Debunking winter skin care can easily enter the restricted area

Debunking winter skin care can easily enter the restricted area


Debunking winter skin care can easily enter the restricted area

Skin care should not be lax at all times, especially the dry winter that is immediately ushered in.

Many skin care methods have been circulating around the world, but what are these skin care methods that are effective, and in the end some of them are nothing?

In today’s information-rich world, we can see a lot of information about skin care everywhere, but ladies who love beauty must be careful to discern the authenticity of these skin care information, and choose skin care methods and products carefully, so that the skin will not suffer!

Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to expose these lies of skin care methods, let you make winter skin care plainly!

  Lie one: the truth of sunscreen can be set aside in winter: the warmth of the sun in winter seems to be less hateful than that of summer, but we must know that spring and winter are the seasons with the least ozone layer, and various harmful rays are damaging the human body more and more.It’s so direct and powerful. As the so-called Dongyang is fierce than a tiger, when you warmly under the winter sun, in fact, your skin is being harmed by ultraviolet rays!

Therefore, sunscreen should be applied at any time. Of course, since the sun is far away from us in winter and the sun is not as intense as in summer, you can also choose a sunscreen with a lower sun protection index to reduce the burden on the skin or replace the sunscreen.Ingredients for skin care products such as sunscreen foundations and creams.

  Lie two: apply thick cream to moisturize the truth: instead of thicker cream, the more it can lock the moisture, on the contrary, thick cream may contain excessive lipid components, which will increase the burden on the skin and accelerate the cellDecline and make your skin drier.

When choosing a cream, you must choose a clear and moisturizing skin, which can be absorbed by the skin, so as to truly make the skin healthy and moisturized and resist the erosion of the cold wind.

  Lie three: Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing in winter: Some people think that oily skin only needs to control oil and not need moisturizing.

It feels more greasy when applying lotion.

In fact, exacerbating the oil may be a sign that your skin is dehydrating. Generally speaking, as soon as winter comes, any skin should pay attention to moisturizing to prevent the skin from being damaged by dryness. Of course, oily skin is choosing a moisturizing product.You can choose more refreshing and use different products according to the situation of each part of the skin.

  Myth 4: Exfoliating will exacerbate the dry skin truth: This concept is obviously wrong. Some people think that thinning the skin after exfoliating may accelerate the development of dryness.

However, we must know that what we exfoliate actually removes some old waste materials, so that the skin can be reborn and increase its ability to protect itself. This is particularly important in winter because our metabolism will slow down in winter and the metabolism of the stratum corneum will alsoIt will be relatively slow, so keratin is easy to accumulate.

However, exfoliation does not disperse excessively, and it is generally recommended to perform a thorough interwoven cleansing once a week or two, so that the dirt can be eliminated without harming the skin.

  Myth 5: Find the truth about lip balm when your lips are dry: In winter, the lip is the easiest place to dry. At this time, most girls will use lip balm instead.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but when choosing a lip balm, you must first choose the correct and effective, and try to use pure natural ingredients without pigments and fragrances.

In addition, lip balm is easy to reduce. If it is really dry, it does not prevent the use of lip balm to make the lip mask faster and more effective. At the same time, in the winter, you must drink plenty of water and eat more fruits. Preventing dryness from the inside of the body is the cure.

  Myth 6: Of course the truth is that you need to take a hot bath in winter: Taking a hot bath in cold winter is really cozy, but comfortable and comfortable, hot water with too high temperature will cause blood vessels to expand, and the entire epidermal layerThe loss of moisture makes the skin extremely dry.

In fact, it is best to control the water temperature in the bath for about 37 to 38 months, which is close to the human body temperature is the best.

Of course, the bath time should not be too long. It should be controlled within 20 minutes as much as possible. After bathing, it is even more important to absorb moisturizing products when the skin still retains a little water.

  Myth 7: Minimize the good skin for outdoor activities. Truth: Cold and dry in winter can cause a lot of damage to the skin. However, it doesn’t mean that staying indoors can avoid dry damage.

Now most of the rooms are closed with air conditioners. Such an environment will also cause a lot of moisture to be taken away from your skin. It is recommended that you carry a moisturizing spray with you as much as possible to replenish the skin with moisture at any time. Of course, it is best to place a humidifier.In addition, proper ventilation is important to keep the air fresh.

  Myth eight: Winter is not suitable for cosmetic surgery Truth: In fact, winter is one of the most suitable arrangements for cosmetic surgery, especially laser hair removal, because it is not easy to sweat in winter, and the skin is not likely to be exposed to the sun.The repair is very comfortable, it is not easy to produce inflammation and allergies, and some wounds cannot touch water.

In winter, you can also wipe your body to avoid infection, which is more difficult to do in other seasons.