Don’t be overly performant when entering the workplace

Don’t be overly performant when entering the workplace

Don’t be overly performant when entering the workplace

Xia Qing joined a medium-sized company just after graduation, with professional counterparts and low income.

She is full of ambitions and wants to achieve some results. Not only is she enthusiastic about the tasks assigned by her boss, she works overtime, but she also includes all the trivial tasks of “cleaning, organizing newspapers, and getting water.”

However, her approach was not understood by colleagues. Old employees said that she was too “high-profile” and wanted to show herself and be in the limelight. The newcomer felt that she wanted to give herself a reward and climb up. Even the leaders sometimes thought thatShe is personal heroic and does not pay attention to collective cooperation with everyone.

  Those who have just entered the workplace are often hit by these criticisms and often lose their enthusiasm and motivation for work.

So, should a new unit be active, and how to grasp this scale?

In fact, entering the workplace with a positive enthusiasm for work is a valuable spirit and a necessary condition for a successful career.

But this positive also needs a degree.

  The aim is that if you are too aggressive, even if you do everything for yourself, it will make your body too tired.

The pressure of modern society is already great. Over time, you will find yourself overwhelmed.

  At the same time, entering the workplace for the first time is like entering into any unfamiliar environment. You must first observe calmly, understand the company’s corporate culture, and then respond accordingly.

You must know that if you don’t have enough good emotional intelligence to cooperate with the surrounding environment, it is not enough to simply have a strong ability.

Especially in places where interpersonal relationships are more complicated, if they are too aggressive, they may make colleagues realize that they have been ignored or even threatened.

  Therefore, when you first enter the workplace, although you should not give up the enthusiasm and enthusiasm in your heart, on the surface, you must be more calm and restrained.

For example, ask for more advice before you do things, and ask your colleagues and leaders for advice. When you get results, give more credit to more people.

Only by mastering these can we better pass the running-in period with the workplace.