Cooking to get rid of the excess six strokes

Cooking to get rid of the excess six strokes

Cooking to get rid of the excess six strokes

Everyone knows that you should eat less weight loss, but you don’t have a good taste.

How can we make delicious and slimming parallel?

Here are six recommended cooking methods for you to eat delicious and delicious.


hzh {display: none; }  让脂肪和美味和平相处   都说“民以食为天”,一旦过了温饱线,那话就会演变成“食以味当先”。Unpalatable food, no matter how rich the nutrition, after all, it tastes no odor, and the quality of life is greatly reduced.

However, deliciousness and nutrition are often two contradictory indicators.

Without 40% of aunts, roast ducks don’t have a smooth taste; without 40% of aunts, meat buns don’t have a fragrant taste; without a large spoonful of cooking oil, the flavor is often disappointing.

  Letting you live in harmony with delicious food is really a high transmission in cooking.

However, although it is too difficult to get the full solution, some breakthroughs may even be possible.

As long as you use your brain, it is still possible to effectively reduce the trace content while preserving the delicious.

  Method 1: Control the oil after cooking.

Lay the pan for two or three minutes, let the oil out of the dish, and then serve the dish.

Some dishes have the most oil absorption and are suitable for this method.

I often use this method.

  Method 2: Finally, put a small spoonful of sesame oil in the salad and serve immediately.

This aroma can be effectively emitted, but the oil is not absorbed into the dish, and the amount of oil required is relatively small.

  Method 3: Remove the oil from the soup.

Chickens, pork ribs, burdocks, bones, etc. will be oiled after stewing. The oil on the surface will be pulled out, and in a small bowl, you will eat less oil when you drink soup.

  Method 4: Change the frying to a roast, similar to an oven or a non-stick pan.

In particular, quick-frozen seasoned meat pieces or fish cakes actually have a good taste in this way, but they can reduce the cockroaches from 22% to less than 8%.

  Method 5: Cook the meat and season until it is ripe and sliced.

This eliminates the need to put oil separately for frying meat.

Wait until the other ingredients are half-boiled, then throw the pieces of meat down, without adding extra fat, it is very fragrant.

At the same time, the oil in the meat comes out again when it is cooked, and the inside and outside are reduced.

  Method 6: Simply cook without oil or less oil, such as steaming, roasting or raw food.

The taste of sashimi is not inferior to braised fish.

Steamed beans, steamed eggplant, steamed pumpkin are quite delicious.

Use a small amount of oil to roast fish, barbecue, just add a little spice, the taste is not bad.

  Using the separated grease, however, the separated grease is not a meaningless waste.

In the process of cooking, the oil is dissolved in carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin k, vitamin a and other nutrients and health ingredients, it is a pity to throw away.

How can we make good use of these?

There are some small ways.

  Use 1: The cooking oil is used to make cold salad, instead of sesame oil and salad oil, the taste is often very good.

  Use 2: The remaining oil of the cooking is made into pancakes, fried slices, roasted sweet potato chips and the like.

However, remember that these foods should be paired with low-fat salad dressings.

  Use 3: Make soup noodles with vegetables, use the remaining oil or soup top layer.

  Use 4: The oil on the soup is used to make stews and soups, and add a lot of vegetables.In this way, vegetables taste good and promote the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients in vegetables.