How to eat lotus leaf and nutritional value

How to eat lotus leaf and nutritional value

How to eat lotus leaf and nutritional value

The lotus leaf is green and fragrant, and it is a raw material often replaced in traditional medicated diet.

Modern studies have confirmed that lotus leaf has a good effect of lowering blood fat, cholesterol and weight loss, and its range of food therapy has been further expanded.

  Lotus leaves can be used for cooking.

Take its fragrance, add flavor and relieve tiredness.

It is often used for roasting or bleeding, such as steamed chicken with lotus leaf or rice with lotus leaf.

  Effectiveness: Qingshu dampness, rising Qingyang, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids.

It is suitable for dizziness, bloating caused by heatstroke, chest tightness, irritability, short urine, etc.

  Nutrition of lotus leaf: Lotus leaf contains various alkaloids such as Roemerine, Pronuciferine and Nuciferine, vitamin C, and polysaccharides.

It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding.

  How to eat lotus leaf: Coix seed lotus leaf tea Ingredients: Da Ren, 10 grams each of raw sanjian, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 60 grams of dried lotus leaves, 500 ml of hot water

  System of law: 1.

First stir up Ren and Shan Zhi with a little water to remove impurities and drain the water.


Step 2: Then add all the tea to the mortar, grind it into fines, and put it into the teapot.


The third step: Finally, add hot boiling water, mix well, and let stand for 2 minutes to stir in a cup.

  Efficacy: Regular drinks can go beyond too much and eliminate edema.

  Hexiang Dongpo fish Ingredients: Ingredients: Herring 500 grams, pork belly amount, one lotus leaf.

  Seasoning: spring onion, ginger slices, salt, chicken essence, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, beautiful fresh, salad oil each amount.

  System of law: 1.

Take the middle part of the herring, wash it, fry it in the pan until golden brown, remove it; soak the lotus leaves in water.


Heat the oil pan, put the onion section, ginger slices and fragrant incense, add the fish section, pork belly, add the remaining seasonings and marinate it, wait for the fish to taste and collect the juice, and pour it into a pad with lotus leaves.

  Production tips: When grilling fish, use simmering fire to make the fish taste delicious.

  Mung bean bamboo leaf porridge effect: clearing heat and detoxifying heatstroke.

  Taste: Clear fragrance.

  Process: Cook.

  Material: Main ingredients: 100 grams of rice and 30 grams of mung bean.

  Accessories: 10 grams of lotus leaves, 10 grams of water bamboo leaves, 5 grams of honeysuckle.

  Seasoning: 15 grams of rock sugar.

  System of law: 1.

 First wash the fresh lotus leaves and fresh bamboo leaves with cold water and put them in the pot.


 Add an appropriate amount of cold water to the pot, boil it, remove the residue and take the juice.


 Mung beans, previously washed with rice, soaked with cold water to swell, put into the pot, add about 1500 ml of cold water.


 After boiling with high heat, cash in silver flower dew, bamboo leaves, lotus leaf juice, and use low heat to simmer until porridge is cooked.  5,

 Add rock sugar to the porridge and stir well to serve.

  Production tips: 1.

 This product requires about 10 grams of silver flower dew; fresh lotus leaves and fresh bamboo leaves need to be used. If there is no fresh product, dry products (halved) can be used instead.


 Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle 5 grams with water, decoction, remove residue, and cool.

  Lotus leaf previous rice porridge effect: clearing heat and detoxifying heatstroke.

  Taste: Sweet.

  Process: Cook.
  Material: Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice.

  Excipients: 30 grams of lotus leaf.

  Seasoning: 20 grams of rock sugar, 2 grams of white staff.

  System of law: 1.

 The rice was previously washed, soaked in cold water for half an hour, removed, and drained.


 Wash the lotus leaves and tear them in half.


 White staff plus some water dissolves.


 Put the previous rice and cold water in the pot, and then boil over high heat.


 Then cook on low heat for about 20 minutes.


 When the rice grains rise and quickly ripen, sprinkle half of the lotus leaves with white staff water (to protect the green), soak in the porridge, and cover the other half of the lotus leaves with the porridge.


 Continue cooking on low heat for 15 minutes, remove lotus leaves, add rock sugar to taste, and serve.

  Lotus leaf porridge effect: eliminate edema, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, strengthening spleen, appetizing and preventing heatstroke.

  Taste: Original.

  Process: Cook.
  Material: Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice.

  Excipients: 30 grams of lotus leaf, 30 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: Take the previous rice and cook porridge, add the right amount of rock sugar when the porridge is cooked, and stir the lotus leaf to cover the porridge surface while the porridge is hot.

  Usage: It can be used as a refreshing and refreshing summer drink in summer, or as a snack for warm breakfast and dinner, or a cold drink.

  The lotus leaf rice spreads the cooked rice to cool, then cut the mushroom slices, sausage, shredded pork, amaranth, etc., add MSG, refined salt and mix well, then push the rice on the lotus leaf, and wrap the ingredients in the rice, Wrap the lotus leaf and tie it, put it in a pot and steam.

The length of time is moderate to cooked vegetables.

  Fresh lotus leaf powder steamed meat materials: pork ribs 400g, previous rice 150g, two large leaves of fresh lotus leaves, onion 25g, soy sauce 60g, sweet noodle sauce 40g, monosodium glutamate 2.

5 grams, cloves, anise, cinnamon 1 each.

5g, 25g ginger, 20g white sugar, 35g butter, 25g sesame oil.

  Method: Drain the rice all the time, put it in the pot together with cloves, anise and cinnamon, stir-fry until golden brown, pour it out, and grind it while hot: scrape the pork ribs off the fine hairs, remove the bones and wash,Cut into 6 cm long, 1 cm thick slices, and then make a batch across the thick slice to the skin, put in the container, add ginger, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, sweet noodle sauce, monosodium glutamate, mix well, marinate for 1 hour, become into the flavor.

Add the previous rice noodles and sesame oil to evenly coat the meat with a layer of rice noodles.
Wash the fresh lotus leaves and cut one leaf into four pieces. Take 1 enamel pot, cover the bottom of the pot with fresh lotus leaves, drain the meat pieces into the pot, cover with lotus leaves on the top, and steam them in a cageThree hours, steam until the meat is crisp.