Juvenile whiteheads need to get closer to copper

Juvenile whiteheads need to get closer to copper

Juvenile whiteheads need to get closer to copper

Medical research and related experiments have found that the copper content in the hair of the substitute is significantly higher than that of the white hair, and the occurrence of premature gray hair such as young white head has a certain relationship with the lack of copper in the body, because copper plays an important role in the synthesis of melaninRole.

Therefore, those with early white hair should eat more copper-containing foods.

  Foods that contain more copper are mainly nuts (such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.), dried beans, cereals, poultry, and some vegetables and fruits.

The highest content is in oysters in food, and copper carbonate is also found in seafood such as fish and shrimp and animal livers.

Relevant scholars found in the survey that people who regularly eat seafood generally do not lack copper in their bodies.

  In addition, you should eat foods that nourish the blood and nourish kidney to UFA, such as black sesame, black beans, black dates, black fungus and so on.

Lack of vitamin B is another important factor causing low whiteheads. The intake of such foods should be increased. Foods containing vitamin B include cereals, legumes, dried fruits, animal livers, hearts, kidneys, and milk, eggs, andGreen leafy vegetables.

In addition, eat more or supplement tyrosine.

Tyrosine is the basic substance for melanin formation. If tyrosine deficiency in the body will cause less whiteheads.

Should eat more chicken, lean beef, lean mutton, rabbit meat and other foods rich in tyrosine.

  Studies have not found that skipping or seldom eating staple foods such as rice and cereals can easily lead to malnutrition, leading to graying and graying of hair. A significant proportion of young people and middle-aged people have premature white hair.

Therefore, a scientific and balanced diet is very important.