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[How to make good beans]_ beans

[How to make good beans]_ beans

There are different varieties of conch beans everywhere, and they are cheap and delicious. They have been loved by people since dating, but how can they be delicious?

Here I will teach you how to make con peas, solve your desire to be a chef, and let everyone eat your dishes and like it.

First, the introduction of olive chopper bean recipes: trace elements such as iron iodine and zinc required by the human body in olive vegetables are very helpful to human health.

The content of calcium in olive vegetables is very high, and eating some can supplement calcium.

Eating some olives in moderation can improve the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, and is beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Olive dish or adjuvant treatment for gastric ulcers to reduce stomach pain.

Olive dish can be used to treat rheumatism, neuritis, eliminate facial wrinkles, skin care, hair care and implantation of hand, foot and cleft palate.

Olive dish or cure liver disease, because it has antiviral effect, it can improve the liver’s detoxification function.

Supermarkets have bottled olives.

Ingredients: 50 grams of olives, 300 grams of jack beans, oil, salt, chicken essence.

Practices: 1. Wash and slice the beans.

2. Stir-fry the olives with hot oil and condiment for a while.

3, put a little water and simmer for 5 minutes.

4. When the beans are cooked, season with salt and chicken essence.

Second, the Squid Bean Fried Potatoes Recipe Introduction: Squid Bean is also called green beans, long beans.

The color of green beans is crisp and crispy.

Sword beans have the effects of warming the spleen and stomach, replenishing the kidneys, replenishing vitality, and taste delicious. Potatoes have a good effect on weight loss, and they can also be used as a warming agent when they are eaten with potatoes.

Tender beans are used for cooking. The meat is thick and delicious, with a clear fragrance, the soft and sweet potatoes, and the green color of the beans make the appetite wide open.

Ingredients: 150g of green beans, 200g of potato chips, 30g of small stir-fried buns. Method: 1. Put 200g of oil in the pan (add a little more oil), the oil temperature is close to 60%. Put the potato chips in the pan and fry.Remove until golden brown and set aside for use; 2. Leave 50g (about three tablespoons of oil) in the pan, fry the beans for about 2 minutes (when the skin is wrinkled), and fry the potato strips together; 3. Transfer to a small fry according to personal tasteThe package is enough.

[Can gout durian be eaten]_Joint pain_Can you eat

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[How to make lycium papaya fungus syrup]_ common practice of lycium papaya fungus syrup _ practice method of lycium papaya fungus syrup _ practice of lycium papaya fungus syrup

[How to make lycium papaya fungus syrup]_ common practice of lycium papaya fungus syrup _ practice method of lycium papaya fungus syrup _ practice of lycium papaya fungus syrup

After working hard every day, when I return home, I still have to worry about how to make a meal. At this time, making a good and delicious situation is what the office workers are looking forward to.You only need to use a wok, and match it with a bowl of soup, which is full and healthy.

1. Snow fungus should be soaked for more than 6 hours in advance 2. Peel the papaya and dig out the middle part 3. Wash the fungus and tear the small flower, wash the papaya and cut the lingering type 4, wash the wolfberry and rock sugar 5, put in the potPut in the water, put the shells on the fungus cover, and cook for one hour 6 first, then add papaya for 10 minutes 7 after one hour, and then pour in the rock sugar, cook the wolfberry for half an hour.Eating easily burdens the stomach and can cause other diseases. The method of lycium papaya and syrup is simple and can help regulate the body.

[Does black tea have a shelf life]_Save time_Is there

銆 愮 儿 Gong ruo 湁 湊 湧湧 銆 抧 擨 铞 擿 擿 _Chao disease chain?
绾㈣尪鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡涓€鑸槸涓ゅ勾鍒颁笁骞达紝杩囦簡淇濊川鏈熷苟涓嶇瓑浜庤尪鍙跺彉璐紝浣嗘槸杩欐槸鍥藉鐨勫己鍒舵爣鍑嗭紝鍥犱负杩囦簡淇濊川鏈熶互鍚庯紝鑼跺彾鍙兘浼氬彂鐢熷彉璐ㄧ殑鎯呭喌锛岃櫧鐒朵笉鏄粷瀵圭殑锛屽鏋滄病鏈変竴瀹氱殑閴村埆鑳藉姏锛岃繖鏍风殑鑼跺彾鏈€濂藉氨涓嶈鍐嶅枬浜嗭紝瀵艰嚧鑼跺彾鍙樿川鐨勫師鍥犳槸姣旇緝澶氱殑锛屾渶鏈夊彲鑳界殑灏辨槸淇濆瓨涓嶅綋鐨勫師鍥犮€傝繃浜嗕繚璐ㄦ湡=鑼跺彾鍙樿川鍚?鍙兘璇翠笉鏄粷瀵圭殑銆傜豢鑼躲€侀粍鑼躲€佽交鍙戦叺鐨勯潚鑼剁瓑锛屼竴鑸绌跺枬褰撳勾鐨勬柊鑼What’s the difference? The chain of chains and chains is very effective, and the effect of this is as follows: tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree椋庡懗銆傚儚鏅幢鑼躲€侀粦鑼讹紝闄堝寲鐨勫弽鑰屽ソ涓€浜涳紝淇濊川鏈熷彲杈?0 ~ 20?鍙堝姝﹀し宀╄尪锛岄殧骞撮檲鑼跺弽鑰岄姘旈Ε閮併€佹粙鍛抽唶鍘?鍐嶅婀栧崡鐨勯粦鑼躲€佹箹鍖楃殑闈掔爾鑼躲€佸箍瑗跨殑鍏牎鑼剁瓑锛屽彧瑕佸瓨鏀惧緱褰擄紝涓嶄粎涓嶄細鍙樿川锛屽弽鑰岃兘鎻愰珮鑼跺彾鍝佽川銆備絾涔熶笉鑳借繃鍒嗚糠淇¤€佽尪锛岃寰楄€佽尪瓒婅€佽秺濂姐€傚彲浠ヨ锛屼负浜嗘渶浣崇殑鍝侀ギ鏁堟灉锛屽湪淇濊川鏈熷唴鍝侀ギ鏄渶濂界殑銆傝尪鍙剁殑鍝佽川鍏抽敭杩樻槸鐪嬩繚瀛橈紝淇濆瓨寰楀ソ鐨勮€佽尪涔熶細寰堝ソ鍠濓紝淇濆瓨涓嶅ソ鐨勮尪娌¤繃淇濊川鏈熶篃鍙兘鍙樿川銆備篃灏辨槸璇磋繃鏈熶笌鍙樿川骞朵笉鑳藉垝绛夊彿銆傚鑷磋尪鍙跺彉璐ㄧ殑鍥犵礌锛?.鍏夌収鍏夌収浣胯尪鍙剁殑娓╁害鍗囬珮锛屽姞閫熶簡鑼跺彾鐨勬哀鍖栬繃绋嬨€?.姘ф皵姘ф皵鍔犻€熻尪鍙朵腑澶氶厷绫荤墿璐ㄧ殑姘у寲銆?.姘村垎鍚噺姘村垎鍚噺鍗囬珮锛屼娇鑼跺彾涓殑鍐呭惈鐗╄川鍙戠敓浜嗗彉鍖栥€傚湪杩欑鎯呭喌涓嬶紝鑼跺彾涔熷氨澶卞幓浜嗗師鑼剁殑椋庡懗銆傚父瑙佺殑绾㈣尪淇濆瓨鏂规硶锛氳鍌ㄥ瓨娉曪細鐢ㄥ鏂欒淇濆瓨鑼跺彾鏄洰鍓嶅搴串鑼舵渶绠€渚裤€佹渶缁忔祹瀹炵敤鐨勬柟娉曚箣涓€銆傝€屽搴串鑼堕€夌敤濉戞枡琚嬫椂闇€瑕佸仛鍒颁袱鐐癸紝棣栧厛锛屽繀椤绘槸閫傚悎椋熷搧鐢ㄧ殑鍖呰銆傚叾娆★紝瑕侀€夌敤瀵嗗害楂樼殑濉戞枡琚嬶紝鍗抽€夌敤浣庡帇鏉愭枡瑕佹瘮楂樺帇鐨勫ソ銆傜涓夛紝濉戞枡琚嬩互鏈変竴瀹氱殑寮哄害锛屽帤瀹炰竴浜涚殑鏈€浣炽€傜鍥涳紝濉戞枡琚嬫湰韬簲娌℃湁瀛旀礊鍜屽紓鍛炽€傜綈鍌ㄥ瓨娉曪細褰撳墠瀹跺涵璐尪鏈€娴佽鍜屾渶甯哥敤鐨勬柟娉曪紝鍙鎶婁拱鍥炴潵鐨勭孩鑼惰尪鍙舵斁鍏ユ磥鍑€鐨勯搧缃愬嵆鍙€傚鏋滄槸鏂颁拱鐨勯搧缃愶紝鎴栨斁杩囧叾瀹冮鍝佺殑閾佺綈锛屽彲鍏堟斁灏戦噺鐨勮尪鍙舵湯鍏ュ唴锛岀劧鍚庣洊濂界洊锛屽瓨鏀炬暟鏃ワ紝渚胯兘鎶婂紓鍛冲惛灏斤紝鍚屾椂锛岀敤鑼跺彾鏈摝娲楅搧缃愪篃鑳界闄ゅ紓鍛炽€傝€岃鏈夎尪鍙剁殑閾佺綈锛屽簲鏀惧湪闃村噳澶勶紝涓嶈兘鏀惧湪闃冲厜鐩村皠鎴栨疆婀裤€佹湁鐑簮鐨勫湴鏂癸紝杩欐棦鍙槻姝㈤搧鍚哀鍖栫敓閿堬紝鍙堝彲鎶戝埗鍚唴鑼跺彾闄堝寲銆佸姡鍙樼殑閫熷害锛屽彲璋撯€滀竴涓句袱寰椻€濄€?

[How to make jelly for soup dumplings_Pig skin jelly for soup dumplings]

鐏屾堡鍖呮槸涓€绉嶉潪甯告湁鐗硅壊鐨勭編椋燂紝瀹冧富瑕佹祦琛屼簬鍖楁柟鍦板尯锛屾槸闈㈤鍙戝睍鐨勪竴閬撴瀬鑷寸編鍛炽€傜亴姹ゅ寘鐨勫懗閬撻矞缇庢棤姣旓紝姹ゆ眮娴撳帤锛岀粰浜轰竴绉嶉潪甯告柊椴滅殑缇庨It’s effective to eliminate it, and to resolve it, to resolve it and fix it tightly. It’s not a good idea. Do you have a good time? Do you want to do it?潵婧愶紝鏄潪甯稿叧閿殑鏍稿績鏉愭枡銆備笅闈㈠氨鏉ョ湅鐪嬬亴姹ゅ寘鐨勭毊鍐绘€庝箞鍋氬憿锛熺涓€姝ワ細鍋氱毊鍐汇€?The master of the literary school is awesome?00 mammy?0 What’s wrong?5鍏嬨€?銆 佟 皟 紟 獡 条 氶 粍 喰?5CC锛岀洂锛屽懗绮撅紝鑳℃绮夐€傞噺銆?銆佸皢鐚毊鍔犲喎姘达紝寮€鏃虹伀2鍒嗛挓銆?What is the fistula? Fistula?Do you want to click the 1500CC button? Click on the button.00 mammy?0 What’s wrong?5 嬏 嬮 粍 閰?5CC锛岀洂锛屽懗绮撅紝鑳℃绮夐€傞噺锛屽紑灏忕伀90鍒嗛挓鐓埌鑲夌儌銆?Do you want to go to the top?銆侀噸鏂板€掑叆姹ら攨涓◢鐓€?銆 佺 叜 擂 擗 抆?銆佸€掑叆鐩嗕腑鍐峰嵈銆?0銆佸喎鍗寸殑鐨喕鍊掑嚭銆傜浜屾锛岄鏂欑殑鍒朵綔1銆佸皬绗煎寘椴滈銆佽倝瀚┿€佸姹併€佹What is the power of silicon?The master of the literary school is awesome. It’s a 500-year-old girl. What is it?00CC: 沀 洂 7 鍏 嬶 閴 開 獀 盤 5 鍏 嬶 閴 瑴?5 Recognizing and supplementing 15CC: Do you want to make a supplement?銆 佸 璢 钐 逐 倝 逢 逢 倃 櫒 鍒 囩  銆?銆佹斁鍏ュ鍣ㄣ€?Inlaid?00: What is it? 7: What is it? 5: What is it?5鍏嬶紝閰辨补15CC锛屾悈鎷屻€?銆佽懕濮滄按200CC锛堢◢鍚庢彁渚涘仛娉曪級鍔犲叆鎼呮媽锛屽悓涓€鏂瑰悜涓婂姴锛屾渶鍚庡姞鍏ラ夯娌广€?銆佷笌鑲夐鍚岀瓑浣撶Н鐨勭毊鍐绘斁鍏ワ紝鍔犵尓娌规悈鎷屻€傜涓夋钁卞姹佹按鐨勫仛娉?銆 佽 懕 10 鍏 嫔 减 燉 濮 濮?0 髏 嫔 鍧?銆 丸 姞 髏?00CC姘达紝鏀惧叆鎼呮媽鍣ㄤ腑鎼呮媽锛屼篃鍙敤鎵嬫悡姹併€?銆佽繃婊ゅ彇鍑鸿懕濮滄眮銆傛渶鍚庝竴姝ュ氨鏄仛鍖呯毊鎷夈€?銆佺毊钖勩€佸寘棣呬笉瑁傜殑鍖呯毊锛屾槸鐢ㄤ腑绛嬮潰绮夛紝鍔犲喎姘存弶鎼撹€屾垚銆?銆?Fifty years ago?20CC—Chong Feng presses on the back and forth?0 闒 嗛 抓 銆?3 What is the difference?0 鍏 嬮 t 銄 咫 璬 铓 瓓 銙 銆?What’s the difference between the village and the village?銆佹墦鎽烘垚褰紙20涓懞鏈€濂藉搱锛夐啋10鍒嗛挓銆?銆 丸 姎 姘 翠 笂 quilting?Adze?鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?

[Can you eat carrots for chicken pox]_Carrots_Can you eat

[Can you eat carrots for chicken pox]_Carrots_Can you eat

Chickenpox is a skin disease caused by the herpes virus, and chickenpox is also a highly contagious infectious disease.

Since modern people are born with a large number of children vaccinated against chickenpox, the chance of developing chickenpox in modern society is greatly reduced.

However, some people with low immunity still experience chickenpox.

After growing chickenpox, pay attention to your diet, so can carrots be eaten for chickenpox patients?

Chickenpox can eat carrots and not spicy foods. If there is no effect, go to the hospital to see dermatology. Children with light diets should be isolated as soon as possible until all skin rashes have crusted. Generally, there will be two weeks after the disease.

Children who have come in contact with chickenpox patients should be observed for 3 weeks in isolation.

There is no effective treatment for this disease. It is mainly symptomatic treatment and prevention of secondary skin infections, keeping it clean and avoiding scratching.

Intensify care, change clothes and cut nails frequently to prevent secondary infection from scratching the blister.

Actively isolate patients to prevent infection.

Topical treatment is mainly for itching and prevention of infection. External calamine lotion can be applied externally. Those with herpes rupture or secondary infection can use topical 1% methyl violet or antibiotic ointment.

Antibiotics are available when the symptoms of secondary infection are severe.

Avoid using leather steroid hormones to prevent the spread and aggravation of chickenpox.

For patients with disseminated chickenpox with low immune capacity, neonatal chickenpox or chickenpox pneumonia, encephalitis and other severe cases, early treatment with antiviral drugs should be used. Acyclovir is currently the first choice of antiviral drugs for the treatment of chickenpox-zoster., But must be applied within 24 hours after the onset of better results.

Or add alpha-interferon to inhibit virus replication, prevent virus spread, promote healing of skin lesions, accelerate disease recovery, and reduce mortality.

[How to make confinement soup]_ confinement soup _ how to make _ production method

[How to make confinement soup]_ confinement soup _ how to make _ production method

The confinement soup refers to a beverage that the pregnant woman drinks during confinement. It is an important part of the confinement meal. Because it is soup and water, it can promote the secretion of breast milk and has a good role in promoting the absorption of maternal nutrition, But has a very good effect of preventing constipation, there are many types of confinement soup, roughly divided into two types, that is, ventilation soup, lactating soup and Dabu soup.

1. Ventilation soup: 500 grams of white radish, peeled and shredded, and boiled with water until the soup turns yellow.

For the crowd: Joined six hours after cesarean section.

Function helps maternal ventilation.

2. Prolactin soup is divided into nutritive prolactin soup and Chinese herbal prolactin soup.

(1) Pig’s trotter and peanut soup: Wash the trotters with warm water, put them in a pot, add water to boil, skim off the froth, add the peanuts with the red coat removed, and cook for 2?
3 hours until the soup is milky.

Childbirth is like a heavy manual labor that consumes the mother’s physical strength; taking care of the newborn is also costly.

Novice mommy really needs to nourish her body with a reasonable diet.

Granted to mothers in order to provide sufficient supplementary milk, more need to increase vitamin intake, including appropriate increase in vitamin b1.

Vitamin b2.

The absorption of nicotinic acid, vitamin a, and vitamin c also needs to maintain a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, and iron absorption.

[3](2) Confinement Soup: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, Dried Ginger, Chenpi, Poria, Peach Kernel, Jujube, Motherwort, etc. Method of consumption: Take 1 sachet of this product into the pot each time, add 500ml water, Fully soak for 20 minutes, boil on high heat, cook on low heat for 5-8 minutes, you can replace, you can add some brown sugar at the right time; Efficacy: reduce postpartum edema, body pain, impotence and other symptoms, promote the discharge of lochia; monthZi Conditioning Decoction for nourishing qi and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, communicating blood, warming the palace, relieving liver stagnation, ventilator, moisturizing, regulating abdominal qi to promote uterine contraction, helping to expel lochia, accelerating body self-repair, regulating endocrine and enhancing immunityforce.

[Is the boiled egg a hair thing?]

銆 愮 叜 楦 泲 鏄  彂 鐗 ╁ 抆 銆 慱 寮 囮 囂 吥 嘷 鍗 冞 
鐩镐俊涓嶅皯浜哄幓鍖婚櫌鐪嬬梾鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍖荤敓閮戒細缁欎粬浠竴涓彯鍢憋紝涓嶈鍚冭緵杈e埡婵€椋熺墿鎴栬€呮槸鍙戠墿銆傚彂鐗╀富瑕佹槸鎸囧畠鍏朵腑鐨勪竴浜涙€ц川鍙互璁╀汉鐨勭梾鎯呭姞閲嶏紝骞朵笖鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑寰堝椋熺墿閮芥槸鍙戠墿銆傝€屼笖鐢熺梾鐨勪汉浠栦滑寰€寰€閮戒細琛ュ厖鏇村鐨勮惀Insufficiently squeezed and squeezed in the air, floating and squeezing, floating, squeezing, squirting, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, squirting, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.鍦ㄦ垜浠ぇ澶氭暟浜虹湅鏉ワ紝楦¤泲灞炰簬鏈€澶т紬鍖栬惀鍏诲搧銆傛棭鏅ㄨ捣搴婏紝涓€涓浮铔嬩竴鏉墰濂讹紝宸茬粡鎴愪负钀ュ吇鏃╅浠e悕璇嶃€備絾鏄亣濡傜敓鐥呮垨鐥呭悗搴峰锛屼細鏈夊緢澶氬叧浜庨ギ椋熺殑绂佸繉銆傚叾涓櫎浜嗗姵閫哥粨鍚堝锛屽氨鏄€滃繉鍙b€濓紝娉ㄦ剰鍙戠墿銆傝繖鍑犲ぉ姝eソ鍦ㄥ尰闄紝鍚鍑犱釜鐥呬汉浜ゆ祦楗鏂扮殑锛屽叾涓竴涓彁鍒颁簡鈥滄墜鏈悗鈥濓紝楦¤泲鏄笉鑳藉悆锛屽洜涓烘槸鍙戠墿鐨勮瘽棰樸€傞偅涔堝ぇ澶氭暟浜洪兘鐖辩殑楦¤泲锛屾€庝箞绐佺劧浠庤惀鍏诲搧锛屽彉鎴愬繉鍙g殑鍙戠墿浜嗗憿?What’s the difference between hot pots and pans?棣栧厛锛屾垜浠悶娓呮锛屸€滃彂鐗┾€濅唬琛ㄧ殑鎰忎箟銆傜瓟锛氭墍璋撳彂鐗╋紝鏄寚鐗瑰埆瀹规槗璇What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Where are you going? What are you doing? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?畩鏃舵湡锛屾墠浼氬浜轰綋浜х敓鍋ュ悍褰卞搷銆傞€傞噺椋熺敤瀵瑰ぇ澶氭暟浜轰笉浼氫骇鐢熷壇浣滅敤鎴栧紩璧蜂笉閫傦紝鍙槸瀵规煇浜涚壒娈婁綋璐ㄤ互鍙婁笌鍏剁浉鍏崇殑鏌愪簺鐤剧梾鎵嶄細璇变娇鍙戠梾銆傚父瑙佺殑鑲夌被鍙戠墿鏈夌尓澶磋倝銆侀浮鑲夈€侀┐鑲夈€佺墰鑲夈€佺緤鑲夈€佺嫍鑲夈€侀箙铔嬨€侀腑铔嬬瓑锛岃繖绫婚鐗╁鏄撹Е鍙戣倽闃冲ご鐥涖€佽倽椋庤剳鏅曠瓑鐤剧梾锛岃繕鏄撹鍙戞垨鍔犻噸鐨偆鐥呫€?骞虫椂杩欎簺閮芥槸澶т紬椋熷搧)濂藉浜轰互涓洪浮铔嬫槸鍙戠墿锛岃繖鏄釜鏅亶鐨勮鍖恒€傞浮铔嬭櫧鐒跺唴鍚ぇ閲忓紓鎬ц泲鐧斤紝鎵€浠ユ湁浜涗汉鍚冧簡寮傛€ц泲鐧借川鍚庡嚭鐜拌繃鏁忓弽搴旓紝浣嗛浮铔嬪苟涓嶅睘浜庡彂鐗┿€備笉杩囦篃涓嶅疁澶氬悆锛屼竴鑸竴澶╂渶澶氫笉瑕佽秴杩囦袱涓紝灏ゅ叾鏄倽鐐庛€佽繃鏁忋€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佽偩鐥呬笉瀹滃鍚冭€屽凡銆傚洜涓轰汉鐨勪釜浣撴€у樊寮傚緢澶э紝浠讳綍椋熺墿锛岄兘浼氬瓨鍦ㄦ煇浜涗汉椋熺敤鍚庝笉鑸掗€傛劅鎴栫棁鐘躲€傚彧鏈夊浜庣粷澶ч儴鍒嗕汉锛屽悓绛夋儏鍐典笅鏄撳紩璧蜂笉閫傜棁鐨勯鐗╋紝鎵嶅彲浠ュ畾浣嶁€滃彂鐗┾€濄€傝€岄浮铔嬪瘜鍚泲鐧借川锛岃€岃泲鐧借川鍙堟槸鏈€鍩烘湰钀ュ吇鍏冪礌銆備汉浣撴墍鏈夌粏鑳炵殑娲诲姩锛屾満浣撲慨澶嶉兘绂讳笉寮€銆傛渶濂界殑鑽墿鍏跺疄鏄鐗╋紝閫傞噺琛ュ厖铔嬬櫧璐紝涔熸槸鎻愰珮鍏嶇柅鍔涘叧閿€?

[How to eat Hawthorn without sour]_How to make sour_How to make

[How to eat Hawthorn without sour]_How to make sour_How to make

Many people think that saliva appears in the mouth of hawthorn. This is a kind of conditioned reflex, because hawthorn is sour in people’s consciousness, and then saliva will flow out.

How can hawthorn not be sour?

Although many people don’t like to eat sour food, they can’t refuse hawthorn, because hawthorn is too high for the human body.

If you want to eat unsour hawthorn, you can pick hawthorn with sugar.

First, how to eat hawthorn too Hawthorn has beauty and slimming, women’s weight-loss tablets Hawthorn contains vitamin C, carotene and other substances can replace and reduce the generation of free radicals, can enhance the body’s immunity, have anti-aging, anti-cancer effects;Women eat more hawthorn can eliminate the feces in the body, reduce the effect of trace absorption, for beauty-loving women can achieve the effect of beauty and slimming.

Hawthorn has antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, anti-oxidation, enhances immunity, removes harmful bacteria in the insulin tract, etc., and can prevent liver cancer.

Men who have feces and livers need to nourish and protect the liver, nourish the liver, and give priority to hawthorn.

Hawthorn can help digestion and has the effect of nourishing liver and degreasing.

Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum hypertension and triglycerides, and effectively correct atherosclerosis; Hawthorn can increase myocardial contractility, increase cardiac output, expand coronary blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, etc.Play a role in strengthening the heart and preventing angina.

In addition, the total flavonoids in hawthorn have the effect of dilating blood vessels and persistently lowering blood pressure.

Hawthorn has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and is a good food therapy for patients with blood stasis type dysmenorrhea.

Patients with blood stasis type dysmenorrhea often manifest as menstruation 1?
2 days or 1 before menstruation?
Lower abdominal pain occurred on 2 days. When the menstrual blood was excreted, the pain gradually disappeared or disappeared, and the color of menstrual blood was dark with blood clots.

The mature fruit of hawthorn can be used raw or fried with yellow coke.

Hawthorn fruit is widely used in the manufacture of sweet and sour foods such as candied fruit, fruit tan peel, hawthorn cake, and hawthorn cake.

Second, the precautions for eating hawthorn Although there are many residuals of hawthorn, they must be eaten in a timely manner.

People who have a bad meat diet and pain in the upper abdomen are more convenient to eat hawthorn; however, there are some precautions in hawthorn and seafood, children can eat hawthorn, pregnant women eat hawthorn, etc., should not eat,How to eat, let me solve the big doubt for everyone.

1. Hawthorn should not be eaten with pig liver. Hawthorn is rich in vitamin C. Pig liver contains copper, iron, zinc and other metal trace elements. Simultaneously eating it can accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C and destroy it, reducing its nutritional value.Therefore, hawthorn and pig liver should not be eaten together.

2. Hawthorn and fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C decomposing enzymes should not be eaten together. Cucumber, pumpkin, carrots and other fruits and vegetables all contain vitamin C decomposing enzymes. Eating with hawthorn will destroy the decomposition of vitamin C in hawthorn and reduce nutritional value.With food.
3. Hawthorn and seafood should not be eaten together. Seafood is rich in calcium, iron, carbon, iodine and other minerals and proteins. Hawthorn is rich in carbohydrate acids. If eaten with seafood, it will synthesize precipitated acid.Protein, this substance can cause constipation, cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms, so it should not be eaten together.

4, hawthorn and vitamin K3 grams, vitamin K3 is the blood medicine, hawthorn is a blood circulation medicine, which contains vitamin C is not conducive to the hemostatic effect of vitamin K3.

5, children in the period of tooth replacement should not eat more hawthorn, it will damage the teeth and adversely affect the growth and development of children’s teeth.

6, hawthorn has the effect of promoting women’s uterine contraction. Pregnant women eat more hawthorn, which will cause the risk of miscarriage, so it is not appropriate to eat more.

[Can bronchial hypertension eat eggs]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat

[Can bronchial hypertension eat eggs]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat

Nowadays many people, especially the elderly, are injected with bronchial implants. Once this disease occurs, it will make people feel breathless, and severely it will cause syncope, which is very fatal for the elderly.

Therefore, when dialysis bronchial hypertension, we must pay attention to diet in order to prevent the onset of bronchial hypertension.

Bronchial hypertension has many dietary contraindications, which can be triggered by a little inattention.

So, can bronchial asthma be introduced to eat eggs?

First, the cause of bronchial diseases caused by fish, shrimp and fishy fishy foods is mainly induced by induction factors. Some people with physical constitutions often cause spasms by eating foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, and milk.

Therefore, patients with bronchial hypertension should usually eat less or not eat fish, shrimp, sea fish, raw cold mustard pickled vegetables, spicy salty sour sweet fat and other foods.

Eat less sputum-prone foods such as eggs and fatty meat.

Do not overeating in the spleen and stomach, spleen deficiency is unhealthy, stop sputum and produce sputum, and sputum block airway is unfavorable for breathing. Frequently eat hot, sweet or salty foods, which can lead to sputum fever.The disease can also occur in the lungs.

Second, avoid salt and high-sodium salt diet can increase bronchial responsiveness. It is believed that the incidence of acute bronchus increases with economic prosperity. The incidence in western countries is higher than that in the third world. The immigration from immigration to migrants has also increased.Environmental factors.

This factor can be explained by the excessively high sodium chloride content in the daily diet. Some statistics show that the amount of salt sold in different regions of the United States is directly proportional to the mortality rate of local bronchial hypertension patients, which can also explain this problem.

Therefore, patients who have suffered from bronchial asthma should not eat too salty, and should eat less acidic food such as vinegar.

Third, precautions In short, if you suffer from the disease of obesity, it is necessary to pay more attention to the diet. The diet must be low in salt and oil, and the diet must be light. In addition, the diet must be well formed.Remember to avoid overeating. Good diet rules are very effective for the rehabilitation of diseases.