Avoid becoming six kinds of people in the workplace!

Avoid becoming six kinds of people in the workplace!

Avoid becoming six kinds of people in the workplace!

Newcomer skepticism in the workplace: How to avoid the suspicion of “slapping the horse”?

  There is a sentence called “Parents can’t choose but husband can choose”. Applying this sentence to the workplace can be changed to “Occupation can choose but colleagues can’t choose”.

When you pass the five levels, you will get a favorite position, and you are ready to do it with confidence. Maybe you will find, oh my god, how can there be such a colleague in my office.

  But as an outsider, the audience can understand and understand, who has not had a tortured, depressed career?

For example: almost all peacocks who love to open the screen know a secret to make the peacock open, which is to take a piece of cloth and shake it in front of the peacock, and the proud peacock will unfold its own tail and compare with you.

There is no shortage of this kind of “peacock who loves to open the screen” in the office-feel good about himself and show off regardless of time and place.

  There is such a “peacock who loves to open the screen” in the office of Little B. As long as a new person or stranger is present, he will tirelessly introduce his experience, who has been met with, who has worked with, and how the leader highly values it.To his own work and so on, until the other party is in full respect.

When B first came, he was proud of having such a colleague. After a long time, he found that the set of “speech speeches” he always turned over and over had almost been memorized.

Look at the colleagues around him. When he gave a speech, he fled, or talked on the phone, or packed things in protest at the ping-pong tennis court. Only the elder brother spit and spit.

  The little bosses who take advantage of the small bargain “Some of the little bosses in the grassroots sector are really difficult to deal with!

“Little C felt deeply.

The director of his department is a guy who loves to take advantage of small things. The company’s benefits to employees generally go up to his level. For subordinates’ movie tickets, vouchers and other things are often “forgotten” by him for various reasons.

Sometimes I say lightly and say hello, more often I hide it and disappear.

What makes Little C angry most is such a thing.

During the Spring Festival, Little C went to a cooperative unit to hold a party on behalf of the company. There was a lottery at the meeting. Little C was lucky to get the prize-a refrigerator.

Little C knew that the award should belong to the company, so he called the director and asked how to deal with it.

The director rushed to the scene at the speed of rotation, took away Little C, and just carried the refrigerator back to his home!

The next day, he smiled and patted the front of Xiao C: “Boy, I’m lucky!

I’ll send you to this event next time!

“Little C almost fainted!

  The puppet girl who first poses seems to be the “patent” of lesbians.

Since she was young and beautiful, she always showed her “feminine charm” in front of her male colleagues, but she unexpectedly turned into a joke and a nail in the eyes of female colleagues.

“The company has a new clerk with a round waist and thick legs, but likes to wear mini mini skirts, talking to male colleagues and snoring, letting people hear, goose bumps.

“The 28-year-old advertising agency beauty editor Xiao D said,” Her end is naturally not much better, and the office staff almost ignored her.

“Little D used to have a colleague, obviously a half-old milf, but she always deliberately dresses herself as a little girl, wears a bubble skirt, keeps a baby’s head, and talks like” how are we girls.
… “I also particularly like to tell people that I have a 12-year-old daughter who is often mistaken for two sisters on the street, which makes people exclaim:” Yeah!

Are you still a little girl, how could you have a 12-year-old daughter!

“She laughed naively and contently, but she didn’t even know she had become a laughingstock!

  The “horse fart” with his eyes up does not pay much attention to the interaction with his subordinates and even colleagues at the same level, always waiting for the machine to capture any opportunity that can become inflamed and make himself one step higher.

It is a common mentality for people to go up high, but if they do too much, the nickname of “horse fart” may not be escaped.

  ”Several colleagues in our department have been gathered together for a working lunch. Except for one named Hua Lu, she always sits alone for a while.

“E, the 25-year-old executive secretary of a foreign company, said,” One day, the company’s vice president came to the restaurant to eat with us.The president is young and promising.

The first is to create a good impression of ‘community’, and the second is to have the opportunity to set up a close relationship with the vice president.


“Du Shi Niang,” who hates more than the sky, is full of complaints and anger. These are the most prominent characteristics of “Du Shi Niang.”

Although the occasional “pushing heart” complaints can somewhat create the illusion of “office friendship”, it is unbearable to repeatedly laugh at the people around them because they cloned their own distress.

  ”Once a project manager in the same department as me appeared in the office, we couldn’t escape the hours of psychological torture.
“24-year-old G is a customer manager of a company.” It’s obviously something that has nothing to do with her, but under her continuous rounds of bombing, we have to try to solve her highly contagious negative emotions.

Maybe she sees complaints as a way of being open and honest, but when complaints are brought to an end, they will sublime into anger.
We are surprised that since she is so dissatisfied with the status quo, why not simply change the environment and go far away.

She also saved her aggrieved, and we followed it!

“The tireless little horns in the workshop are innocuous, but beware of their development into shocking and daunting gossips and even hurting rumors.

Many people who do n’t know what to think before they inadvertently become fuelers of various rumors.

“A colleague of mine always came to my desk to talk about the director’s ‘scandal’. You think that such a sensitive place and such a sensitive topic really make me wonder what to do.

“The 29-year-old can’t afford it,” she doesn’t say if her source is reliable, she never cares if I don’t care about her sense of “inside secrets”!

The above-mentioned six types of office “tolerance” can be regarded as the “big right” in “big right and wrong”. In fact, if you think about it again, the “small right” that is not classified as “big right” is even more bullish.

  But after saying so many colleagues’ bad words, I believe my colleagues have complained about me, and they still don’t say it.

People are like this. Like porcupines, no companion will be lonely, and now they get together and panic.

Since the husband can choose but the colleague can’t choose, then there is nothing more than abstinence, tolerance and attention to defense and proper counterattack.