Hair dryer, slimming, thin waist, thin belly

Hair dryer, slimming, thin waist, thin belly


Hair dryer, slimming, thin waist, thin belly

Can the hair dryer thin waist and thin belly?


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hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍑忛噸濉戣韩鏄緢澶氫汉鍦ㄥ澶╂潵涓村墠蹇呭仛鐨勭編浣撳姛璇撅紝鐜板湪鎳掑緱杩愬姩鐨勪汉涔熷彲浠ユ湁鏈轰細鐦﹁韩!As long as you use a hair dryer to blow, you can easily and easily lose weight and thin belly. The news will make many people eager to try.

銆€銆€To lose weight, this hair dryer also comes in handy, some way suitable for people who are not fat but have a belly or squid belly, do not have to spend big money or hungry, the provincial Chiayi Hospital Chinese medicine practitioners use hair dryer hot air, 1 month downIt can lose 2 kg and the waist is 1 灏?

銆€銆€(The principle of body sculpting) The human body has five points in the vicinity of the stomach: giant clam, lieutenant, lower jaw, left and right beam door. It is a common acupuncture point for weight loss of traditional Chinese medicine.

Using a hair dryer to blow acupuncture points, the effect is equivalent to wormwood acupuncture, which can make acupuncture points fever, inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce food intake.

銆€銆€(Five big acupuncture points) How to find the five big points?

These acupuncture points are distributed in the middle of the stomach and navel, showing a cross shape. The width of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are close together (about 2 inches). First find your navel: * 2 鑲?on the navel (3 fingers wide):Acupuncture points on the lower acupoints (6 fingers wide on the navel): 2 points on the middle acupoints* (9 fingers wide on the navel): Giant acupoints * Zhongyu points to the left 2 feet (3 fingers wide): Zuoliangmen* Zhongyu point to the right 2鍚?(3 fingers wide): The middle beam of the right beam door is in the center of the five points, and the five points form a cross, each of which is 2 inches (3 fingers) wide.If you don’t know how to grab the position, you can ask the doctor for confirmation for the first time.

銆€銆€(Usage method) After finding five acupuncture points above the navel, each acupuncture point becomes a hair dryer for warm moxibustion. When blowing, do not get too close to the skin to avoid burns. A point is blown for about 10 seconds to change the hole, and five points are alternately blown.25 minutes, lasting for one month, it has the same effect as the wormwood acupuncture point. The average weight loss can be 2 kg and the waist circumference can be reduced by 1 inch.

銆€銆€(Precautions) Adults and children can do it, but be careful to take more than 40 minutes after a meal. It is not appropriate when you are too hungry or too tired. Don’t let the wind blow to the navel, avoid flatulence, abdominal pain, and be careful to avoid burns when using it.
銆€銆€(Other opinions) In response to this practice, doctors and physicians have reservations. Although these acupuncture points are heated, they can actually accelerate gastrointestinal blood flow, increase metabolism, and achieve weight loss. However, these acupoints are in the palm of the hand around the navel.It is difficult to blow the navel; in addition, the traditional acupuncture points with wormwood, wormwood heat enters the body through the needle into the acupuncture point, and the heat of the hair dryer is not concentrated on the needle, the effect is difficult to determine, it is recommended to eat lightlyMore exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight.

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