Four medicated meals for you to create a dark black show

Four medicated meals for you to create a dark black show

Four medicated meals for you to create a dark black show

A black hair is a symbol of women’s health and beauty, and hair is also a part. It also needs nutrition and care. How to eat black hair through diet is the desire and pursuit of every beauty.

Here are four Chinese medicine meals for you to have a black hair.

Ingredients of Yangyan Shengfa Decoction: 50 grams of walnut kernels, 50 grams of Poria, 30 grams of Amaranth, 30 grams of soybeans, 20 grams of Poria, 60 grams of lean pork.

Method: Wash the ingredients, cut the pork lean into small pieces, put them in the casserole, add the right amount of water, and fry until the pork lean is cooked.

Drink soup and eat lean pork.

1 serving per day.

Efficacy: tonify the spleen and kidney, beauty and health.

Used for spleen and kidney deficiency and senile weakness.

Ingredients for Shouwu chicken: 500 grams of chicken, 50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 50 grams of bamboo shoots, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, starch and peanut oil.

Production: 1.

Put Shouwu into the casserole, add a proper amount of water to cook, and scoop out the decoction for later use. Wash the chicken, dice it into a bowl, add cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, and starch.


Heat the wok with peanut oil, fry the cooked chicken in the oil pan, and pour it into a colander when cooked.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add chicken, cooking wine, refined salt, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, Shouwu juice, quickly turn upside down. Stir in wet starch, add monosodium glutamate, and serve.

Features: The chicken is cooked and rotten, with a delicious flavor and a slight Shouwu flavor.

Description: Chicken has the functions of warming, nourishing qi, and tonic.

The body is rich in vitamins and has an emollient effect.

Polygonum multiflorum can nourish liver and kidney, black hair, pleasant color, and longevity.

This dish is the ideal bodybuilder.

Women’s regular food can make the hair black and shiny, the face white and red, attracting beautiful young.

Ingredients for vegetarian stir-fried soybean sprouts: 500 grams of soybean sprouts, refined salt, soy sauce, sugar, ginger slices, and peanut oil.

Production: 1.

Peel the soybean sprouts, remove root hairs, and wash.


Heat the pan, add peanut oil, heat the oil, pour the soybean sprouts, stir fry until half cooked, add soy sauce, refined salt, ginger slices and an appropriate amount of water, continue to stir fry, add white sugar, and then burn and put in the pan.
Features: crispy, not greasy and refreshing.

Description: Soy bean sprouts are sweet and cold, containing protein, trace and higher vitamin C, carotene, minerals and other substances.

Bean sprouts contain carbohydrate fiber, which is beneficial for weight loss.

Therefore, soybean sprouts can improve hair tissue and make people keep their hair black and bright.

Women who eat more soybean sprouts can get the beauty effects of UFA, moisturizing and weight loss.

Raw materials of glass walnut kernels: 250 grams of walnut kernels, sugar, peanut oil each amount.

Production: 1.

Soak the walnut kernels in the water until Colorado softens, peel it off, add it to a boiling water pot and simmer it to remove the drain.


Put peanut oil in a wok. When it is hot to 40%, add walnut kernels and fry until it floats.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add sugar to stir when it is 50% hot, and when the sugar melts into small bubbles, pour in walnut kernels, mix upside down, mix the sugar evenly on the walnut kernels, and then pour into the dishUse chopsticks to remove them one by one and let them cool to serve. Features: Walnut kernels are crispy and delicious, sweet and mellow, and can be served as a snack or as a snack.

Tip: Master the fire, don’t fry.

Description: Walnut kernel contains 40% fat?
50%, mainly glyceryl linoleate.

It also contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin E and more.

“Kaibao Materia Medica” said: “Eating walnuts regularly is fat, moisturizing, and black-haired.

“Meng Xi, a Tang Dynasty medical scientist, said that walnut kernels” can pass the meridian, moisten the blood, and have black hair. ”

Walnut kernels are very good for UFA bodybuilding and strengthening.

Six major effects and functions of chives

Six major effects and functions of chives

As the saying goes, “the first month onion February leek”, said that the first month is suitable for eating green onions, February is suitable for leek.

Now let ‘s introduce why you eat chives in February?

Six major effects and effects of eating chives in spring: 1. Increase appetite Leeks contain plant-based aromatic volatile oils, which have the effect of increasing appetite. Elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. eat some spring leek appropriately, which is beneficial to improve health.

  2. Jianwei Xiaoshi Leek has the effects of warmth and stomach, and the crude fiber contained in it can promote bowel movement and help the body digest.

Not only can prevent habitual constipation and bowel cancer, but also can wrap up some debris in the digestive tract and excrete it with the stool, so it is also called “intestinal lavage” in the folk.

  3, scattered stasis and blood circulation Leek has the functions of stasis, blood circulation and detoxification, which is beneficial to lowering blood lipids, and found coronary heart disease, anemia, and arteriosclerosis.

  4, sterilization and anti-inflammatory The sulfur compounds contained in chives have a certain sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery, typhoid, E. coli and aureus.

  5. Buqi and impotence The ancients called leek as “aphrodisiac”, which can suffer from impotence, polyuria, back pain, soft legs and other kidney qi deficiency.

  6, skin care bright eye leek instead of vitamin A, eat more energy to supplement skin care, eyesight and lungs, but also reduce the risk of colds, colds and other diseases.

Cooking to get rid of the excess six strokes

Cooking to get rid of the excess six strokes

Everyone knows that you should eat less weight loss, but you don’t have a good taste.

How can we make delicious and slimming parallel?

Here are six recommended cooking methods for you to eat delicious and delicious.


hzh {display: none; }  让脂肪和美味和平相处   都说“民以食为天”,一旦过了温饱线,那话就会演变成“食以味当先”。Unpalatable food, no matter how rich the nutrition, after all, it tastes no odor, and the quality of life is greatly reduced.

However, deliciousness and nutrition are often two contradictory indicators.

Without 40% of aunts, roast ducks don’t have a smooth taste; without 40% of aunts, meat buns don’t have a fragrant taste; without a large spoonful of cooking oil, the flavor is often disappointing.

  Letting you live in harmony with delicious food is really a high transmission in cooking.

However, although it is too difficult to get the full solution, some breakthroughs may even be possible.

As long as you use your brain, it is still possible to effectively reduce the trace content while preserving the delicious.

  Method 1: Control the oil after cooking.

Lay the pan for two or three minutes, let the oil out of the dish, and then serve the dish.

Some dishes have the most oil absorption and are suitable for this method.

I often use this method.

  Method 2: Finally, put a small spoonful of sesame oil in the salad and serve immediately.

This aroma can be effectively emitted, but the oil is not absorbed into the dish, and the amount of oil required is relatively small.

  Method 3: Remove the oil from the soup.

Chickens, pork ribs, burdocks, bones, etc. will be oiled after stewing. The oil on the surface will be pulled out, and in a small bowl, you will eat less oil when you drink soup.

  Method 4: Change the frying to a roast, similar to an oven or a non-stick pan.

In particular, quick-frozen seasoned meat pieces or fish cakes actually have a good taste in this way, but they can reduce the cockroaches from 22% to less than 8%.

  Method 5: Cook the meat and season until it is ripe and sliced.

This eliminates the need to put oil separately for frying meat.

Wait until the other ingredients are half-boiled, then throw the pieces of meat down, without adding extra fat, it is very fragrant.

At the same time, the oil in the meat comes out again when it is cooked, and the inside and outside are reduced.

  Method 6: Simply cook without oil or less oil, such as steaming, roasting or raw food.

The taste of sashimi is not inferior to braised fish.

Steamed beans, steamed eggplant, steamed pumpkin are quite delicious.

Use a small amount of oil to roast fish, barbecue, just add a little spice, the taste is not bad.

  Using the separated grease, however, the separated grease is not a meaningless waste.

In the process of cooking, the oil is dissolved in carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin k, vitamin a and other nutrients and health ingredients, it is a pity to throw away.

How can we make good use of these?

There are some small ways.

  Use 1: The cooking oil is used to make cold salad, instead of sesame oil and salad oil, the taste is often very good.

  Use 2: The remaining oil of the cooking is made into pancakes, fried slices, roasted sweet potato chips and the like.

However, remember that these foods should be paired with low-fat salad dressings.

  Use 3: Make soup noodles with vegetables, use the remaining oil or soup top layer.

  Use 4: The oil on the soup is used to make stews and soups, and add a lot of vegetables.In this way, vegetables taste good and promote the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients in vegetables.

10 diseases that baby should pay attention to in summer

10 diseases that baby should pay attention to in summer

Unconsciously, summer has come to you, which are the easiest things to find your lovely baby in summer?

Based on the data provided by hospital experts and comprehensively considering the climatic characteristics of Jinan, pediatric experts in Jinan listed the following diseases that babies are susceptible to in early summer: insufficient drinking water can cause diarrhea and hot weather, and the baby sweats a lot.Digestive fluids in the body, such as saliva, gastric juice, intestinal fluid, bile, and plasma fluids, are all reduced, affecting the baby’s appetite and digestive function, and the baby is very prone to diarrhea.

Bacterial and viral infections are also common causes of diarrhea in babies. Among them, there are many “rotavirus” infections that look like pulleys.

Infection with the virus may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction in the baby, and even infectious diseases such as enteritis and dysentery.

  Symptoms: After the infection, the baby usually develops clinical symptoms mainly with acute inflammation, that is, watery diarrhea, accompanied by fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. Most of the diarrhea are white rice soup or yellow-green egg-like watery stool, and there is a bad smell.Death can result from complications such as dehydration, pneumonia, and toxic myocarditis.

Therefore, the first thing is for mothers to cutlery for the baby, food is stored separately, and dust and fly prevention equipment is required.

The second is that the baby’s food must be fresh, washed and cooked after disinfection.

Third, mothers must adhere to regular quantification when breastfeeding their babies to prevent diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal disorders.

  High temperature is particularly likely to cause heatstroke and sweating in the summer. The baby’s skin sweat glands are not fully developed, the body’s water storage is limited, and excessive sweating can easily cause dehydration shock.

Breathing is an important way for the human body to dissipate heat because the lungs are secondary radiators other than the skin. When exhaled, the hot air in the lungs can be expelled from the body (accounting for 10% of the heat).

However, if the temperature of the environment is higher than the body temperature, and hot air is absorbed, it may even increase the body temperature. Since the baby cannot effectively control his own breathing to adjust the body temperature in the summer, heat injury is likely to occur.

  Symptoms: The baby’s complexion is red first, and the baby’s skin can feel dry and hot.

Babies are irritable, some may cry, breathe and pulse faster, and then suddenly burnout, dizziness, smoking, or into a coma, the temperature can be as high as 39 ℃ or more.

Moms should effectively adjust the indoor temperature, keep the surrounding environment ventilated, and the temperature is appropriate.

  The temperature difference between the two places is large, and the nature of being wary of colds and colds is characterized by the scorching sun, and it seems that the cold is far away from the cold.

But in fact, the baby’s body temperature regulation center and skin heat dissipation, thermal insulation adjustment function are poor, indoor air-conditioning environment in summer, high temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, the baby is very easy to catch colds in summer.

  Symptoms: The baby does not sweat, thirst, urinates, loses his appetite, is pale and irritable, and can last for 1-2 months.

Therefore, mothers are required to pay attention to the control of ventilation and temperature, and often allow the baby to rest in an earlier cool place. In any case or indoors, keep clean and hygienic, dry and ventilated, and give the baby more fresh salt and cold water in time.

  Mosquito bites can cause skin diseases. Summer is also the season for mosquito activity.

Baby’s tender skin becomes the target of attack, they are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than adults.

Babies are easy to scratch the skin and cause bacterial infections, so do not underestimate these mosquitoes. After the baby’s hands and feet are bitten by mosquitoes, pigmentation will be left behind, and repeated scratches may leave like red beans.Scars, also known as “red bean ice”.

Not only does it hinder the aesthetic appearance of the skin, it will seriously turn into cellulitis.

  Symptoms: Local swelling, blisters are more likely to occur on the hands, calves and toes.

Moms should spray non-toxic pesticides or use mosquito nets on their babies before going to bed every day.

When traveling, you can bring ointment such as ten thousand oil, green oil essence and so on.

  Poison ca n’t be scratched and scratched. Poison is the consequence of cripples, which are the most common skin problems in young children in summer. They occur in the neck, chest, and back, forming large itchy rashes.

Thallium poisoning, also known as hot rash, is caused by malnutrition, poor resistance to the disease, and scratching of the rash.

If the poison is not treated in time, nephritis can often be caused. Severe will cause sepsis and be life-threatening. Therefore, it should be taken seriously by mothers.

  Symptoms: redness, swelling, heat, pain, and signs of water flow in the deformed area.

Therefore, mothers often bathe their babies, change their clothes and cut their nails frequently.

  Be alert to the occurrence of caterpillar dermatitis. It is not the bite of the caterpillar that causes the caterpillar dermatitis, but the local allergic reaction caused by the bristles of the caterpillar on the skin.

Maybe just take the baby to take a cool rest under the tree. When the caterpillars fall, the bristles are scattered on the baby. These fine thorns can wear thin clothes, so the baby may have been injured, but the mother is still unaware.

  Symptoms: Caterpillar dermatitis 12?
It began to reflect within 24 hours, and the symptoms were that many small erythematous vesicles began to appear on the part where the bristle came into contact, and it was extremely itchy.

If left untreated, itching can be as long as a week and the baby cannot bear it.

So mothers have to be extra careful when they pass under the tree in summer.

  Red eye disease easily disturbs the baby viral conjunctivitis, commonly known as red eye disease, is one of the most infectious ophthalmic diseases in babies in summer, mainly through contact.

  Symptoms: The early symptoms are elimination of pruritus in the eyes of the baby, a foreign body sensation, and a burning sensation. Then the eyes are red, swollen, painful, and there is a lot of feces.
During the epidemic, mothers should take their babies to less dense public places, such as swimming pools, public baths, parking lots, etc.
  Failure to replenish water in time can easily lead to dehydration, which is medically referred to as infant summer dehydration fever.

The disease is caused by the high temperature and dry climate in the summer, and the baby loses a lot of water through sweating.

If you do not add water in time, it will cause your baby to get fever, and sometimes the body temperature can reach 39 ° C to 42 ° C.

  Symptoms: There are no obvious symptoms in the early stage. As soon as the baby has an unexplained crying and irritability, the mother must be careful.

If this happens, mothers should promptly replenish the baby with sufficient water.

  Outdoor activities Sun protection In the summer, the increase in outdoor activities may increase the possibility of sunburn.

Some mothers are reluctant to use sunscreen for newborn babies because they don’t need it, or they worry that sunscreen lotion will harm the baby’s delicate skin. In fact, babies over six months old can start using sunscreen lotion.

  Symptoms: Your baby’s skin turns red with tingling and itching. Some babies will cry, while others will only show irritability when their skin is peeling or tingling.

Therefore, if you are outdoors for a long time, you can choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15-25 and rub it every 4-5 hours.

  Beware of trauma infection. After the mosquito bites, your baby scratches the wound. If the bacteria invade, it will easily form a wound infection.

  Symptoms: The baby’s skin becomes red, tingling and itching, some babies will cry, while some babies will have fever and other symptoms, or show irritability and so on.

Therefore, after the baby is bitten by mosquitoes, it is best to apply a special potion to the baby immediately to prevent scratching caused by itching.

Five strategies to make your palace warm

Five strategies to make your palace warm

You can dress when your body is cold, but what about your uterus?

What kind of cold is that?

The so-called coldness and dysmenorrhea are just one of the interventions. More importantly, Chinese medicine believes that women have changed from fenghua to aging.

When the symptoms came, taking medicine to solve the problem was too passive. Smart women have always taken the initiative to control everything, and they will not hold hands in front of Gong Han.

  The uterus referred to by Chinese medicine is the “room” where the baby is born, including the gynecological reproductive system and related functions.

Gong Han, whose full name is “cold uterus,” does not mean that the temperature in the uterine cavity is low, but that the uterus and its related functions are in a severely low state.

In this state of nature, it is equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky.

  Cold rebellion in the womb, really no one can manage it?

Chinese medicine believes that some of the cold air comes from the outside and some comes from the inside. What we have to do is: stop the source.

  Traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses the coldness of the menstrual blood in the palace, the leucorrhea is pale, the complexion is dark or pale, the tongue is dull, the tongue is white and watery.

  It smells white with a fishy smell.

  Asked about dysmenorrhea, melasma, cold, delayed menstruation or even amenorrhea, cold waist and knees, limbs are not warm.

  The temperature on the lower abdomen increases.

  The cold state of the uterus is, in nature’s view, equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky.

  The key to preventing cold: ● Eat more foods such as walnuts, jujubes, and peanuts, so that the innate deficiency can be made up by the high energy acquired. Don’t worry about getting angry.symptom.

  ● Abalone nourishing Chinese medicine believes that abalone nourishes heat, can nourish yin and beauty, clear liver and eyesight, and is the best supplement for women.

In the past, the traditional Chinese medicine pilgrimage to the queens and concubines was used instead of honey, but abalone juice.

So Gonghan women should often make some abalone food for themselves.

  ● The palace warms the palace. This food can warm the atmosphere of the lower body, and it is often used as a medicinal diet for the concubines in the Qing Dynasty.

The material is antler powder 0.

5 grams, 1 Cordyceps sinensis, 1 egg, a small amount of salt, steamed together to form custard and eaten.

Long-term eating can regulate the cold of the uterus, which is better than taking medicine.

  ● People who walk like this tend to be quiet and stable, and easily feel tired when they exercise too much.

In fact, “movement is born of Yang”, those with cold constitution need to improve their constitution through exercise.

Brisk walking is the fastest way. Walking, especially on pebble roads, can stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, can clear the meridians, regulate qi and blood, improve blood circulation, and warm the whole body.

  ● Moxibustion of moxa stick This is the method to go to the hospital.

Chinese medicine practitioners generally choose two acupoints: the navel is in the middle and straight down.

Qi Hai acupoint at 5 inches, Guan Yuan acupoint 3 inches below the middle of the navel.

Smoked and roasted with moxa sticks for 30 minutes daily, long-term persistence can be effective.

Only six actions can improve your sleep

Only six actions can improve your sleep

Poor sleep is a problem faced by many urban people, but taking sleeping pills is not a long-term solution after all. It is better to learn Japanese fortune.

This simple gymnastics designed by the University of Ryukyu, Japan and the National Psychiatric Center of Japan, combines abdominal breathing and body parts, which is very helpful for improving sleep.
In the first section, move the neck: Lean your head forward until you feel a tight muscle, for 10 seconds.

Do it once before, after, and after.

  In the second quarter, stimulate and move the hip muscles: slowly raise your shoulders, then suddenly relax, return to the original position, and repeat this 10 times.

  The third quarter, chest expansion fractures: hands are held behind each other, reducing the chest expansion for 10 seconds.

  The fourth quarter, pressing the palm: hands flat on the chest.

Inhale, apply force to the middle when exhaling, repeat 10 times.

  In the fifth quarter, stretch the back: Grasp the same side of the chair with both hands, slowly twist the upper body for 10 seconds, and do it again in the opposite direction.

  In the sixth quarter, bend the toes and stimulate the brain: straighten your feet forward, lift them up, bend your toes toward the center of your feet, then suddenly relax, repeat 10 times.

Full of shame

Full of shame

Acne, commonly known as acne, acne, acne, is a common and frequently occurring dermatological disease.

According to statistics, 95% of men and 85% of women have suffered from acne in varying degrees during adolescence.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to call it “acne”.

Acne is known as the first “killer” that destroys beauty.

If you have acne, even the white swan will become an ugly duckling, which hurts many beautiful women.

According to the viewpoint of “not cured but not cured” in traditional medicine, it is necessary to prevent acne.

  Eating a balanced diet The medicine of the motherland believes that acne is due to overeating and being fat, which causes the lungs and stomach to be fumigated and moist and fumigated and the spots remain.

Therefore, it is best to eat less fat-rich animal fats, fried foods, egg yolks, sesame seeds, peanuts and various sugars.

Spicy warm foods often cause acne to return.

Foods such as wine, coffee, pepper, garlic, chives, and dog meat are not suitable for consumption.

Diet should choose more foods with cooling and heat-reducing effects, such as lean pork, rabbit meat, duck meat, mushrooms, fungus, celery, bitter gourd, cucumber, loofah, winter melon, tomatoes, tofu, lotus root, watermelon, pear,Hawthorn, apples, etc.

At the same time, the diet should be regular and quantitative, do not gluttony cold drinks, and maintain normal gastrointestinal function is more important to prevent the occurrence of acne.

  Constipation is smooth. Long-term constipation is very important for acne. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “the lungs and the large intestine are similar to each other.”.
Maintaining the daily regular bowel habit has an extremely critical role in the treatment and prevention of acne. Patients who already have “acne” should do so even more, by detoxifying to nourish and moisturize.

  Combining sleep with work and rest is a good way to cosmetology. Minimize staying up late, avoid insomnia caused by emotional or mental stress, and develop a regular lifestyle.

At the same time maintain a cheerful and happy mood, reduce emotional excitement or psychological pressure, so as not to make acne increase or worsen.

  Facial cleansing Acne patients can wash their face with warm water about 2-3 times a day to remove excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.

But wash your face gently.

If you are too diligent in washing your face, especially using rough soap or abrasives, it may worsen your acne.

  In short, acne is a multi-factor and complex disease. The etiology is clear, combining local and overall syndrome differentiation, combining internal and external treatment, combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, and treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. Most patients haveCan completely heal and prevent scarring.

On the contrary, if left untreated, it may leave permanent scars and affect aesthetics.

The treatment time for acne varies depending on the type and severity of acne and the age of the patient. Due to the endocrine, immune and other factors involved, the general course of treatment is 2-3 months, and it must be combined during the treatment process.

  We should fully realize that acne is not simply an “external disease”, but is caused by “internal disease”. Introduce a combination to prevent the disease from happening in the first place. Why should young people fear the invasion of “acne”?

Six benefits of cherries, how much do you know

Six benefits of cherries, how much do you know

Recently, American nutritionists summarized the “six benefits of cherries.”


Prevent cardiovascular disease.

Cherry blossom anthocyanins and potassium can help regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Cherry also adds plant sterols to help reduce bad phenol levels and is good for the heart.


Reduce cancer risk.

In addition to anthocyanins, cherries also contain excessive amounts of implanted flower acids. This antioxidant component activates and eliminates carcinogens and prevents cancer.


improve sleeping.

Studies have shown that cherries can not only prolong sleep time, but also improve sleep quality.

Because anthocyanins in cherry juice help to improve the body’s essential amino acid tryptophan (the main raw material for making serotonin to help sleep), and longer sleep quality.


Iron supplement.

Although the iron content in cherries is not as good as meat, it is the best in fruits.

In addition, cherries also contain excessive vitamin C and a small amount of organic acids, which can promote better absorption of iron.


Relieves muscle soreness.

Studies have found that cherries can relieve muscle pain after fitness and accelerate physical recovery.

This is because phytochemicals such as anthocyanins contained in cherries promote blood circulation and help eliminate muscle fatigue and soreness.


Improve immunity.

Cherry blossom anthocyanins and quercetin and other antioxidants, they can help anti-inflammatory, enhance the body’s immunity and improve health.

  Finally, we need to remind everyone that usually cherry is saved up to 5?
For 7 days, it will rot more than a week. It is not recommended to put cherries in plastic bags or plastic boxes, because it is not breathable.

Cherries should be stored with fruit stalks, or they will be extremely perishable.

Gooseberry Stewed Chicken-Preconception Recipe

Gooseberry Stewed Chicken-Preconception Recipe

Gooseberry stewed pheasant replenishes qi and blood and nourishes the face.

It is used for lack of qi and blood, loss of conditioning, unsmooth skin, or premature aging, yellowing of the face, wrinkles on the face, and mental fatigue;Is a good recipe before pregnancy.


hzh {display: none; }  用料:田鸡500克,鱼胶100克,猪腰一对,枸杞子50克。  Production: Peel the pheasants, peel and remove the bones; soak the fish gelatin with boiling water and cut the silk; wash the pork loins, cut open, remove the fat film, and slice; wash the medlars.

Put all the ingredients in the stew pot, add the right amount of water, cover, and simmer for 2 hours, seasoning.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and blood, nourishing face.

It is suitable for lack of qi and blood, loss of conditioning, skin dullness or premature aging, yellowing of the face, wrinkles on the face, and mental fatigue;

  Premature aging and aging are related to deficiency of spleen and kidney, deficiency of qi and blood, so the spleen and kidney are nourished, nourishing qi and blood, and it can maintain the appearance and anti-aging.

This soup nourishes the spleen and kidney, nourishes qi and blood, and always keeps youth.

The pheasant is sweet, cool, and has functions of tonifying the stomach, detoxifying, and relieving water. It is a commonly used tonic for those who are weak and thin.

Fish gelatin, also known as fish maw, has a sweet, flat, functional kidney and essence. It is a good product for moisturizing, wrinkling and whitening skin. It can be used with pheasant to soften and nourish the skin and keep it soft and white.

Pork waist is the kidney of the pig.

Lycium barbarum has a sweet, flat, functional and nourishing liver and kidney, and is good at eyesight. “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” says that it is “long-serving strong bones and bones”, which matches the pig’s waist, nourishes the liver and kidneys, strengthens bones and bones, and keeps the body in a healthy shape.

Hewei soup nourishes and nourishes, nourishes but not irritates, boosts blood, strengthens bones and bones, moisturizes the skin, and keeps the body healthy but not old.

  Note: The cold is not healed, and those with spleen deficiency and dampness should not use this soup.

Kidney medicated recipe

Kidney medicated recipe

Introduction: In the autumn and winter seasons, too many women’s faces gradually become dark yellow, their hair is severely distorted, their eyes are swollen early . Many of these problems are warning you that you need kidneys!

And now this season is a good time to “nourish the kidney”, Xiaobian will guide everyone in the food to find a good medicine for kidney, so that you can eat peach blossoms.

  The kidney is the birthplace of women’s beauty and health.

If the kidneys become weak, a series of aging phenomena will occur.

Kidney deficiency in adolescence may delay menarche and sparse menstruation; infertility in infertility, apathy in sexual desire, early menopause; prone to osteoporosis and heart disease in menopause.

Kidney deficiency makes women no longer beautiful and their eyes no longer bright, allowing various women’s physiological problems to be reported in advance. Sjogren’s syndrome comes in while “virtual”.

  Chinese chives and kidney tonic 1.

Leek porridge: 50 grams of fresh leek, 10 grams of leek seeds (ground fines), 100 grams of rice, fine salt content.

When the porridge is almost cooked, add leek (washed and cut into pieces) and leek seeds, fine salt, and cook for a while.

Function: Tonifying kidney and aphrodisiac, solidifying essence and stopping leftover, strengthening spleen and stomach.


Leek scrambled eggs: 100 grams of fresh chives, washed and chopped, 3 eggs (shelled), mashed with chopped leeks, stir-fried with vegetable oil, salt and cooked until cooked.

Function: warming blood, warming kidney and waist.


Leek stir-fried shrimp: 150 grams of chives, 250 grams of fresh shrimp (without shell), stir-fried and served.

Function: Bushen Yijing, impotence treatment.

This product is hot and hot to help fire, body impotence should not eat.

  Chestnut-Fruit for Kidney-Reinforcing Kidney Traditional Chinese medicine lists chestnut as a medicinal top grade. It is believed that it can nourish the kidney and promote blood circulation, nourish Qi and thicken the stomach, and can be combined with ginseng, astragalus, and angelica, and have good curative effect on kidney deficiency, so it is called “fruit of kidney”.

Jiufu can enhance physical fitness, eliminate illness and prolong life.

Chestnuts should be air-dried. It is not advisable to take too much at one time. Chestnuts have a high sugar content, and diabetic patients should not eat more.

Such as the treatment of waist and leg disease, you need to eat raw, chew carefully, and even swallow fluid.

Stewed chestnuts and ginkgo together with lilies are the best supplements for autumn.

  The wonderful formula of tonifying the kidney and qi-pine nuts and pine nuts, is flat and sweet.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and intestines, smoothing bowel and laxative, nourishing lungs and relieving cough.

Pine nuts are mainly fried and cooked. They can be eaten for many years.

Pine nuts contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. If you eat pine nuts regularly, you can strengthen your body, especially for the elderly who are weak, low back pain, constipation, dizziness, slow children’s growth and development, relieve kidney and qi, nourish blood and intestines, and nourish the body.

  How to nourish the kidney and nourish blood-eat black food and black rice: sweet and warm nature, nourishing qi and blood, warming the stomach and spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, reducing stool, cough and asthma, especially suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, weak body, anemia, blood loss, heart palpitationsShortness of breath, cough, asthma, frequent urination and other patients.

Black rice is rich in protein, starch, traces, multivitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and natural melanin. It is an outstanding leader in cereals.

  Black beans: sweet and smooth, has kidney-building, blood circulation, water detoxification, and is especially suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

Soymilk, tofu and other soy products made from black beans are also a good winter treatment for patients with hair loss caused by kidney deficiency.

  Black sesame: It has a sweet taste and can nourish liver and kidney, and nourish blood and dryness.

Black sesame contains protein, traces, multiple vitamins, multiple amino acids, and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which can delay aging.

  Do you know the food of kidney tonic? Chinese wolfberry: kidney and liver, Yiming eyesight, strengthening muscles and bones, in addition to back pain, Jiufu can extend life.

Especially middle-aged women who have kidney deficiency should eat best.

  Roselle: rich in vitamin C, fruit acid pectin can remove oil and greasy, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, with menstruation function.

  Chinese yam: Xingping and sweet taste. It is the medicine of “top grade” in traditional Chinese medicine.

Those with kidney deficiency should eat it often.

  Shrimp: Skilled craftsman can nourish the kidney and aphrodisiac, detoxify milk.It is rich in protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus. It is a good product for strengthening bones. The shrimp meat supplement also contains immune-enhancing substances.

  Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney and nourishing essence and blood.

Those with kidney deficiency have early white hair, weak waists and knees, sore bones and bones, or men’s spermatorrhea, and women who take it with them are suitable for eating.

  Avoid or eat less: coriander, persimmon, radish, lettuce, cucumber, raw cucumber, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint, amaranth, chrysanthemum, salt, sauce, white wine andCigarettes and so on.

  补肾食谱推荐——四物木耳汤  [原料]当归6克,熟地9克,白芍6克,川芎3克,大枣5枚,黑木耳(干)15克,红糖30克。  [Methods]First wash and slice the medicines and wrap the gauze bag, remove the impurities after the black fungus water, then add 1000 ml of water into the pot, cook with gentle heat for 1 hour, remove the medicine bag and add brown sugar to taste, and boil it.Drink service.

  [Function]Nourishing blood, activating blood, nourishing blood, regular clothes can make the face rosy, and the skin delicate.