Drink porridge, lame, drink tea. these are the most healthy things.

Drink porridge, lame, drink tea. these are the most healthy things.


Drink porridge, lame, drink tea. these are the most healthy things.

I am a big doctor, learning health with me, going up?
There are actually a lot of tips for health in life. Some simple habits can bring a lot of benefits to the body, and sometimes our health problems can be solved.

1, through the body movement – the footsteps of the toes of the health method has been widely used in ancient times.

With a long history of 800 years, the guide health regimen Ba Duan Jin, the last action is called “the back of the seven revolutions.”

The benefits of lameness are many.

[1]can raise the kidney heel and the kidney of the human body closely, and the heel is actually stimulated the acupoints of the kidney, clearing the foot and the yin, so that the body’s gas runs upwards, thus warming the kidney, invigorating the gas, improving the kidneyFeatures.

[2]Preventing varicose veins When the person is rubbing up and down, the leg muscles will be tight and loose.

When the muscles relax, the arterial blood from the heart increases; when the muscles are tightened, the blood vessels are squeezed to quickly circulate the heart, thereby promoting blood circulation.

Therefore, the tip of the toes can prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities and relieve some of the venous vessels.

[3]Improve urinary dysfunction Poor urination from the perspective of Chinese medicine, is due to the adverse effects of bladder gasification, and the outer side of the heel is the bladder cycle.

If you stick to your heels or walk on the outside of your feet, you can transport your bladder and make your urine clear.

[Methods]: Walking on the toes, or tilting the toes and walking with the heels, these two walking methods can be alternated.

The number and interval are controlled according to their own conditions, step by step, to feel comfortable and easy.

Doctor’s advice: Older people with less mobility and more severe osteoporosis patients should choose to sit or lie flat, keep parallel with the thigh, and rub the toes or hook tips repeatedly, repeat 30-50 times.

2, simple and healthy diet – porridge porridge, after floating a layer of delicate, sticky, shaped like oleofoam, Chinese medicine called “rice oil”, commonly known as porridge oil.

It has a strong nourishing effect and can be repeated with ginseng soup.

[1]Reduced cholesterol porridge contains a kind of soluble fiber called 鈥渂eta-glucan鈥? which will form a thick gelatinous substance inside, which will bring a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, thus reducing people.Appetite.

It also supplements the beneficial bacteria in the lining, helping to improve immunity and lower cholesterol.

[2]Anti-constipation, the gastrointestinal porridge is rich in a lot of water, which can effectively prevent constipation; the porridge after gelatinization is easier to digest, especially suitable for people with stomach upset or stomach diseases.

[3]Yannian longevity porridge can prolong life, whole grains and porridge, boiled into porridge, contains more nutrients and substitute fiber, for elderly, loose teeth or patients, drinking porridge can prevent minor illnesses, but also a good health care recipe.
Experts remind: Although the benefits of drinking porridge are many, but long-term consumption of porridge will increase the risk of gastric cancer, so drink porridge should be appropriate; porridge ingredients should be as rich as possible; when porridge is best with other foods, balance.

3, natural drinks – tea Chinese tea culture has a long history, profound and profound.

Drinking tea is also regarded as a way of health care by many people.

[1]beneficial cardiovascular health “American Heart Association Journal” has reported that people who drink tea for a long time naturally lose more high-density lipoprotein plasma, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 8%.

Tea leaves can release high concentrations of tea polyphenols, caffeine and tea pigments in water at 100 掳 C. These high-concentration substances can gradually remove the hardened atherosclerotic material on the arterial wall and gradually restore the normal arterial tissue.

[2]Reducing cancer diseases Tea polyphenols in tea can combine with single-cell bacteria, coagulate proteins, kill bacteria, and organic acids such as fatty acids and aromatic acids in tea have a bactericidal effect. Therefore, drinking tea is equivalent toA good medicine for treating diseases.

[3]Protecting teeth, especially oolong tea, with high fluoride content, fluoride ion and calcium of teeth can be synthesized into a kind of “fluorapatite” which is difficult to acid, which adds a protective layer to the teeth and enhances tooth defense.The ability of acid to resist dental caries.

Experts remind: The benefits of drinking tea are many, but the correct amount can play a beneficial role in health.

Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach, and the amount of tea in a cup of tea does not exceed 2 grams; different teas have different effects to choose the tea that suits you.

4, autumn health knows the end of the three days, ushered in “the autumn of many things”, the instantaneous vibration is large, the body’s immunity is reduced, we must master some health tips.

1, increase protein supplements, hot sweating sweat, the metabolism of protein in the human body is accelerated.

At this time, we can eat more soy products, dairy products, eggs, fish, shrimp, etc. These substances have high protein content, but also relatively light, not easy to get angry.

2, appropriate supplements of water and nutrients in the weather, people’s metabolism is accelerated, a lot of sweating, metabolic vitamins, inorganic salts and some trace elements are discharged through the sweat, resulting in lower body resistance.

At this time we need to add water and vitamins and minerals such as cucumbers, eggs, milk and so on.

3, proper nap due to the consumption of summer, after the fall, too many people will feel weak and weak, mentally unsatisfactory, sleepy.

A proper nap helps to restore physiology and rejuvenate.

Generally it should be no more than 30 minutes.

4, after nourishing yin and moistening, the summer begins to be excessive in the autumn, the climate is getting dry, and the lungs of the human body are relatively strong, so it is necessary to eat a little.
Should eat pears, bananas, apples, grapes, pomegranates, etc.
Everyone wants to live a long life, then start from daily health.

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