczema: Including sweat herpes, contact dermatitis, and other problems, there are many reasons, but the sudden stagnation of the feet in the rainy summer days will accelerate and worsen, and the patient may be exacerbated because of this.

  1. Patients with tinea pedis should try not to enter the water during the rainy season, so as not to cause bacterial infection and aggravation of tinea pedis; different patients with tinea pedis cannot use external medicine at will, and should choose different topical antifungals under the guidance of a doctor.Medicinal form.

  2. In the thunderstorm season, parents should educate their children not to play with sewage treatment. After the wet feet in rainy days, they should rinse them as soon as possible. Soak the feet with 1% saline to prevent water-derived dermatitis.

Rain penetrating shoes and sports shoes with less air permeability, underwear, shoes and socks should be replaced quickly after being wet. After cleaning, blow dry with a fan to keep them dry is the best way to prevent infection.

  3. Psychology: Be careful on rainy days. The “mouldy” rainy season is long and lingering. The hazy sky always gives people a feeling of falling down quickly, and people’s moods also follow the wind and rain.

Experts say that when the rain is low, the human body will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, and the mood will become depressed.

When the air humidity is greater than 70%, people’s mind is prone to fatigue, irritability, and anger.

Even rainy days are the season when depression, irritability, and worry are high.

  How to improve these symptoms?

In order to improve work pressure, experts recommend drinking plenty of green tea and boiling water, and appropriately arrange some different life and work methods than usual, and change the “mouldy” mood.

  1. Find something that interests you and makes you happy and relax.

  2. Go to the air where the air is fresh and the space is large to carry out exercises, such as walking, practicing Tai Chi, dancing fitness dance, etc.

  3. Participate in entertainment activities or other social activities, and communicate with others.

  4, increase sugar intake to increase blood sugar levels, increase vitality, reduce depression, except for patients with diabetes.

In addition, you can take complex vitamins B, oryzanol, etc. to regulate your mood.

  Fourth, wearing: comfortable and healthy before and after rain, linen is preferred. Investigations have shown that linen underwear can adjust the human meridian system and endocrine system, and play a calming role in the central nervous system.

Because the fibers of flax are hollow, it leads to oxygen, which makes anaerobic bacteria unable to survive and has good antibacterial properties. It is a very good health care fabric.

Flax also does not generate static electricity due to the balance of positive and negative concentrations. It has no dust absorption and the “love clean” quality is also very flattering.

So, when you fall in love with linen, you fall in love with health and comfort.

  High-quality pure linen sold on the market is more expensive.The price can also reflect the quality of linen. Cheap linen is mostly woven from linen, fiber.

Some businesses sell semi-linen and cotton linen with linen.

Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the smooth and then buy.

  V. Diet: Beware of gastrointestinal diseases. Eating dehumidifiers and heavy rain can drive away the high temperature and bring us the coolness. Many people have an appetite.

However, the rainy and rainy summer is often the season when gastrointestinal diseases are frequent. Therefore, the diet is sloppy.

  The rainy peak season is easy to cause the growth of pathogens and molds, so it is very easy to cause summer acute attacks and food poisoning, such as dysentery and diarrhea.

Do not eat unhygienic food, especially raw fruits and vegetables must be washed before eating; it is best not to eat overnight meals, if it should be heated back to the pot; if you do not eat food directly out of the refrigerator, you should wait for itEat it after the temperature has risen or heated, because too cold food will damage the yang of the stomach and cause discomfort; the diet should be light, eat less greasy food to prevent excessive heat; also choose some less greasy varieties, Such as watermelon, but pay attention to moderation.

  At the same time, you can choose some dehumidified foods, such as Coix Kernel, which is cool and light, has spleen and dampness, nourish the lungs and heat, prevent diarrhea and anti-cancer. It can be added to the rice, cooked, soup, ground into powder or washedSoak it; loofah and papaya can be removed by collaterals; purslane can be used to remove gastrointestinal dampness.

In addition, Chinese medicine teaches that “Summer must be wet”, eating bamboo leaves, lotus leaves, watermelon green clothes, etc. can relieve heat and dampness; “bitter can dry”, eat more bitter melon, bitter vegetables, lettuce, celery, dandelion, lotus seeds,Bitter foods such as lily are also a good choice.

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Teach you how not to let a cold entangle you

Teach you how not to let a cold entangle you

Recently, people in Beijing, Chaoyang and other hospitals who came to the hospital with “high fever, sore throat” as their symptoms, have recently accounted for a considerable portion of outpatient cold patients, with dozens of cases every day.

  The doctor was quoted as saying, “It is not the time when there are the most patients yet, otherwise the hospital consultation room will not fit.

“Since the temperature has dropped, the number of cold cases has increased too much each day. One obvious change is that the proportion of young and middle-aged patients has increased significantly.

  Why does the cold “find” the office family?

According to the doctor, the lowest temperature in Beijing these days has reached minus 9 months. Some elderly people and children with poor physical resistance have reduced outdoor activities and adopted warming measures, so the incidence has not changed.

  However, students and office workers still go out as usual, increasing their exposure to cold air.

In particular, most of the office buildings have a closed environment, poor natural ventilation, and a large temperature difference between the office and the outside, which can easily lead to a cold.

  If someone in the office has a cold colon, then he will inevitably sneeze and cough. Due to the lack of air circulation in the office, particles with infectious agents will float in the air and it is easy to infect other people by breathing.

  Therefore, schools, office buildings and other densely populated areas are most likely to have a “cold cold” or “local flu epidemic”.

Moreover, the first batch of the virus “Victoria B strain” in the northern region this year is most likely to cause a small-scale outbreak.

  According to reports, the more important reason for office workers susceptible to colds is that most white-collar workers usually do not pay attention to outdoor exercise, their physical resistance is poor, and their bodies are already in a sub-health state. When the temperature changes sharply, they are naturally the first to suffer.

In addition, some white-collar workers with poor physical fitness and high work pressure even catch colds several times a year.

  ”Many patients are very busy in the end and are worried about a cold that is delaying their work. Therefore, they hope to have a” special effect “method to cure the cold, but currently there is no medicine that is just good to eat.

The cold itself has a recovery process, ranging from as little as 3 to 5 days to as much as a Wednesday.

Doctor Zhang of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital suggested that white-collar workers working in the office should pay attention to rest, and it is better to keep exercising to strengthen their physique.

He believes that physical health is the best way to fight the cold.

  At the same time, you should drink boiled water and pay attention to nutritional balance.

In addition, in places with concentrated populations, such as movie theaters, discotheques, shopping malls, etc., fewer cold victims should go.

“Once you have a cold, you should treat it in a timely manner. Don’t be afraid to delay time, because a cold can cause other complications, such as pneumonia and myocarditis, which is the most troublesome.

Eating food in spring keeps your child tall

Eating food in spring keeps your child tall

Spring is the season of recovery.

At this time, children’s growth and development speed, activity is large, need more nutrients, while digestion and absorption function is enhanced, and food intake increases.

Therefore, we should take advantage of this great season to pediatrically scientifically and rationally care for children to eat more scientifically and grow healthier.

  Accurately take calcium and protein, accelerate growth and development, go through a winter, children go out less, at this time susceptible to calcium deficiency, coupled with accelerated growth and development in spring, increase the amount of calcium, you should add more calcium-rich foods to your baby, Soy products, bone soup, fish, shrimp, sesame and so on.

“Potato Milk Soup” or “Cream Mushroom Soup” is a good choice.

Tender tofu is also rich in calcium.

The small shrimp skin is a “calcium storage warehouse”. You can put the shrimp skin in the soup or the stuffing of the vegetable buns, and its calcium supplement effect will not be inferior.

  In children, growth and development accelerate in spring, and the demand for high-quality protein in organs and tissues also increases.

You can choose eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, soy products, millet, red beans, etc.

  Eat a moderate amount of snacks, and avoid spicy allergens. The brain tissue contains two unsaturated fatty acids, which are the main components of the brain. If lacking, it will greatly affect children’s intellectual development.

The brain develops faster in spring, so children should eat more unsaturated fatty foods, such as walnuts, tea oil, olive oil, sesame, rabbit meat, fresh shellfish and so on.

The fish is delicious and rich in “brain gold”, which can be steamed or stewed.

  It may be little by little. In spring, the temperature changes from cold to warm, and the sun rises, making it easy for children to “get angry.”

Therefore, avoid eating hot foods such as mutton, dog meat, and less fried chicken and ribs.

Eat spicy foods like chili, pepper, ginger, shallots, garlic, etc.

Chocolate and candied fruit are also sources of “internal heat” and are also not to be eaten.

  For some children with allergic diseases such as eczema, high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, spring is also the season when the disease occurs.

Therefore, be careful to eat seafood, shrimp, marine fish, crabs and other specific histidine foods.

  Spring is the “golden” season for children with growth and development, and it is also the season when children are most susceptible to disease.

In order to keep fit, you must keep your baby away from disease and thrive. Parents should take necessary protective measures. The most fundamental thing is to supplement their children’s nutrition and strengthen their physique.

But beloved parents need to pay attention to the lack of diet and improper nourishment, which may be counterproductive and cause the baby to have an imbalance or excess nutrition.

  How can I eat a healthy baby?

According to the characteristics of seasonal changes and children’s growth needs, nutrition experts especially recommend four types of foods, braking parents to reasonably plan their children’s spring diet, improve the baby’s body immunity, give sufficient growth supplies, and grow up quickly.


1 Calcium-supplemented food is full of vitality. Spring is the season when children grow and develop faster. Many children are born in spring.

The child’s growth is accelerated, and the body’s demand for calcium nutrition naturally increases accordingly. Parents should promptly add calcium to the baby.

According to nutrition experts from Health, children of different ages have different calcium requirements, and proper supplementation can promote normal bone growth.

Specifically, children under 1 year old need about 300-400 mg of calcium per day, 1-4 years old need about 600 mg of calcium per day, 4-7 years old need about 800 mg of calcium per day, othersChildren of all ages should consume more than 1000 mg daily.

  There are many foods that can be supplemented with calcium sources daily.

For example, dairy products such as milk, milk powder, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, soy products, soy beans, broad beans, tofu, dried tofu, etc .; seafood catfish, carp, loach, shrimp, shrimp, crab, kelp, laver,Clams, field snails, etc .; meat and poultry eggs, lamb, chicken, eggs, duck eggs, etc .; vegetables, celery, rape, carrots, sesame, coriander, black fungus, mushrooms, etc .; fruits and dried fruits such as lemon, coriander, apple, Almond, hawthorn, raisin, peanut, lotus seed, etc.

  Special reminder: Parents should let their children supplement calcium foods in a balanced manner.

Lamb and other foods are warm and should not be eaten too much.

In addition, you should control your baby’s high salt, high protein, high diet, control the absorption of sugar or sweets, soda, cola and other sodas, so as not to lose or reduce calcium, hinder calcium absorption.


2 Foods containing “unsaturated fatty acids” Because children grow faster in spring and brain development is at its peak, it is necessary to supplement “unsaturated fatty acids” in a timely manner.

Experts point out that unsaturated fatty acids are important nutritional components of the human brain and brain nerves, and making up for the lack will affect people’s memory and thinking ability, and affect the intellectual development of infants and young children.

Since the human body cannot synthesize unsaturated fatty acids on its own, it should be taken from related foods.

In fact, animal manure contains mainly saturated fatty acids, and plant manure contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids.  To get enough unsaturated fatty acids, parents can try to use vegetable oils when cooking for their babies, so eat more of the plant-faecal diet, such as walnut porridge, black sesame porridge, peanut porridge, etc., or eat some food plantsSmall foods such as peanuts, walnut kernels, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

  Special reminder: the intake of animal and plant feces should be balanced; daily use of fried foods should not be used to increase vegetable oil intake.


3-vitamin food In spring, children are prone to symptoms such as rotten mouth corners, bleeding gums, and rough skin. This is mostly due to vitamin deficiency. As a result, children’s vitamin deficiency can easily cause colds, respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.
Experts remind that vitamins are essential organic compounds in human metabolism.

If children lack plasma vitamin A, dry eye disease, dry skin, and respiratory diseases; lack of vitamin B can cause cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis; lack of vitamin D can cause calcium deficiency.

  Vitamins can be taken in a variety of foods. Vitamin A is supplemented in cod liver oil, liver and dark green, dark yellow vegetables and fruits. Vitamin B is substituted for liver, lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, soy products, cereals, carrots, and fish., Vegetables and other foods; vitamin C in green vegetables, citrus fruits, vitamin D in cod liver oil, insulin, egg yolk and milk content; vitamin E in wheat, rice germ oil, eggs, liver, meatMedium impurities.

  Special reminders: Parents are better informed by their doctors that their children should supplement vitamins; eating too fine can easily lead to vitamin deficiencies in babies, so they should usually eat refined foods and coarse grains; and when cooking vegetables, they should not take long to reduce vitamin loss.


4 “Homologous food” food warms up in the spring, various germs and viruses are extremely active, and the disease easily affects young children.

Parents can replace some “medicine and food homogeneous” foods for their children to improve the baby’s body immunity and disease resistance.

Experts said that some foods are Chinese medicine, and the boundaries between medicine and food are not very clear. Therefore, they can understand the use of diet and prevent diseases, which can greatly replace children’s health.

  Foods with the same source of medicine and food include: red dates, longan meat, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, wolfberry, yam, rice kernels, walnut meat, longan meat, hawthorn, black plum, almond, orange, previous rice, red bean, cinnamon, Amomum villosum, pumpkin seeds, honey, etc. These foods are not only rich in a variety of nutrients, but also sweet and flat. Although the effect is not as prominent and rapid as traditional Chinese medicine, it is a small substitute for children.

  Special reminder: there are differences in children’s physiques, and there are points of deficiency, cold and heat. Parents are advised to consult the relevant Chinese medicine pediatrician first, understand the child’s physique, and eat symptomatically.

Educational rules for sensitive early childhood education

Educational rules for sensitive early childhood education

From the pregnancy in October to the fall of the ground to the dental language, every step of the baby’s growth can not be separated from the parents’ careful care and loving irrigation.

But for a baby to grow up healthy, in addition to having sufficient love, patience and care, and sufficient scientific parenting knowledge and skills, parenting has become a very difficult task and challenge for young parents.

  Research on early education experts in intellectual development has confirmed that children’s intelligence level is closely related to the development of five major areas: large sports, fine movements, social interaction, language and social adaptability.

Before the age of 3 is the golden period for the development of various functions of the body. The baby has a rapid development period in terms of language, movement and behavior habits, also known as the sensitive period. The current fashion early education is mainly aimed at this period.

  In early education, parents are most concerned about the child’s intellectual development. From the perspective of teaching experts, children’s intelligence is not simply a matter of intelligence, but a comprehensive question.

Studies have confirmed that children’s intelligence level is closely related to the development of five major areas: large sports, fine movements, social interaction, language and social adaptability.

  Physical development In the early stages of a child’s development, exercise is one of the most important alternatives in the above five areas, including large movements and fine movements.

Large movement is the response of the main body movement and posture, and is also the basis of human activity. If the large movement is well developed, it can also promote brain development.

Fine motion mainly refers to the movement of the hand, including the ability to grasp and manipulate objects. If the function of the hand is to develop, it needs the cooperation of the eyes, which is called eye-hand coordination.

The hand is an outpost of wisdom. As the saying goes, the dexterity of the mind means that the skill development of the hand is closely related to the intelligence level.

  Language development Language can promote the rapid development of children’s psychological activities.

Children talk to each other, listen to music, listen to songs, tell stories, tell songs, etc. all rely on language activities.

Adaptive ability refers to the ability to analyze and synthesize stimuli. It is inseparable from the development of vision, hearing, language, and hand function, so it is placed in response to physical energy.

  Social adaptability Social behavior reflects the child’s ability to enter social groups, interact with others and self-care.

At this time, the parent can ask the child to help, and when dealing with the conflict with the child, he can appropriately “stand by” and let him learn to handle the conflict with others.

  In addition, parents can refer to the relevant norms on whether the child’s intelligence is developing normally, but Mr. Han suggested that there is no need to fully seat. Each child has a certain developmental difference. Some people are behind the movement of other children, and parents should not worry about excessiveness.

If the child’s performance is 2-3 months later than the age of the child, parents should pay more attention to see if the child has any disease or other problems.

Don’t be overly performant when entering the workplace

Don’t be overly performant when entering the workplace

Xia Qing joined a medium-sized company just after graduation, with professional counterparts and low income.

She is full of ambitions and wants to achieve some results. Not only is she enthusiastic about the tasks assigned by her boss, she works overtime, but she also includes all the trivial tasks of “cleaning, organizing newspapers, and getting water.”

However, her approach was not understood by colleagues. Old employees said that she was too “high-profile” and wanted to show herself and be in the limelight. The newcomer felt that she wanted to give herself a reward and climb up. Even the leaders sometimes thought thatShe is personal heroic and does not pay attention to collective cooperation with everyone.

  Those who have just entered the workplace are often hit by these criticisms and often lose their enthusiasm and motivation for work.

So, should a new unit be active, and how to grasp this scale?

In fact, entering the workplace with a positive enthusiasm for work is a valuable spirit and a necessary condition for a successful career.

But this positive also needs a degree.

  The aim is that if you are too aggressive, even if you do everything for yourself, it will make your body too tired.

The pressure of modern society is already great. Over time, you will find yourself overwhelmed.

  At the same time, entering the workplace for the first time is like entering into any unfamiliar environment. You must first observe calmly, understand the company’s corporate culture, and then respond accordingly.

You must know that if you don’t have enough good emotional intelligence to cooperate with the surrounding environment, it is not enough to simply have a strong ability.

Especially in places where interpersonal relationships are more complicated, if they are too aggressive, they may make colleagues realize that they have been ignored or even threatened.

  Therefore, when you first enter the workplace, although you should not give up the enthusiasm and enthusiasm in your heart, on the surface, you must be more calm and restrained.

For example, ask for more advice before you do things, and ask your colleagues and leaders for advice. When you get results, give more credit to more people.

Only by mastering these can we better pass the running-in period with the workplace.

How to interpret fairy tales for children?

How to interpret fairy tales for children?

Over the years, beautiful and warm fairy tales have been added to their interpretation by parents around the world, becoming a conceptual illustration and an important way to educate children.

The fairy tale brought the children a happy childhood and the feeling of growth and happiness, making them cry for the little girl who sold matches, rejoicing for the lucky of Cinderella, and occupying the long nose of Picasso.

  However, when our society is increasingly showing signs of “utilitarianism”, “complexity” and “kitsch”, in this age that increasingly deviates from nature, transcends the spirit of fairy tales, is discarded by material desires, and is bewildered by contemporary miscellaneous information.For modern children in the multimedia world, can fairy tales still move their hearts?

As modern parents, how should we interpret beautiful fairy tales for our children?

  Why Kang Kang ‘s nose is not as long as a 4-year-old nephew one day suddenly asked me a strange question: “Auntie, Kang Kang (nephew’s partner) hasn’t got a long nose yet?

I said, “Why should Kangkang have a long nose?”

“Little grandma said:” Because he is a child who loves to lie.

It turned out that in order to educate the child to be an honest person, the sister once told the story of the puppet Pizano to the nephew. The innocent nephew had a long nose because of lying to Pizano and believed that it was true to his companion Kangkang.I often lied without a long nose and was puzzled, so I asked myself: “Kangkang lies but doesn’t have a long nose. Isn’t mother lying to lie?

Will the lying child be eaten by the wolf?

“Educating children’s honest fairy tales has been questioned by children, and even regarded as a lie, which cannot be said to be awkward.

  Interpretation: Long noses and being eaten by wolves are not the inevitable result of lying. Just as tripping to the ground may not necessarily break the head, the lying child will be punished differently.

For example, some children lose the trust of their parents because of lying, some will lose their best friends, and some will be blamed by the teacher . Honesty is a virtue of living, and lying children will not be loved by anyone.

Therefore, children, even if lying won’t make your nose long, and it won’t really make you eaten by the wolf, but you still have to distinguish right from wrong and be an honest good boy.

  The wolf grandmother Dan Dan on the road is usually at home or with relatives and acquaintances, she can speak, love to sing and jump, but when she is in a strange environment, Dan Dan is like a frightened bunny, even in kindergarten, teachers, classmatesAsk her, she will also be red-eared and talk babbling.

  It turned out that this was all caused by “Grandma Wolf”.

When Dandan was two or three years old, for the safety of her daughter, Dandan’s mother once told Dandan the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and told Dandan: “Don’t go with strangers, they are all big wolf, they will lie to youAnd eat it.

“Dan Dan was afraid of strangers and caused psychological obstacles. Until now, unless Dan Dan’s mother explained it, she could not remove the shadow that left Dan Dan’s heart as a child.

  Interpretation: Talk to strangers, learn to protect yourself and pay attention to safety when contacting.

However, all friends have gradually developed into friends from strangers to acquaintances to acquaintances.

Therefore, children, “strangers” are not synonymous with “danger and conspiracy”. We don’t have to lock our hearts, and confine ourselves in the small circle of family and acquaintances, making life boring.

If you blindly defend and avoid the strange world, the world will become more strange.

  Kong Rong could not let Pear weekend, little nephew, little grandmother gather together, play games, grab candy, and be very busy.

Suddenly, 4-year-old Beibei sued. He said that 6-year-old Xinxin was not good and did not learn Kong Rong to let the pear, and snatched the big apple.

Xinxin justified himself: “I also want to eat big, why should I let him?

9-year-old Doudou has another high point: “Do you know why Kong Rong made pears?”

Because that big pear has bugs, it’s not delicious.

This is what I saw from a book.

What Kong Rong makes pears are all used by parents to lie to children.

“Interpretation: Kong Rong’s pear is a traditional virtue that we have always advocated. The basic sign of good ideological behavior is to know how to be modest, which is the embodiment of civilization.

Therefore, children, sometimes, you should learn from Kong Rong to give up the “pear”. For example, you should make way for the old, the weak, and the disabled when taking a bus.

At some point, you have to learn to pick the best “pear”.

Because casual courtesy will cause some people to sit back and enjoy themselves and not to be aggressive.

Just being polite will make you lose your good time.

The potential of life for everyone is fair, and you must continue to work hard to treat yourself fairly.

11 ways to resolve psychological stress in white-collar workers

11 ways to resolve psychological stress in white-collar workers

1 Use words and imagination to relax.

  Through imagination, I train my mind to “walk around”, such as “I sit on the green grass under the blue sky and white clouds”, “I soak in a bathtub comfortably and listen to beautiful light music”, relax, rest, and recover in a short timeEnergetic, let yourself get a spiritual rest, you will feel serene, peaceful and peaceful.

  2 solutions.

  Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write them down, you will find it amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

  3 Cry when you want to cry.

  Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have tested blood pressure of some adults, and then divided them into two groups according to normal blood pressure and high blood pressure, and asked whether they have cried. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, and those with high blood pressureMost patients answered that they never shed tears.

From this point of view, letting human emotions express is more beneficial than burying them deeply.

  4 Reading a solution to worry.

  As the world of the book travels, all sorrow and sadness will be put to the mind, and the clouds will disappear.

Reading can make a person gradually open-minded, open-minded, and not afraid of stress.

  5 Embrace the big tree.

  In some parks in Australia, too many people are seen embracing big trees every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

The opposite adrenaline, the suppressor hormone, disappeared.

  6 exercise to breathe.

  An emerging industry has emerged in France: the Sports Ventilation Centre.

Experts from the center instructed how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression degassing exercises.”

In these sports centers, sponges are spread on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  7 Watch horror movies.

  Experts in the UK have suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for the work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So with relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie 8 sniffing sesame oil.

  In Europe and Japan, an aromatherapy is popular.

In particular, some girls are drunk with these sesame oils extracted from fragrant grass or other plants.

It turns out that sesame oil can stimulate or lay down nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerve, which is very effective in relieving nervous tension and psychological pressure.

  9 Eat snacks.

  The purpose of snacking is not just to satisfy the drought needs of the stomach, but to relieve tension and eliminate internal conflicts.

  10 Put on your favorite old clothes.

  Put on a pair of old trousers that you usually love, and put on a loose shirt, and your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because of the volume of clothes worn for a long time, people recall certain feelings of certain time and space, and are deeply immersed in nostalgia for the past dream-like life nostalgia, and human emotions also rise.

  11 Pets benefit brain.

  A psychological test shows that when a nervous person watches a self-supporting goldfish or tropical fish gracefully dancing in a fish tank, they often unconsciously enter the state of “spoiled and forgotten”, and the stress in their heart is also highFor relief.

  Suggested Reading: 10 Ways to Eliminate Inferiority and Increase Confidence

Using a positive tone can eliminate inferiority.


The trick to overcoming inferiority is to replace “me” with “us”.  3.

The sorrow lies in the death of the heart.


When in depression, you may use rude words to consciously use boldness.


If you use the vulgar title, the consciousness of doubt will disappear immediately.


If you don’t know if you can succeed, preach your goals in front of others.


When you are stage frightened, you might as well tell the truth, that is, you can calm down.


When not going well, you can “talk to yourself.”


When unhappy, try to write down the reason.


Express deep concern and interest in the lives and work of others.

Autumn skin often dehydration moisturizing mask hydrating anti-peeling_1

Autumn skin often dehydrates moisturizing mask to hydrate and prevent peeling

Guide: In a blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and the summer beauty method can no longer meet the needs of autumn skin care.

Autumn temperature is relatively cool, but it is very dry. The biggest challenge for the skin is to “dry” and soothe skin thirst. Moisturizing and hydrating work is indispensable.

In addition to drinking more water to replenish your body’s moisture, remember to give your skin a care, and the moisturizing facial mask in autumn will defend the supple skin.

The following introduces the beauty method of moisturizing mask.

  Symptoms of dry skin caused by dehydration Dry skin refers to the lack of moisture in the skin that makes people feel uncomfortable.

Its symptoms are mainly skin tightening, dryness and peeling in some parts, and itching all over the body after bathing.

Increasing age, climate change, insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, excessive bath water, and strong alkaline detergents are all important causes of dry skin.

Preventive measures are to strengthen the daily care of the skin, rationally adjust the diet structure, insist on drinking more water, etc., and eat more fruits.

Beauty care can be based on moisturizing and hydrating care.

  How to relieve dry skin in autumn?

Moisturizing mask is the best!

  Moisturizing coup 1: drink enough water, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, in addition to drinking water, do not forget to eat more fruit.

  Moisturizing coup 2: Don’t wash your face with too much water. After washing your face, you must use a lotion to replenish moisture.

  Moisturizing coup 3: Choose a moisturizing care product with high moisturizing effect. Moisturizing and hydrating mask will instantly rehydrate your skin.

  As a moisturizing essence film that instantly replenishes skin, it actually contains dense moisturizing essence ingredients.

So why do we apply a mask, and why can it replenish skin moisture?

  The moisturizing and hydrating mask contains moisturizing essence. The masking paper blocks the skin from the outside air, so that the moisturizing essence in the mask slowly penetrates into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, and also prevents the rapid loss of moisture inside the skin membrane, so thatThe cells in the layer “drink enough” in a humid environment, so that the collagen of the deep cells absorbs moisture, so that the skin will soften and increase elasticity.

In fact, the mask like “covered the quilt” on the skin surface will warm up, and the capillaries will slowly expand, thus accelerating the microcirculation of blood in the deep layer of the skin, increasing the vitality of cells in all layers of the epidermis, and eliminating tiredness.

  So after 15 minutes of moisturizing and hydrating mask, your skin looks full of water and the reason for its vitality is here.

Want to say goodbye to dry and rough skin, autumn moisturizing care, hydrating mask is indispensable.

Message from the editor: The weather is cool and dry in autumn, everyone remembers to drink plenty of water, and at the same time do a good job of moisturizing the mask.

As far as possible, choose a variety with a high shrinkage.

Spring Liver Soup

Spring Liver Soup

In health, it is considered “spring to nourish the liver”. In this solar term, it is advisable to drink the soup and nourish the liver tonic. The Chinese wolfberry asparagus is refreshing and mellow and sweet. It has the effects of nourishing the liver, kidney, and beauty.It is suitable for both men and women, especially for women.

  Materials: Lycium barbarum, 20g each asparagus, 25g white fungus, 2 eggs, rock sugar, honey each amount, lard, etc.

  Cooking: Soak and wash all medicines and ingredients.

Asparagus is soaked and chopped and dipped in honey; tear the small flower, add 1000 ml (4 bowls) of water to the tincture, stir the lard and boil it for 40 minutes, then add the rock sugar;Goji berries, asparagus, and egg whites, cook until cooked again.

For 3-4 people.

Debunking winter skin care can easily enter the restricted area


Debunking winter skin care can easily enter the restricted area

Skin care should not be lax at all times, especially the dry winter that is immediately ushered in.

Many skin care methods have been circulating around the world, but what are these skin care methods that are effective, and in the end some of them are nothing?

In today’s information-rich world, we can see a lot of information about skin care everywhere, but ladies who love beauty must be careful to discern the authenticity of these skin care information, and choose skin care methods and products carefully, so that the skin will not suffer!

Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to expose these lies of skin care methods, let you make winter skin care plainly!

  Lie one: the truth of sunscreen can be set aside in winter: the warmth of the sun in winter seems to be less hateful than that of summer, but we must know that spring and winter are the seasons with the least ozone layer, and various harmful rays are damaging the human body more and more.It’s so direct and powerful. As the so-called Dongyang is fierce than a tiger, when you warmly under the winter sun, in fact, your skin is being harmed by ultraviolet rays!

Therefore, sunscreen should be applied at any time. Of course, since the sun is far away from us in winter and the sun is not as intense as in summer, you can also choose a sunscreen with a lower sun protection index to reduce the burden on the skin or replace the sunscreen.Ingredients for skin care products such as sunscreen foundations and creams.

  Lie two: apply thick cream to moisturize the truth: instead of thicker cream, the more it can lock the moisture, on the contrary, thick cream may contain excessive lipid components, which will increase the burden on the skin and accelerate the cellDecline and make your skin drier.

When choosing a cream, you must choose a clear and moisturizing skin, which can be absorbed by the skin, so as to truly make the skin healthy and moisturized and resist the erosion of the cold wind.

  Lie three: Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing in winter: Some people think that oily skin only needs to control oil and not need moisturizing.

It feels more greasy when applying lotion.

In fact, exacerbating the oil may be a sign that your skin is dehydrating. Generally speaking, as soon as winter comes, any skin should pay attention to moisturizing to prevent the skin from being damaged by dryness. Of course, oily skin is choosing a moisturizing product.You can choose more refreshing and use different products according to the situation of each part of the skin.

  Myth 4: Exfoliating will exacerbate the dry skin truth: This concept is obviously wrong. Some people think that thinning the skin after exfoliating may accelerate the development of dryness.

However, we must know that what we exfoliate actually removes some old waste materials, so that the skin can be reborn and increase its ability to protect itself. This is particularly important in winter because our metabolism will slow down in winter and the metabolism of the stratum corneum will alsoIt will be relatively slow, so keratin is easy to accumulate.

However, exfoliation does not disperse excessively, and it is generally recommended to perform a thorough interwoven cleansing once a week or two, so that the dirt can be eliminated without harming the skin.

  Myth 5: Find the truth about lip balm when your lips are dry: In winter, the lip is the easiest place to dry. At this time, most girls will use lip balm instead.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but when choosing a lip balm, you must first choose the correct and effective, and try to use pure natural ingredients without pigments and fragrances.

In addition, lip balm is easy to reduce. If it is really dry, it does not prevent the use of lip balm to make the lip mask faster and more effective. At the same time, in the winter, you must drink plenty of water and eat more fruits. Preventing dryness from the inside of the body is the cure.

  Myth 6: Of course the truth is that you need to take a hot bath in winter: Taking a hot bath in cold winter is really cozy, but comfortable and comfortable, hot water with too high temperature will cause blood vessels to expand, and the entire epidermal layerThe loss of moisture makes the skin extremely dry.

In fact, it is best to control the water temperature in the bath for about 37 to 38 months, which is close to the human body temperature is the best.

Of course, the bath time should not be too long. It should be controlled within 20 minutes as much as possible. After bathing, it is even more important to absorb moisturizing products when the skin still retains a little water.

  Myth 7: Minimize the good skin for outdoor activities. Truth: Cold and dry in winter can cause a lot of damage to the skin. However, it doesn’t mean that staying indoors can avoid dry damage.

Now most of the rooms are closed with air conditioners. Such an environment will also cause a lot of moisture to be taken away from your skin. It is recommended that you carry a moisturizing spray with you as much as possible to replenish the skin with moisture at any time. Of course, it is best to place a humidifier.In addition, proper ventilation is important to keep the air fresh.

  Myth eight: Winter is not suitable for cosmetic surgery Truth: In fact, winter is one of the most suitable arrangements for cosmetic surgery, especially laser hair removal, because it is not easy to sweat in winter, and the skin is not likely to be exposed to the sun.The repair is very comfortable, it is not easy to produce inflammation and allergies, and some wounds cannot touch water.

In winter, you can also wipe your body to avoid infection, which is more difficult to do in other seasons.