How to interpret fairy tales for children?

How to interpret fairy tales for children?

How to interpret fairy tales for children?

Over the years, beautiful and warm fairy tales have been added to their interpretation by parents around the world, becoming a conceptual illustration and an important way to educate children.

The fairy tale brought the children a happy childhood and the feeling of growth and happiness, making them cry for the little girl who sold matches, rejoicing for the lucky of Cinderella, and occupying the long nose of Picasso.

  However, when our society is increasingly showing signs of “utilitarianism”, “complexity” and “kitsch”, in this age that increasingly deviates from nature, transcends the spirit of fairy tales, is discarded by material desires, and is bewildered by contemporary miscellaneous information.For modern children in the multimedia world, can fairy tales still move their hearts?

As modern parents, how should we interpret beautiful fairy tales for our children?

  Why Kang Kang ‘s nose is not as long as a 4-year-old nephew one day suddenly asked me a strange question: “Auntie, Kang Kang (nephew’s partner) hasn’t got a long nose yet?

I said, “Why should Kangkang have a long nose?”

“Little grandma said:” Because he is a child who loves to lie.

It turned out that in order to educate the child to be an honest person, the sister once told the story of the puppet Pizano to the nephew. The innocent nephew had a long nose because of lying to Pizano and believed that it was true to his companion Kangkang.I often lied without a long nose and was puzzled, so I asked myself: “Kangkang lies but doesn’t have a long nose. Isn’t mother lying to lie?

Will the lying child be eaten by the wolf?

“Educating children’s honest fairy tales has been questioned by children, and even regarded as a lie, which cannot be said to be awkward.

  Interpretation: Long noses and being eaten by wolves are not the inevitable result of lying. Just as tripping to the ground may not necessarily break the head, the lying child will be punished differently.

For example, some children lose the trust of their parents because of lying, some will lose their best friends, and some will be blamed by the teacher . Honesty is a virtue of living, and lying children will not be loved by anyone.

Therefore, children, even if lying won’t make your nose long, and it won’t really make you eaten by the wolf, but you still have to distinguish right from wrong and be an honest good boy.

  The wolf grandmother Dan Dan on the road is usually at home or with relatives and acquaintances, she can speak, love to sing and jump, but when she is in a strange environment, Dan Dan is like a frightened bunny, even in kindergarten, teachers, classmatesAsk her, she will also be red-eared and talk babbling.

  It turned out that this was all caused by “Grandma Wolf”.

When Dandan was two or three years old, for the safety of her daughter, Dandan’s mother once told Dandan the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and told Dandan: “Don’t go with strangers, they are all big wolf, they will lie to youAnd eat it.

“Dan Dan was afraid of strangers and caused psychological obstacles. Until now, unless Dan Dan’s mother explained it, she could not remove the shadow that left Dan Dan’s heart as a child.

  Interpretation: Talk to strangers, learn to protect yourself and pay attention to safety when contacting.

However, all friends have gradually developed into friends from strangers to acquaintances to acquaintances.

Therefore, children, “strangers” are not synonymous with “danger and conspiracy”. We don’t have to lock our hearts, and confine ourselves in the small circle of family and acquaintances, making life boring.

If you blindly defend and avoid the strange world, the world will become more strange.

  Kong Rong could not let Pear weekend, little nephew, little grandmother gather together, play games, grab candy, and be very busy.

Suddenly, 4-year-old Beibei sued. He said that 6-year-old Xinxin was not good and did not learn Kong Rong to let the pear, and snatched the big apple.

Xinxin justified himself: “I also want to eat big, why should I let him?

9-year-old Doudou has another high point: “Do you know why Kong Rong made pears?”

Because that big pear has bugs, it’s not delicious.

This is what I saw from a book.

What Kong Rong makes pears are all used by parents to lie to children.

“Interpretation: Kong Rong’s pear is a traditional virtue that we have always advocated. The basic sign of good ideological behavior is to know how to be modest, which is the embodiment of civilization.

Therefore, children, sometimes, you should learn from Kong Rong to give up the “pear”. For example, you should make way for the old, the weak, and the disabled when taking a bus.

At some point, you have to learn to pick the best “pear”.

Because casual courtesy will cause some people to sit back and enjoy themselves and not to be aggressive.

Just being polite will make you lose your good time.

The potential of life for everyone is fair, and you must continue to work hard to treat yourself fairly.