Six major effects and functions of chives

Six major effects and functions of chives

Six major effects and functions of chives

As the saying goes, “the first month onion February leek”, said that the first month is suitable for eating green onions, February is suitable for leek.

Now let ‘s introduce why you eat chives in February?

Six major effects and effects of eating chives in spring: 1. Increase appetite Leeks contain plant-based aromatic volatile oils, which have the effect of increasing appetite. Elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. eat some spring leek appropriately, which is beneficial to improve health.

  2. Jianwei Xiaoshi Leek has the effects of warmth and stomach, and the crude fiber contained in it can promote bowel movement and help the body digest.

Not only can prevent habitual constipation and bowel cancer, but also can wrap up some debris in the digestive tract and excrete it with the stool, so it is also called “intestinal lavage” in the folk.

  3, scattered stasis and blood circulation Leek has the functions of stasis, blood circulation and detoxification, which is beneficial to lowering blood lipids, and found coronary heart disease, anemia, and arteriosclerosis.

  4, sterilization and anti-inflammatory The sulfur compounds contained in chives have a certain sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery, typhoid, E. coli and aureus.

  5. Buqi and impotence The ancients called leek as “aphrodisiac”, which can suffer from impotence, polyuria, back pain, soft legs and other kidney qi deficiency.

  6, skin care bright eye leek instead of vitamin A, eat more energy to supplement skin care, eyesight and lungs, but also reduce the risk of colds, colds and other diseases.