A quick fattening recipe that works for one month

A quick fattening recipe that works for one month


A quick fattening recipe that works for one month

Let me share with you my quick fattening recipe to ensure that you get results in January.

Before sharing, let me talk about the conditions for my fattening.

First of all: do not eat any medicine, to ensure that it is harmless to the body!

Time: Be willing to spend a little money and buy the necessary food!

Again: to be consistent, you must do it every day!

銆€銆€Since it is the fast-growing diet recipe, the key is the nutritional mix of food. If it is the usual way of eating, it will not play a quick role.

Look at the food I have to prepare every day as follows:

Egg (earth egg) 2.

High calcium milk (cardboard, 250ML one bottle) 3.

Chocolate biscuits (Wait cakes are also OK) 4.

Beer (to be better, 5-10 dollars a bottle) 5 .

Some marinated chicken foods (buy in the supermarket, but don’t eat too much).

In fact, the staple food (powder, noodles, porridge, rice should be changed to eat, Chinese food is not to eat the same as dinner). The detailed method of fast fattening recipes: (just eat snacks, dinner with their own) Morning: two eggs in the bowlPut 5 teaspoons of white sugar and take it with boiling water.

Then you can eat buns, and you can eat fried dough sticks. You can’t eat them.

銆€銆€Noon: Lunch at 11:30, beer + rice, as long as you have three dishes, drink a bottle of high calcium milk after eating.

Go to bed for at least 2 hours during lunch break.

銆€銆€Afternoon: Eat dinner at 5:30, pasta or powder, and eat too.

After watching TV or watching movies, I will start eating halogen products + beer at 7 o’clock and continue watching TV after eating.

銆€銆€Evening: cook eggs at 11 o’clock, 2-3.

Cook for 10 minutes, eat two or three eggs, eat a few chocolate biscuits, and eat with a bottle of high calcium milk.

銆€銆€It is important to sleep well before 12 o’clock to ensure a good night’s sleep.

銆€銆€According to my eating method, no more than one month guarantees effective results!

Others don’t say, as long as you can insist on rushing two eggs every morning, the effect will be very good!

But then again, the personal physique is different and the absorption of food is different.

銆€銆€The above fast fattening recipe is my own real experience. The method of writing is just a reference for everyone. You can also modify the thin friends according to their own economic conditions, but I want to say that the implementation of fattening is very important!