Autumn skin often dehydration moisturizing mask hydrating anti-peeling_1

Autumn skin often dehydration moisturizing mask hydrating anti-peeling_1

Autumn skin often dehydrates moisturizing mask to hydrate and prevent peeling

Guide: In a blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and the summer beauty method can no longer meet the needs of autumn skin care.

Autumn temperature is relatively cool, but it is very dry. The biggest challenge for the skin is to “dry” and soothe skin thirst. Moisturizing and hydrating work is indispensable.

In addition to drinking more water to replenish your body’s moisture, remember to give your skin a care, and the moisturizing facial mask in autumn will defend the supple skin.

The following introduces the beauty method of moisturizing mask.

  Symptoms of dry skin caused by dehydration Dry skin refers to the lack of moisture in the skin that makes people feel uncomfortable.

Its symptoms are mainly skin tightening, dryness and peeling in some parts, and itching all over the body after bathing.

Increasing age, climate change, insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, excessive bath water, and strong alkaline detergents are all important causes of dry skin.

Preventive measures are to strengthen the daily care of the skin, rationally adjust the diet structure, insist on drinking more water, etc., and eat more fruits.

Beauty care can be based on moisturizing and hydrating care.

  How to relieve dry skin in autumn?

Moisturizing mask is the best!

  Moisturizing coup 1: drink enough water, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, in addition to drinking water, do not forget to eat more fruit.

  Moisturizing coup 2: Don’t wash your face with too much water. After washing your face, you must use a lotion to replenish moisture.

  Moisturizing coup 3: Choose a moisturizing care product with high moisturizing effect. Moisturizing and hydrating mask will instantly rehydrate your skin.

  As a moisturizing essence film that instantly replenishes skin, it actually contains dense moisturizing essence ingredients.

So why do we apply a mask, and why can it replenish skin moisture?

  The moisturizing and hydrating mask contains moisturizing essence. The masking paper blocks the skin from the outside air, so that the moisturizing essence in the mask slowly penetrates into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, and also prevents the rapid loss of moisture inside the skin membrane, so thatThe cells in the layer “drink enough” in a humid environment, so that the collagen of the deep cells absorbs moisture, so that the skin will soften and increase elasticity.

In fact, the mask like “covered the quilt” on the skin surface will warm up, and the capillaries will slowly expand, thus accelerating the microcirculation of blood in the deep layer of the skin, increasing the vitality of cells in all layers of the epidermis, and eliminating tiredness.

  So after 15 minutes of moisturizing and hydrating mask, your skin looks full of water and the reason for its vitality is here.

Want to say goodbye to dry and rough skin, autumn moisturizing care, hydrating mask is indispensable.

Message from the editor: The weather is cool and dry in autumn, everyone remembers to drink plenty of water, and at the same time do a good job of moisturizing the mask.

As far as possible, choose a variety with a high shrinkage.